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An Open Letter To The POTUS

To: The President of the United States of America — Donald J. Trump.

Dear Mr. President,

The following is my personal contribution to making America TRULY GREAT:

We know that numerous criminal indictments (including high treason, human trafficking, pedophilia, murder and the theft of trillions) done at the very highest levels of our government sewer – swamp in Washington DC are right now being kept sealed and will be opened in a timely manner. When they are . . . genuine justice must be done and must be made 100% transparent to the American people.

Genuine justice, as you already know and are well aware, is not simply “punishment.” It must contain the element of . . . mercy . . . in order to be true justice.

You are a follower of our way-shower, Jesus Christ, that’s why I am sharing this with you.

When America is truly “Great” it will demonstrate to the rest of the world, not anger and revenge . . . but the uplifting blessing (not expected by those who mistakenly think everyone else is totally self-seeking just like them.)

That uplifting and unexpected blessing is . . . mercy. By this I do not mean ignore their heinous and inhuman crimes. I mean . . . do not torture them, continually debrief them, execute them, abuse them, mind-control them or try to “reeducate” them (leave their reeducation entirely up to them.) Here are my suggestions:

1. All those proven guilty of those heinous crimes must be totally isolated from general society permanently . . . for life. They are far too dangerous to ever be allowed to influence society again in any way whatsoever. They have totally betrayed all public trust.

2. Build a huge and uncrowded facility to house them. Let that facility have some of the elements of the finest of resorts. (Make Guantanamo only temporary.) Have this new facility boldly displayed to all.

3. Offer books, courses, the hobbies and/or crafts which they choose, complete computer access but with NO outgoing communication, only for their own research and learning and NO incoming magazines or TV whatsoever.

4. The finest exercise possibilities, food, indoor and outdoor recreation.

5. The best and most state-of-the-art medical and hospital services available.

And . . .

6. Put up a HUGE SIGN on display to all the world – right outside this facility – and advertise it WORLD WIDE . . . which says:


Thank you . . . for hearing me out dear President Trump – Robert Roy Smith