A Major Breakthrough

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about the QEG Project and have to wonder if this is not exactly what Nikola had in mind so many years ago. These generators look remarkably like a power unit I once worked on for HeNe medical laser units back in ’78-’79. I’ve also seen units like these run by bicycles and stair climber machine so we get a work out while powering energy cells for electrical use.

    I’m thrilled you keep us informed on this Roy as I have great interest in things that require no “Corporate Badge Of Approval”

    Now, if we can just get the masses to understand the value of our free thinking mentors through projects such as this. QEG really is about bettering humankind, not profiting the individual or small group and we NEED MORE OF THAT in our world today!!

    As always, Blessings of Peace, Bright Energies of Healing,

    So Be It-

  2. Hello dear friend,

    At one time I had great interest in wanting to get deeper involved and start experimenting with this free-energy technology myself. In fact, I wanted to build a QEG from the start. I downloaded all the manuals and spent many hours pondering over the information and trying to educate myself from an intellectual standpoint — but — in my impoverished situation since I decided to drop our of the system several years ago as much as possible, I have not been able to find even enough money to buy some very basic tools to even get started. That’s the built-in “punishment” for not “going along to get along. So . . . I chose to investigate what has been happening and learn to communicate via writing

    This latest breakthrough represents the completion of the final phase of the original goal of the QEG and because of the freely shared and open-sourced way that it has been handled from the beginning — in spite of many many trials that Hope Girl and her family have gone through — this Nikola Tesla device can supply truly FREE electricity to any single house dwelling throughout the entire world!

    They learned my practical experience HOW to make this machine run ENTIRELY on the ambient quantum energy and transduce that into usable electricity.

    This has to be one of the biggest and most monumental moments in the history of the entire planet.

    Let us REJOICE!!!

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