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3rd Ambassador Meeting — Exchange Keshe Plasma Technology For World Peace Pledge

This meeting occurred in Rome Italy on October 16, 2015. This may be the most significant world event in all of history. It represents an unprecedented creative scientific breakthrough which the present world structure based upon violent Geopolitics and egocentric one-ups-man-ship absolutely despises because it ends their oppressive ignorance of tyranny permanently.

Update Nov. 1, 2015

Week Long Teaching: The Blueprint

Keshe Foundation

Keshe Space Ship Institute

Keshe Public Teaching Workshops

Keshe You Tube Videos

Perhaps some of you might be interested in finding out exactly what Mr. Keshe is now releasing to the entire planet. The above links will inform you in detail.

Dr. Stephen Greer — September 17, 2015 Webinar

And . . . here is the real, genuine disclosure of what is really going on.

Myron Keshe Announces World Wide Release Of Plasma Technology In Rome Oct. 16, 2015