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Further Synthesis Of Why


Greetings to all — My perspective is that this entire 3D realm in which we are living is anything but a normal situation for us. That is, any of us. IMHO we are all beings of PURE LIGHT.

In this 3D realm of extreme dualism, division and hallucinatory separation, we are each playing our chosen parts — for each of our incarnations.  Some are STS — some are STO in this Grand Drama.

All of us have been, in the course of our many incarnations — both.

Ultimately every one of us is a very high being of PURE LIGHT. We came here voluntarily a long long long time ago and have all lived many lives. It was not a “fall” but a willing plunge for the purpose of an ongoing COSMIC INVESTIGATION. Nobody, including our mentors, had any idea of what we were getting into nor how difficult it would be.

But — it is NOW OVER and all that remains is for us to remember. It was a total SUCCESS — even moreso than was ever expected by the highest beings who initiated this investigation into human consciousness.

We allowed ourselves to be dumbed down in our consciousness to the point of almost total amnesia for the sake of this long investigation into the unknown. This is what some refer to as an “experiment.” It is to further discover WHAT IT TAKES — WHAT IS THE MOST EFFICIENT PROCESS to RE–DISCOVER who and what we really are and also why we are here and who is our SOURCE — and do so by exploring the path back to our TRUE status as beings of PURE LIGHT.  This will be of inestimable help to any and all beings growing in Life and Understanding from this time forward.  It is all in alignment with the Great Universal Purpose to enhance, thrive, flourish, nurture and uplift all Lifeforms toward their One Divine Source who omnipresently indwells All-That-Is.

Our Space Families are now here to help us in this recovery process.

This is the greatest STO effort ever undertaken in the entire known history of the Mutiverse.  The processes and details of what is being learned in this investigation is forever etched into the Universal Akashia to be made available openly to any evolving soul in the entire Universe who wishes to discover this information. Gaia is a very Holy Place.

Can I prove any of this? NO.  It is what I have learned from my own Arcturian mentors.

Some will resonate with it. Some will not. It is just my personal opinion brought about by my own unique life- experiences. But — I am just sharing what I have groked — and — it is more than POSITIVE indeed.

Everyone who incarnates here sooner or later discovers that they ALREADY ARE INDEED A SLAVE to totalitarian tyranny. This acts as a powerful catalyst that ultimately helps us to CHOOSE the better upward path toward LIFE. We are all at different stages of this return to full consciousness.


The Aldebaran Mystery

This speaks for itself very well.  This information takes on greater significance due to the present ongoing revelations concerning the Secret Space Program.

All Wars Are Bankers Wars


In Our Living Room
In Our Living Room

I present a hard hitting full documentary which perfectly describes why our beloved country is in the most serious peril of its entire existence . . . and why. 

I personally did years of research on these very facts and this documentary is a very precise synthesis of historical facts which have been purposefully hidden from us.  

The time has now come for everyone to wake up and open their eyes to see and pay attention to what has been going on all around us — which we totally ignored because of a 24/7 steady stream of propaganda and brain-washing.  

[To better understand how this mass mind-control came about in recent times, please see this four part documentary:  (If you do not watch it now — bookmark it for later.)]

The Century of the Self

I highly suggest that everyone come to terms with all these facts as soon as possible — for the sake of human decency — and above all for your beloved children and their children.  You will see why you should never again send your children off to be a human sacrifice for Mammon and his close cousin Moloch.  Each of us needs to get past believing the pack of lies we have long been told by this controlling tyranny of private central bankers which is the “secret” government behind our visible bribed “yes men” — which are now fully exposed as a criminal cabal who care nothing about human beings anywhere across the globe — and only seek to further their own agendas of murder, violence, social engineering, mind-control and racketeering  in order to complete their long time desire for world hegemony.

You should look up the facts  presented in this documentary for yourself.  

This disclosure will give you second thoughts about the things you always just assumed to be true.  We have long been tricked into assenting to this global abomination and the time has now come to withdraw our consent and put these criminals behind bars where they belong — far away from positions of power and influence.

All Wars Are Bankers Wars — You Tube Video

This documentary  is a synthesis of an article by Michael Rivero.  A PDF version of Michael’s full article can be downloaded here:

All Wars Are Bankers Wars — PDF

The time has now come to wake up to the uninvited intruder hanging out in our living room

The time has now come to wake up to the uninvited intruder hanging out in our living room