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EIR Press Conference: Climate Change Scare Is Population Reduction Not Science

This is well worth anyone’s time to watch in order to finally grasp the clear facts of this most important issue — which has been so propagandized while the real facts were purposefully obfuscated and faked by government bought and paid for pseudo-scientists.

The sound on this Press Conference Video is not as good as it should be — but this is a very very important event to educate us concerning the Truth about this matter of Climate Change and the manufactured hoax which surrounds it.

It stands in total and clear contrast to the present massive propaganda campaign to once again fully dupe the gullible public — who is so used to just buying into provable lies without any real research nor mindfulness nor critical thinking.

But . . . now . . . the time of being deceived into mindlessly buying such totally scientifically proven frauds — such as this one which is now fully exposed and scientifically debunked with the genuine facts — is now over.

The too often accepted idea that mankind and CO2 emmisions is the cause of climate change and global warming and that there is 98% scientific consensus is now fully proven to be a complete lie.  

This lie tries to loudly and forcibly sell the hoax that man-made global warming due to man’s CO2 emmisions is rapidly leading to catastrophic Climate Changes and massively destructive ocean rise.

They want you to believe that their complete false supposition warrants severe mandatory cut-backs in all CO2 emissions — raises in taxes — but this actually means severe cutbacks in all creative innovative progress — which is the only way the problems of humankind can truly be faced up to and solved in the first place.

But that would come to a halt leading to massive starvation, disease and death — which is their real psychopathic agenda to reduce earth’s population — long publicly stated by them.

But . . . as greater and greater numbers of people wake up to how and why they have been systematically put to sleep while tacitly and carelessly giving their approval and consent with no objection to being manipulated, controlled and socially engineered for so long by those controlling oligarchs and political elitists — who have quietly (and secretly) establish and began to push hard an agenda of genocidal world population reduction which is not in any interest of humanity nor in good stewardship of our planet earth — but in the interest of eventual massive population reduction from over 7 billion to under 1 billion — as the Club of Rome and many other like-minded Eugenicists and Nazi minded thinkers — such as Queen Elizabeth and her twisted psychopathic consort Prince Philip — have clearly publicly stated: “by any means possible.”

Our President Obama is a complete stooge, agent and sock-puppet of the British Empire, the City of London and Wall Street — and all of his murderous war policies  are a direct reflection of Britain’s long colonial agenda of divide and conquer for the sake of the Empire’s world hegemony.

Like the former mentally slow and tyranny complicit President George W. Bush and his psychopathic controller, handler and string-puller Vice-President Dick Cheny, he needs to be impeached under the 24th amendment and put on trial publicly for high treason and heinous war crimes, including torture, against humanity.

It is really sickening and unfortunate to see the Pope now fully deceived by this fraud and fully caught up in it as he looks to the criminal British Empire for “scientific” information on this to advise the Vatican scientific minds who have also (apparently) bought this entire hoax lock, stock and barrel.

Can they really be so naive as not to see that there is an agenda of massive human murder at the root of this totally unscientific meme?

Or — does this mean that mass murder (genocide) is fully acceptable to them?

Please take the time to learn the true and very blatant scientific facts about this very important matter — as those facts are outlined, enumerated and scientifically proven by real independent climate scientists trying desperately (against all the odds stacked against them) to counter this massive publicity fraud on humanity.  

Everyone should consider the real evidence, contemplate it and carefully GROK it . . . and not put up with such an abomination even a moment longer because the proven facts themselves well counter all the years and years of propaganda we have all been literally inundated with for so long 24/7.

Our Meditation For Europe Was A Great Success

This opens the way for even more progress.

The final victory of the Light is very near.

Meditation Amplification

Meditation Amplification

Rainbow Shoots Forth From the WTC — 9/10/2015

Photo by Ben Sturner @(leverage agency) September 10, 2015

Photo by Ben Sturner @(leverage agency) September 10, 2015

I ran across this earlier this morning.
Well . . . in spite of all that the illuminati thinks they are capable of . . . they are actually facing total disintegration.  And, of course, that includes their  so-called “Secret Space Program” and other crimes hidden away from the eyes of the American People — such as the abominable “MILAB” activity which trashes all human rights and despises all human decency for their incredibly sick and preverted agenda of forcing every man, woman and child on Gaia into becoming a mind-lies robotic slave — after they have murdered 6.5 BILLION human beings in their genocide program “by any means possible,” according to their twisted garden of filth called “The Club of Rome.”
September 11. 2001 — unbeknownst to the those who perpetrated it — produced the structural weakness in their whole New World Order Plan.  This hoax of deception can no longer be hidden. Their arrogance and hubris of ego is their complete downfall.
It has now been fourteen years since the biggest and most sophisticated false-falg operation in the entire history of our world.  The time has now come for this to be finally resolved forever.
Very gradually . . . piece by piece . . . the facts have come out and been assembled.  Truckloads of impeccable documented proof await the public Adjudication Process — which will be similar to the Nuremberg Trials but far more thorough, transparent, honest and open detailed.
The unraveling of this Fraud of Frauds will mark the dawn of en entirely New Paradigm.
Everything is poised and ready for this huge global operation to bring NATURAL LAW upon this world.
It will be the final liberation of Gaia . . . and . . . there will be a transitional period . . . a sigh of relief — to inform and prepare everyone for the new frequencies which are rapidly emerging.
Actually . . . there were quite a few people who were not duped by the 911 False-Flag operation.
The entire planet . . . and all her children . . . will breathe again.