Part Two: The “Cosmic Disclosure” Concerning UFO/ETI With Regard To The Hidden Secret Space Program


SSP Lunar

This term, “Cosmic Disclosure” itself is way too huge to have any real clarity of meaning, simply because no human nor any group of humans is even close to being omnicient.

The word cosmic means all-inclusive or Universal. But the knowledge understood by human beings — or any other beings for that matter — is minuscule and puny compared to the Cosmic Field of infinite energy and intelligence.

The most highly evolved and advanced civilizations throughout the Universe always show respect and humility both toward that Cosmic Field of infinite energy and intelligence but also toward all beings everywhere simply because they too are children of the unfathomable Great Creation.

It is their example we should move toward not slick advertising slogans with sales in mind. I will elaborate upon that further along.

That basic respect and humility is also extended toward the lower astral 4th dimensional beings who are living an evil agenda of deception and parasitism.

But, having basic respect for them because we all have one common Source does not mean that anyone should interact with them, except to strongly ask them to make peace with other beings.

The Alpha Draco (whom I am referring to as the Miz Liz Entourage) fully know that their addiction to predation is not at all necessary for them to sustain their life — and yet until this day they continue on with their exploitative behaviors.

The name itself “Cosmic Disclosure” is reeking with conceit which matches the entire ambiance of what it is and who is behind it.

It is true that anyone bringing information about any thing whatsoever — including highly proven and confirmed things — always colors it through their own life experiences which influences their individual interpretations — and this occurs according to how their own individual mind assembles that information into a coherent scenario of whatever they deem to be the facts or truth.

There is certainly nothing wrong with that.

All of us do that all the time because that is the way the human mind works. Each one of us has different life experiences which determines how we put things together to communicate our information to others.

But — where a problem can easily arrive, is when outside forces manipulate information for the sake of their own agenda and do that from the earliest outset of its inception.

This kind of manipulation is called “mind-control” and it is a specialty of our Secret Government and their hidden “Black Projects” which are only able to exist at all because of such inhuman and depraved activity.


Over the years — especially since Nazis (scientists, intelligence agents, SS, Gestapo, engineers and others) were purposefully brought over to the U.S. in the now laid-bare Operation Paperclip, the scientific minions of the Secret Government have  become master experts of mind-control from doing many years of horrible and painful experiments upon human Guinea Pigs — including children — and would dictate thought and behavior to everyone on earth — if they only could.

Then . . . why don’t they? Because — exactly like the Miscreant Lizards whom they fully serve — they must gain the permission of their victims. This is easy for them to do with abducted children whose parents have willingly and (most often) ignorantly place them into the claws of this monster.

This group has shown time and time again that they are fully aligned with the parasitic Miz Liz Entourage and their agenda of meglomaniac control over planet earth and all of her children.

But — being the somewhat robotic minions of the Miz Liz Entourage — they do not possess the skills of their clever masters whom they have given permission to fully control them.

In other words . . . they are being influenced to a greater or lesser degree.

And, when it comes to the covert Secret Space Program (SSP) or any other sub-rosa operation — mind-control of all the participants to varying degrees (depending upon their useful function) is standard procedure. This is how they have kept such a tight lid on all this abomination . . . up until now.

Evil does not like the light of exposure nor of truth.

It is both naive and foolish to put such enthusiastic blind trust in a fully criminal organization engaged in violence, murder, human rights violations of the most brutal kind, deception . . . and who dwells in an isolated pitch dark room under a rock. And yet that is exactly what throngs of glassy-eyed followers are doing by abandoning all critical thinking and automatically believing and hanging on every word which these whistle blowers, such as Corey Goode, are speaking.

Now, we have several people suddenly coming forth saying that they are “whistle-blowers” and, from their own perspectives of course, are telling about what they saw and experienced.

I see no reason why it is not entirely possible and even quite likely that these “whistle-blowers” have actually been sent by their handlers to help spread disinformation and obfuscations about what is really going on. And —  when one considers the criminal history of our Secret Government’s total lack of all human decency and abominable human-rights abuses on every level — these so-called whistle-blowers are saying exactly what they have been programmed and ordered to say. There is no doubt about that.

