The World Showdown Is Now Upon Us Bigtime

Get ready.  First you need to know and understand exactly what is happening and why.  The following video gives the clearest and most precise information to date.

I have been deeply involved in investigating this issue ever since the huge False-Flag operation of 911.

One point I wish to emphasize strongly before you watch this video — There Will Be NO Global Nuclear Holocaust, even though the criminals would (if they could) destroy all of mankind rather than answer for their years upon years of despotic criminality and lying fraud.  They well know that their arrests are now imminent.  Even the gentlemen presenting this important newscast know about the historical facts presented in the link above, but the general public, who has not looked into this issue, is completely unaware of it — and our criminal government still does not admit the existence of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligences.  That too is about to change.

So, LarouchPAC is not about to bring up that controversial issue at this critical point.  Instead, they are and have been offering creative and constructive ideas to accelerate and help solidify the vision for the rapidly emerging New Paradigm using current mainstream scientific knowledge.


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