We Are Cosmic Beings Of Pure Light


In this presentation, I am sharing as near as I am capable the perspective of my Arcturian mentors.

First, I will give you my impression of the various varieties of extraterrestrial biological beings.

How many EBEs are there?

The number is actually infinite — and they include many which are totally beyond our highly limited 3D capabilities to comprehend at all.

We here in this very dense 3D world are highly subject to “astral scum” which are like parasites from the lowest astral dimensions. This is because we have been so dumbed down and disconnected. Some humans on this 3D plane have invited parasite in big time. They find themselves trapped and tormented — but as they awaken will find the way to totally free themselves — with the help of so many concerned beings offering real comfort and help.

But — ultimately — they must (and will) take up their own personal responsibility.

Those parasites do not have cosmic permission to attack us at will . . . but . . . must first deceive us (i.e. trick us) into accepting and inviting them.  Fear itself is one way to make us feel vulnerable and give up all resistance. Overcoming our fear is one of the most important things for all of us to do.

We are fully responsible for who we are and what we do and what choices we make over thousands of lifetimes.

It is all fully and exactly recorded into the cosmic Akasha.

From a Cosmic perspective there is no question that there will be genuine Justice — and that is always fully mingled with compassion — that is, mercy, with no one-ups-man-ship of any kind.

Some of the experiences reported about the abductions are almost identical with ancient tales of frightening demon encounters and even demon possessions.

Good and bad can be equated with . . . good = Truth . . . bad = Ignorance. “Good” and “Bad” are a DUALITY. But “Truth” and “Ignorance” are a POLARITY.

The difference between those two is that a “DUALITY” is a consciousness separation — but a “POLARITY” maintains the ground of ONENESS and is the very way the Great Creation is able to create — and that is the way we create also, not by schism and separation but by recognizing and maintaining our awareness of the Universal ONENESS.

There is only ONE MIND in this entire Multiverse and all individual beings are fragments of that ONE MIND. And that is whether they are ignorant or abiding in the Truth of the Universe. The Ignorant ones have lost their awareness of that ONENESS and that is why they are ignorant and engage in activities which are contrary to the Universal Intention.

Since every being must receive the consequences of their own actions — suffering is the result of that ignorance — NOT the outside circumstances.

There are many strong testimories throughout history of people who in the very worst of circumstance overcame their suffering and found inner peace in spite of it.

Some of them are very near to us telling their stories . . . and they are greatly blessing others who have not had their particular one-of-a-kind experiences.

“TRUTH” is the way in which the Creator’s MULTIVERSE functions and operates — IGNORANCE is the misunderstanding and lack of comprehension of HOW the Multiverse functions and operates. Coupled with ARROGANCE — it results in TOTAL BLINDNESS.

The Multiverse does not function according to a Darwinian “dog eat dog” contest of “I win, you loose” nor is it about “might makes right” nor is it about legitimized “cosmic piracy.”

Those erroneous concepts are all a part of our long-time intense PROGRAMMING — and so . . . many tend to anthropormophism and project our earth-human perspectives onto all entities not from here.  This is ignorance . . . not truth.

Racism (for example) is a trait of ignorance and is one of the main items which has kept us confined here under quarantine.

Mankind here on earth tends to look upon ETs as “that race,” “this race”, “different race,” race this and race that.   But . . . we earth humans tend to make “RACE” a matter of separation and so . . . project that concept right upon the ETs with the assumption that our ideas about ‘race” is a Universal Maxim — which it is  NOT.

When it comes to ignorance — we here on planet earth are (presently one of the best examples of that. But — not for long — and that is because of the present Shift Of the Ages with which we are already deeply engaged.

As many now are beginning to understand — this is a Frequency Uplift.

However — we are not the “victims” of outside entities nor forces and never have been.

The totalitarian control over us — to hinder us and keep us dumbed down — has all been part of a HUGE investigation which ALL OF US entered into WILLINGLY. It was an inquiry, an investigation into the details of human consciousness and its growth in Life toward more efficient, ever increasing flourishing — uplifting — and increased appreciation of ALL LIFE. This mission going on upon Gaia is not just a local happening BUT IS OF COSMIC IMPORTANCE.

This is TRUTH in that it is fully ALIGNED with the Universal Intention which is intrinsic and omnipresent within the entire Multiverse itself.

This long investigation — we (ALL OF US) undertook is on behalf of ANY being in the Universe who wishes to benefit from it.

This investigation — inquiry — experiment is now COMPLETED — and — it was more successful than ever anticipated. All that remains now is our awakening (with the help of our ET mentors) back into our full remembrance of WHO and WHAT we ARE.

And . . . that is . .

COSMIC BEINGS OF PURE LIGHT — who have been on a long long long unprecendented mission of exploration on behalf of ALL LIFE throughout the entire Multiverse.

Some of us are among the first who are awakening to this fact of our existence.  We are pioneers — but ALL who have incarnated here at this time WILL shortly follow as they gradually awaken.

In fact, our own awakening is only very very very minimal at the moment.

We too have much to remember but this AHA has set us off on the path to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS — our NATURAL state.

by nestingwave


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  1. Hallo
    Where is that pic come from? With the light beings…is it from a movie or something?


  2. Hi Mateusz — I do think this picture came from the movie “Knowing.”


  3. Where did you come about this Profound knowledge? If I may respectfully ask

  4. Hello Theodore — answer: “where” does not matter. If you resonate with it as “profound” then . . . . . it is. But . . . there is far more to be discovered . . .

  5. Your innermost being is your best friend . . . just listen . . .

  6. you already have it . . . and it is for you to discover . . . one’s own mind can be . . . the biggest trickster . . .

  7. Here is the very best “help” I can offer.

    It’s apprehension — discovery, sorting out and finding what and how it applies to you personally . . . engagement and amount of interface are entirely up to YOU. That is YOUR spiritual practice . . . and NO TWO human begins innermost spiritual practice is exactly the same. YOU and YOU alone must customize it for YOUR most benefit and the benefit of all other beings you engage with as well

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can do it for you . . . since you desire a concrete and helpful answer — which is an outside “opinion” of one — actually in the case, THOUSANDS of souls throughout all of human history.

    The follow is ALL I have to offer — my final word of the most help and encouragement of which I know.

    The details of its application are entirely up to . . . YOU.




    • Thank you Mr. ROY,
      I appreciate your help and support and your website/articles. Point taken and understood. You have reconfirmed what I know to be True.
      It’s just the ET or light beings I would love to learn more about. So much misinformation out there, that’s all. As of now , your help and articles about it seem to be the best I’ve read . I will continue to read your articles and I always look forward to them.
      I sure wish their was full disclosure of what’s “Really ” going on. The Rabbit hole is endless …..

  8. Bless you Theodore . . . yes . . . “The Rabbit hole is endless . . . ”



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