How can anyone so mindlessly trust the origin of all this “information” if they were actually aware of the heinous brutality which goes on as “business as usual?”

Oh yes, these “insiders” say they are constantly being harassed and threatened for coming forth and speaking out — but I know very well that if they actually were to speak anything too far from what they are programmed to say they would immediately be rounded-up and taken in to be disciplined, tortured or possibly murdered. The same is true of their families and friends.

If they were sent out to spout disinformation don’t you think that part of the cover would be to receive a bit of harrassment? Realize that the mind-controlled bringer of disinformation may not even know that himself. He may think of himself as a rebel “whistle-blower” but if he steps out of bounds far enough to no longer be an asset, his handlers will put a stop on him immediately.

Mind-control — now by highly refined electronic means — is an integral and endemic underlying structure of all the secret programs and black projects. The initiators of these abominations do fully intend to keep their many crimes and breaches of trust ABOVE TOP SECRET at all times.

The audience of those “whistle-blowers” is greatly impressed by any of the great or small harassments which that “insider” may receive because in their view it lends credibility to their super-heroes . . . and such credibility is what they desperately need because they more often than not have not one shred of solid irrefutable evidence. None.

This is nothing but a tricky way to get people to abandon both intuition and all critical thinking — and it accomplishes what it set out to do in the first place — get them to buy into a complete lie.

There are at least four or five other so-called “whistle-blowers” presently revealing “information” about the Secret Space Program — and more emerging — but the most outspoken and publicly “famous” one is Corey Goode.

He is now doing a weekly TV show on Gaia TV and the interviewer is David Wilcock. Corey also has a steady stream of interviews on several talk shows. It is the most popular and watched series that has ever been on Gaia TV because of Corey Goode who is telling his story and what he has seen and experienced since he became an abductee into the SSP from the age of six.

And . . . there is not one shred of evidence from any outside source which is not connected with the Military or the Government . . . therefore, it cannot be fully reliable information . . . but . . . that is not to say that large amounts of it is not truthful information only that its function is to hide the disinformation being delivered along with it in the same package. Because . . . people resonate within when truth is spoken and if disinformation is to be delivered it must be shrouded and covered by that which resonates in the hearts and souls of the listeners.

The Evil Ones behind this are not the complete fools that their robotic parroting minions are.

And the fact is . . . all the corroborations and so-called “verifications” of the various things Corey is saying only come from these other “inside” whistle-blowers who — as far as anyone knows — could also very well be spouting the same mind-control script having been likewise programmed since this is standard procedure in all Black Projects and the Secret Space Programs.

But . . . some people with sophisticated lie detection equipment using voice-print indentification have said that Corey’s voice patterns indicated clearly that he is not lying. Yes . . . he fully believes every word that he is saying.

This strongly indicates that he has been professionally programmed with a script in order to present and communicate the disclosure which the Secret Government has designed and created to once again deceive people into believing a lie which will play directly into the hands of the Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex — and many more people other than Corey are also in on it — all of them are also mind controlled to some extent.

For those of you not familiar with any of Corey’ testimony, I wish to present one of the earliest videos of Corey being interviewed by Project Avalon before he began the TV series with David Wilcock on Gaia. And, by the way, Project Avalon has sense that time come to their senses, woken up and seen thorough this phoney “Cosmic Disclosure.”

There are some things which he speaks about on this early interview which he has since softened down and even minimized.

The most notable to me is the matter of his abductors use of mind-control upon him. From the age of 6 years old he began the “Standaradized” testing program done in public schools. Then, as time went on, he was taken out of his regular school periodically and taken on “outings” with some other children by bus to a government facility — sometimes it was an underground facility — then, he admits, that for a number of years he was programmed, educated, coached, physically enhanced, trained, sexually abused and observed given electro-shocks, shot up with many psychoactive drugs such as LSD and many other drugs many of which he could not remember the names of — but he did mention Scopolomine.

Although Corey tries very hard to avoid this especially important aspect of thought manipulation — it undoubtedly continues on until this day.

