Divided Loyalties Inside The Pentagon

This is a very powerful article. It contains many pertinent facts about what is really going on which are just now becoming revealed. The things written here are extremely Paradigm Changing . . . but . . . not only that . . . they are LIFE changing for every one of us.



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  1. Great post Roy !! ….. Hope everyone reads this. (They need to.)

  2. Greetings Saucernut2. I am pleased that you liked this. There are many many things blossoming forth in this late hour. Of course, we are more and more obligated to keep all our channels of discernment well attuned because mingled in with all the information is some injected disinformation put in out of the present Tyrants FEAR of their inevitable total power loss.

    The sooner the better.

    One wonders how long this buildup to full disclosure can go on before the dam bursts. That moment does seem very close now . . . and . . . the time has come. So . . . be it.


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