The Most Revlevant And Important Documentary Of All Times

This is the full documentary which was originally in 4 parts.

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  1. Once again thanks for the enlightening topic and video Nesty. I find the manipulation by government, educators, medical professionals and manufacturers to be an affront to our good senses. I agree, this is a very important video that will help folks understand the deep, dark secrets of the Council on Public Relations and why so many publications and broadcasts are so damaging to our Inner Self.

    Alice may have had a glimpse while behind the looking glass and Dorothy tried to warn us about Oz, however, our lives are real. Unfortunately our reality has been manipulated beyond anything Dorothy or Alice could ever imagine.

    Blessings of Peace,

  2. Yes dear brother At-The-Water . . . you are soooo correct. BUT . . . I and many others DO have a strong vision for an ENTIRELY NEW PARADIGM and the new American REPUBLIC based and grounded in NESARA . . . the final END to this global tyranny we have all been experiencing! Peace upon and earth . . . and among ALL beings! namaste

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