How Do I Feel?

This post is a reblog from one I made earlier today.  It is actually an answer to a post which asked the question:  How do you feel about your paranormal experiences?

After finishing this answer, I realized that indeed this is exactly how I feel about my contact experiences, so I decided to share it here.  Enjoy — and make a comment if you want to.  I promise to answer all comments or questions.


So . . . how am I feeling?

Of course, we are speaking here about our ET and/or paranormal experiences, phenomenological encounters, space–time warps, cosmic syntheses, aha’s, etc. How is it effecting us?

hmmmm . . . the short answer is: (from my personal perspective of course) like a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle being gradually assembled piece by piece — but this is happening FROM THE INSIDE OUT. And — it is happening under the direction and direct mentorship OF OUR HIGHEST SELF which only appears on the most outer surface to be exterior “supernatural forces.”

IT IS US and WE ARE REALLY ONE IN OUR COREMOST ESSENCE. There is only ONE MIND and CONSIOUSNESS throughout the entire Omniverse — and we, you and I and ALL beings, are like snowflakes — expressing that ONE MIND but in countless unique creative aspects of our individuality.

We are presently in the process of recovering our memories after having voluntarily undergone — for thousands upon thousands of years — a Great Cosmic Inquiry on behalf of ALL beings and bioforms throughout the Omniverse to further discover certain operational details. This investigation is only one phase of an ongoing inquiry into HOW BEST to expand and grow ever perfecting consciousness toward the continual unfolding of ever more creative ARTFUL means to engender energetic interface and GROKING toward ever-increasing communication and understanding between, among and through all Lifeforms. You see — ALL of our thoughts, skills, actions and lessons which we are learning go directly into Gaias Akasha as a permanent record which can always be openly accessed by any and all other beings throughout the Ominiverse. What we are learning here is freely given away to the entire Creation.

Perhaps before expanding a little on that one I should say how I am NOT feeling?

First of all — in no way do I feel like I have EVER been a victim. I — and I believe you also — volunteered for this long mission of countless lifetimes.

Although the following thoughts have, upon occasion, been a part of the drama of my creative imagination — to me they have proven themselves to be totally empty of truth.

Night terrors, raw, stark FEARS, vivid concerns over possible fatal predations, sweats about becoming a possible predaTEE or a zombified will-less automaton unable to communicate in lucid sentences or . . .? But . . . like you . . . I too have continually seen throughout my entire life (since 1942) the continual and inescapable media mind-control of “RUN FOR YER VERY LIVES!!!!”. We LOVE horror movies because they are fixating and EXCITING motivators to exercise our creative abilities — and even our super-human strengths. We get a stimulating adrenalin rush and push toward spontaneous salvatory creative action. It can make each one of us a temporary jazz musician of the temporal micron. heheheh

I found out, however, that there is a much better way to stimulate our creative abilities — a way to stimulate not only our own personal creative abilities but to release a living principle which flows right on over to the whole environment and any being who partakes of it. And — that is a Cosmic VISION which is always flexible and open to expansion and is continually aligning further and further with the Divine intention of Creation. It is DYNAMIC to say the least because it is backed and supplied via INFINITE ENERGY AND INTELLIGENCE.

Simply put — this Divine Vision is to UPLIFT, HEAL, BLESS, ENCOURAGE, COMFORT, MENTOR, APPRECIATE and RESPECT ALL LIFE and to do so with profound COMPASSION, MERCY and JUSTICE in ALL Life’s myriad of forms. This is our purpose and mission and we are now about to graduate Kindergarten and build a hitherto unseen Galactic Civilization which has in great part been spawned by our voluntary participation in the Great Inquiry which has been occurring on Gaia. We ARE more than any of us ever imagined even in our wildest speculations.


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