Unpacking Recent Economic Moves — Gold, Cashless Currencies, Brics And More

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I present here the sane alternative to war, poverty and tyranny.  It is already well into development.  The fact is, for centuries the entire Transatlantic Financial System, which is centered in The City of London and Wall Street has been nothing but a huge metastacising Organized Criminal Cartel.  

It has now been fully exposed and those involved will have to face the consequences of their many deceptions, swindles, robberies, murders and tragedies and there must be  imminent mass arrests which will bring them to true justice before the people whom they have assaulted.  

This criminal take-down is for the highest good of all mankind who has been yoked, tormented and fully enslaved by the sick and perverted agendas of these thugs who have been under the employ of merciless tyranny — some willingly and some by means of threat, terror and blackmail.

The time has now come for Financial Tyranny to end forever.

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