Where’s The Credibility?

boy and ufo

WizardGandalf   . . . exactly where it has always been . . . within the perception of the experiencer . . .


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  1. Hi Robert – Couldn’t agree more. Full Disclosure will most likely be the the result of full Forgiveness. No Forgiveness, No Justice. Says on my card Reveal and Forgive. I think that is the way forward. Victory to the Light – Denny

  2. Thank you for your comment, Denny. GENUINE JUSTICE always contains the element of MERCY — or else it is not GENUINE JUSTICE. However — those responsible for these heinous crimes MUST be completely removed from holding ANY office whatsoever and must undergo a reparation and healing opportunity for the sake of GENUINE REHABILITATION. This does not involve ANY punishment whatsoever and certainly no vengeance — however, for the safety of others — this must be done in isolation from society at large — this does not mean “solitary confinement” — which is a particularly cruel form of punishment — but it means that the well being of the PEOPLE must be taken into consideration and these perverted criminals must not be allowed to influence nor manipulate society any longer — or ever again.

    This is as important for us as well — as it is for them — because WE will learn by hands-on experience how healing works — and whereas before — many of the people had revenge, fear, suspicion and hatred in their hearts — they too will be given the great opportunity to replace these negative things with much deeper levels of compassion than they have ever known.

    This “Victory of the Light” as many call it represents a complete restructuring of our reality. It is a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION — and right now — although things appear to be pretty dark — we are already undergoing that transition. namaste

  3. It is all coming, its all good, and its all the way we envisioned it was supposed to be. The vibes and energy all around us all the time are fantastic and positive, it seems to me like the present turmoil in our United States right now (election games) and all the False Flag stuff the Cabal is activating, seems to be far away in another Solar System somewhere. Look up, breathe, and take time to take time, its happening, finally!!……. Enjoy the experience’s of the changes coming our way!!

  4. YES, Alan — you hit the nail directly on the head! Thank you . . .

  5. Thanks Roy……. I needed that, my good friend!!

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