Rainbow Shoots Forth From the WTC — 9/10/2015

Photo by Ben Sturner @(leverage agency) September 10, 2015

Photo by Ben Sturner @(leverage agency) September 10, 2015

I ran across this earlier this morning.
Well . . . in spite of all that the illuminati thinks they are capable of . . . they are actually facing total disintegration.  And, of course, that includes their  so-called “Secret Space Program” and other crimes hidden away from the eyes of the American People — such as the abominable “MILAB” activity which trashes all human rights and despises all human decency for their incredibly sick and preverted agenda of forcing every man, woman and child on Gaia into becoming a mind-lies robotic slave — after they have murdered 6.5 BILLION human beings in their genocide program “by any means possible,” according to their twisted garden of filth called “The Club of Rome.”
September 11. 2001 — unbeknownst to the those who perpetrated it — produced the structural weakness in their whole New World Order Plan.  This hoax of deception can no longer be hidden. Their arrogance and hubris of ego is their complete downfall.
It has now been fourteen years since the biggest and most sophisticated false-falg operation in the entire history of our world.  The time has now come for this to be finally resolved forever.
Very gradually . . . piece by piece . . . the facts have come out and been assembled.  Truckloads of impeccable documented proof await the public Adjudication Process — which will be similar to the Nuremberg Trials but far more thorough, transparent, honest and open detailed.
The unraveling of this Fraud of Frauds will mark the dawn of en entirely New Paradigm.
Everything is poised and ready for this huge global operation to bring NATURAL LAW upon this world.
It will be the final liberation of Gaia . . . and . . . there will be a transitional period . . . a sigh of relief — to inform and prepare everyone for the new frequencies which are rapidly emerging.
Actually . . . there were quite a few people who were not duped by the 911 False-Flag operation.
The entire planet . . . and all her children . . . will breathe again.

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