About Me


 Hello and a warm welcome to my blog.

As it unfolds in my understanding, I plan to explore and share the details of how we are energetically and communicatively interconnected to one another — and to the entire Universe.

 If you’d like to know something about me and better understand where I am coming from, please read MY STORY.

I would also ask you to click on the following three links.  They are short explanations about this blog.




I do have some other blogs on wordpress:

SHORT STORIES AND NOVELS    is a collections of my fictional writings and poetry.

THE UNIVERSAL INTENTION  is the core of all that is.

NESTINGWAVE  is my original blog and contains much background material for my pursuit and elucidation of our Universal interconnectivity.

KADARA THE HEALER  is a growing collection of articles concerning natural methods of healing.

D O W N S T E P  is one of my science fiction novels — this one written in 2005 — which I offer to all free online.  Enjoy!   And, if you read it, or only part of it, please leave a comment there.

All your comments and/or  questions are eagerly awaited — and I promise to  answer each one.  :O)

My email:  nestingwave@yahoo.com


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