Bob Dean At The 2009 Awake and Aware Conferece

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  1. Hi Roy ~ I meant to comment here a long time ago, lol. This has to be one of the most damning of Dean’ talks ~ damning against the photo-shopping & way-to-secret NASA. I have bookmarked this one for future reference. . . as you know it is important in conjunction to what happened to me and THE WHY of it. Thank you again for finding this gem.
    Namaste, Nin

  2. Greetings to you Nin,

    I hadn’t seen that video for quite a while — so — I watched the whole thing. It has to be one of the very best I have ever seen. Oh yes . . . I know the what and why of your story. Over time — I had forgotten what this video was about. It was great to refresh my memory and tie it in together with your story.

    I had a thought — maybe . . . you could use this Bob Dean video to help make a point on your site because it does establish an independent source of verification?

    Those were really some exciting and fabulous stories which dear Bob Dean told, eh? I am so glad you dug down and found this post which I made all the way back in September.


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