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Genuine Justice


It is really too bad that the topic of GENUINE Justice is often overlooked — either by negligence or on purpose — by knowledgeable people speaking about the great transition we are now in.

Two days ago I read an article from the website “Prepare for Change” and, although I have never made a comment there before I was greatly moved that for the sake of others who might engage this article, the key factor for what was being said was totally left out — or ignored. And so . . . right now I am sharing with you both the article and my comment — from which you can also access all the other comments.

And . . . here is the comment I made. Please feel free to comment here on Interconnectivity:

This message — while I found myself agreeing fully with much of it — there is a basic factor which I consider to be amiss.

What is that?

Here is my own understanding of it expressed in metaphors which I like to use.

Like so much so-called “disclosure” now going forth — it contains the same basic fundamental FLAW that many will miss simply because they do not see its importance for all of us.

That is, the factor which is essential to most of us is not only forgiveness but also that genuine JUSTICE MUST BE DONE. Now . . . to the Cabals concept this means punishment, torture, abuse, revenge and ridicule. These people can only think in those terms and makes the assumption that EVERYONE IS JUST LIKE THEM AND THEY ARE THE END ALL AND KNOW ALL OF REALITY.

I said, “GENUINE JUSTICE must be done” not a vehicle for revenge and the hatred of brutally inflicted punishment — as is their FALSE concept.

GENUINE JUSTICE in order to be GENUINE means that it ALWAYS includes the quality of MERCY. ALWAYS — otherwise it is NOT GENUINE JUSTICE.

The ones who have so abused our dear Gaia and all her children MUST BE COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM ANY OFFICE OR POSITION OF POWER AND AUTHORITY and this must be done IMMEDIATELY . . . but . . . they will NOT be punished because the errors and miscreations and selfish behavior they have lavished in HAVE BEEN ERRORS (MISTAKES) because of sheer IGNORANCE about how and why the Universe and the Great Creation function — period. They may call themselves ILLUMINATI but they are as far away from that as one can be — of course some ignorant people think in terms of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ONLY. Extreme TUNNELVISION.

These miscreants MUST be taken good care of fully in EVERY WAY because they too are precious souls — only gone severly awry, Oh yes, I have heard some declare that these ones “have no souls.” That is COMPLETE IGNORANCE. Indeed they DO have souls.

They will be introduced to and carefully taught about HOW and WHY the Universe functions and evolves ON BEHALF OF ALL LIFE and they will be given opportunities to explore the REAL truth about how and why this Universe functions on BEHALF OF and FOR THE UPLIFTMENT AND FLOUISHING OF ALL LIVING THINGS — and they will be presented with hands-on experience as to how we as creative human being are endowed with the ability to flow WITH the Great Creation instead of against it.

In this message, you have an ocean of Truth with a dangerous PINT OF POISON thrown in — which nullifys what is truly good and in alignment with the Universe herself.

namaste to all

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