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  1. Hi Roy, its me Alan (your friend) I have been having a hellofa time communicating with my friends such as you. FarceBook has blocked me from using their site for about 3 weeks now, stating that I have MalWare in my system, and they would be more than happy to go in and clean up my system so as I would not infect my friends with my (non existing) MalWare, (how nice of them to watch out for me), gee kinda gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, what pals they are. Its because I have been posting the truth about what is going on, and I hit a nerve. To prove a point I opened another FB account under Fredrick Flint and different email, guess what ? My system has no MalWare using this different name, Hmmmmmm, strange to say the least, I have good protection and my system is perfectly clean, now, what they want is they want in my system probably to see who my friends are and where I get my info from (because it is accurate) and up to date, I think FB wants to plant a bug, etc, etc. What say you my pal of pals ??

  2. Hi Alan. Good to hear from you.

    It is pretty well known that good ‘ol FB is a direct FEED to the CIA, NSA, FBI, ONI and other such “intelligence” cults who are very interested in social engineering our society as a whole on behalf of the VERY sick agenda of their oligarch puppet masters hidden in the shadows.

    They seek to do this through seeding ideas of “political correctness,” 24/7 propaganda, loud advertising, the manufacture of consent for war, thievery, financial racketeering, racial tension, violence, genocide, terrorism, war and brutal tyranny — in order to carry out their Master Handler’s insane agenda of full control over the bodies, minds and souls of every man, woman and child upon earth = SLAVERY.

    Certain ideas which dare to get too close to real Truth are stamped out to avoid spreading like a “virus.”

    You musta said the “WRONG” thing.

    Good for you!

    Therefore — according to “correct thinking and behavior” you have gone insane from being morally infected with a thought-form of freedom and justice for all . . . MALWARE! You need to be “quarantined” and reeducated. heheheh.

    As far as “wanting to plant a bug . . .” Don’t worry. With their technology they ALREADY have full access to ALL of your information and ALL of mine. The NSA even knows what you had for breakfast this morning and how it tasted. They even have your DNA signature and can pick up your thought forms and emotional disposition.

    But . . . really brother . . . SOOOO WHAT?

    In the coming New Paradigm we will all be TOTALLY TRANSPARENT to one another anyway — but at the same time will come an etiquette based upon TOTAL AND FULL RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY AND THE RIGHTS OF OTHER BEINGS — even to make mistakes and to exercise creativity — as long as it does not step on the sovereignty and rights of OTHER beings. This represents a quantum leap from where we are now.

    Do you feel frustrated? Don’t fret . . . you are NOT the only one by any means. 😉 The entire human race is now experiencing “birth pangs.”

    These are very perilous times for us all — but can also be looked upon as being awesome and brimming with hitherto-unknown potential and possibilities.

    A HUGE wake-up call is about to occur. (Much much bigger than 911) At first it will seem negative (because they will try in vain to SPIN IT as usual . . . however . . . it will lead RAPIDLY to a total RESET of this entire situation . . . and a GENUINE Disclosure — not only of the ET presence — but of our TRUE HISTORY . . . what, who, when, where and why.

    This EVENT is IMMINENT. (and what in hell does that mean?)

    I only know — it is MUCH closer today than it was yesterday . . . 🙂 I mean . . . even if it takes the rest of our lives or, for some unknown reason doesn’t occur until 100 years from now — it MUST OCCUR. Natural Law and evolution itself DEMANDS IT. Things simply cannot go on this way for very much longer . . . and . . . total self-annihilation is NOT THE DESTINY OF GAIA NOR HER CHILDREN . . . period. NO NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST OF INSANE SUICIDE. The Cosmos Herself DOES NOT, WILL NOT and CANNOT ALLOW such an abomination which is so out-of-synch with reality and the Divine Purpose.

    Our Criminal Controllers also know well that this EVENT is coming faster and faster — and is close at hand. THEY ARE TERRIFIED because it means the final END to their POWER and CONTROL. And . . . not only that . . . it means a total and complete END to the ENTIRE OLD BELIEF PARADIGM which has engendered this chaos, confusion, violence and mindless violence boiling all around us.

    The CABAL is panicking and desperate. And . . . they are making HUGE mistakes in their frantic despair. And . . . along with each MISTAKE comes the byproduct of MORE and MORE EXPOSURE of their demonic and evil nature. Average people once gave them their trust calling them “public servants” . . . but . . . no longer. This public “TRUST” has been continually violated over and over and over again to the point of a severe BACKLASH which is at last starting to occur.


    Peace to you brother . . . and . . .



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