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The Aldebaran Mystery — Extended Version

This video below has added an extended section to the original. More and more information is now coming out and serious UFO researchers are now beginning to connect the dots and find that what many debunkers have dismissed as spurious invention, legend and undocumented “Urban Legend” is now causing pause for thought because many of the long puzzles of history are now being filled in — especially with the new whistle-blowing testimony now emerging concerning the earth-based Secret Space Programs.

Now — in the interest of gaining a broader perspective — here is another point-of-view which closely resonates with my own experiences.  The Nazi connection mentioned in the above video about The Aldebaran Mystery is only a small (but important)  part of the UFO/ETI story.  There is another (and much more positive) perspective.

Someday My Prince Will Come

hmmmm . . . perhaps . . . my Prince is ALREADY HERE.  Now . . . if I can only fully recognize that . . .