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A NEW Renaissance now begins — close to where the first one began also!

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Archangel Gabriel Message


thru Marlene Swetlishoff ~ April 23, 2015


Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as sovereignty. This quality gives one the ability to connect and utilize the absolute internal power that is their innate birthright. They are connected within to a quiet, simple place where they know that they are enough just as they are in this moment, that they are beautiful and worthy, that they no longer have a need to justify their personal existence in this world to themselves or anyone else. As each individual brings balance of the divine masculine and feminine within them, they become more loving and compassionate with themselves and all others. They become passionately engaged with their true authentic selves and in the expressing of this truth in the world around them. They begin to bring more meaning and depth to all aspects of their lives, their work, their relationships and their vision of the future. They are more consciously aware of their inner beauty and strength, and of the profound circle of love and support of family and friends. They see the world as a safe, secure and loving place where they are deeply supported and empowered to be the best that they can be. They step into the power and radiating imperatives of their own inner sovereignty.

As they continue to refine and release the darker aspects of their being into the light of awareness, they know deep within their body, mind and soul that the wonder, magic and mystery which is a natural, innate part of their humanity and their world is an integral part of their experience. As they transform incrementally, they come home to their Divine Essence, and to the awareness of the beauty, love and powers of life that are everywhere and that are within everything, to their oneness with all of life. They come to understand that they aren’t meant to push away the denser parts of their life, but to fully engage these as their teachers and guides along their spiritual journey. The gifts of their life experiences, both the challenging and the bright, are there to help them grow and blossom into their true, authentic selves, their own sovereignty. These simple truths apply to each and every one; each individual is beautiful, worthy, magical and powerful beyond their wildest imagination.

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