One thing I learned very definitely from a friend who had been a covert counter-insurgent for 3 Vietnam tours and often going on missions for the CIA — was that once you become ensnared in the nefarious affairs of the Secret Government — there is no such thing as “retirement,” you will always be a very important person to their constantly watching eye.

Later, Corey said, the technology improved and they had learned how to produce mind-control effects by using electrical frequencies and no longer needed to do it by drugs. He spoke of a process which he underwent — probably more than once — where his memories were completely erased. It is called “BLANK-SLATING.” And then, he said they would induce what they called screen memories into his mind to replace them with things of their own choosing instead of his.

Then . . . after admitting that all of this happened to him . . . he says “but, thank God I was never tortured like the participants in the Super-Soldier Program were with the really brutal and rough techniques.”

That seems like an obvious piece of cognitive dissonance?

Corey is very much wanting to separated himself from “ex” Super Soldiers since a number of them have also been coming forth and testifying of the Secret Government programs they became involved in . . . mostly when they were children. It is know from all of them that they had to undergo MKUltra conditioning and indeed it is quite violent and brutal. We really have no idea if Corey had to undergo this, even though he adamantly denies that he did. But — no  one really knows.

I ask an obvious question: and where were the parents of these children?

Well . . . as it turns out the parents of these children are most often military personnel and most, if not all, of them have been directly involved in some type of  covert work for the Secret Government involved with Secret Operations or Projects themselves with the various three letter intelligence agencies or the Military Intelligence itself.

This right here indicates a direct connection to the “black projects” of the Secret Government including the SSP, the MILAB and all branches of the intelligence communities — as well as other well kept secret projects which often involve children, who like Corey, are abducted into these programs from a very young age.

Standardized tests in the Public Schools begin to sort out children according to their abilities, talents, interests and personalities. High scoring children are given more tests and eventually the most promising few are taken periodically from their regular classes to go and take more and more tests and then . . . attend “special” classes.

Finally, the parents are approached and told something like:

“Your son (or daughter) is very special and is scoring almost perfect scores in certain areas. We wish to offer you an opportunity for your child to be given a very special education by experts which will selectively and carefully develop their skills and talents but will also turn them into tremendous and desperately needed additions on behalf of the National Defense of America. It will all be paid for directly by the government and eventually they will be offered a perfect high paying job with lifetime security.”

What parent sympathetic to the cause of National Defense would not consider such a wonderful offer? And from then on . . . the programming, including mind-control, begins in earnest. The parents look the other way because they believe in their government or else they are, in some cases, intimidated to go along. They are very experienced order-followers.

To sum all of this up so far:

  1. The “Cosmic Disclosure” being presently offered is not “Cosmic” and it is a very partial and spun “Disclosure” containing some basic disinformation and huge lies.
  2. However, it does contains a huge lake of truth which is concealing a pint of very toxic poison which corrupts and obfuscates the whole thing.
  3. This “Cosmic Disclosure” is a carefully engineered contingency plan which is being put into place because the Secret Government is now fully revealed to concerned people in authority who want to do something about it. You see . . . many have finally woken up.
  4. An emergency has now arrived for the Secret Government. Their Empire is crumbling because their criminal control mechanism has been systematically shut off by the awakened allies of human decency and unfolding creativity — who view this Universe as operating from basic endemic principles not from selfish dog-eat-dog me, me, me-ism.
  5. The octopus-like source which financed these unspeakable crimes and enabled itself to continually steal trillions in order to engage in its Black Projects — as well as carry out terrorism, kidnapping, murder, racketeering and extortion here on earth — are about to be fully exposed as the criminals that they are and have always been.
  6. They are now very afraid of having to face the consequences for their mountains of heinous crime.
  7. Therefore, they carefully began to spin out this Psychological Operation — a long-choreographed operation by the Secret Government — a contingency plan meant to hopefully avoid the consequences. It will not work and Genuine Justice will be done.

In Part 3 I will get into exactly what the pint of poison I spoke of actually is about and also what part of this highly spun psy-ops is actually speaking truthfully as far as my understanding goes  . . . but also . . . I will mention some of the things which could be true but are presently not clearly so.


Please proceed to Part Three

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