The Abundant Operation Of Eden’s Garden — Let Us Align And Hear

Learn the awesome Truth.  

There is a good reason why I posted the direct link to You Tube. The wiser among you will truly want to find out more — and you will. Enough said.

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  1. Well, a couple of things that L2 stressed I so completely agree with…most people are indeed completely disconnected and yes, we have been dumbed down by supposed “education”.

    It seems people like to limit themselves by preening about a piece of paper on a wall while they starve to death in a naturally vibrating and connected world. My wife and I have been doing some considerable planning for what short time we have left here on Earth…and there are going to be many changes.

    Most importantly additions to our lifestyle, such as the way L2 feeds himself, is one of our most prominent directions!

    Blessings Be brother, and again thanks for the screen time!

  2. Greetings, brother At-The-Water,

    I am very happy that you were uplifted by this. it reminded me of a neighbor whom I spent one summer with trying to learn all he knew about organic gardening. He runs a local program entitled “Grow Food Not Lawns” and every year he shows people how to turn a part of their lawn into a SWEET POTATO patch and/or variety garden.


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