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War Versus Peace And the BIG LIE

:chococat_h4h:  In a pitch black room . . . the ignorant sit . . . lovers of war . . . lovers of killing . . . fearing their propagandized and projected manufactured “enemy” . . . when the real enemy is only the invented fictional nightmares within their own monkey-minds. 

This is impossible for them to see . . . and their response?  KILL, KILL, KILL, TORTURE, TORTURE, TORTURE, DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY.  They try to justify themselves by saying . . .”this is the way nature operates, get real!”  And the trillion dollar ARMAMENT MONEY MAKING MACHINE —  which has NO respect whatsoever for any human being’ life (nor ANY being for that matter) — the CEO bosses roll in their dough like Scrooge McDuck.  And they dare refer to this as “Necessary Defense” — as they count their cash.

And the Banksters revel in their own secret trickery.

EVERYTHING is SECRECY — “for the National Security, of course.”

LIES . . . they simply FEAR the masses finding out what is REALLY HAPPENING.

Their whore-media minions — well-trained by the almost unknown  Eddie Bernays and his believers in forced programmed consummerism (for their own “good” of course) — act as lying  ass-kissing stooges of tyranny.  And . . . their passive, hypnotized, TV guzzling  status-quo disciples of all the FEAR-PRODUCING LIES, stumble about like glassy-eyed zombies drunk with blood.  And they willingly encourage and send their sons and daughters into the grinding machine to become rotten hamburger for spiritually empty mind-less-ness.

Let them blow their trumpets, flash their phony “medals” and celebrate the DEATH OF ALL TRUTH because they willingly BOUGHT an incredible LIE which was FED TO THEM by sheer DESPOTISM . . . and . . . the LUST FOR POWER, POWER, POWER OVER OTHER BEINGS. :taz::bangin::bash:


These horrible MISTAKES DONE IN TOTAL IGNORANCE ARE NOW FULLY EXPOSED . . . and MANY are SEEING FOR THE FIRST TIME . . . THIS IS THE END OF TYRANNY . . . WHY??  Because an all consuming LIGHT has appeared and is rapidly GROWING IN INTENSITY — although all have not yet seen it . . .  yet . . . this light is DAZZLING AND OVERPOWERING . . . and EVERY LAST CORNER of that totally darkened room is laid bare.  TRUTH is shouted from the ROOF-TOPS, HEARTS BECOME SOFTENED and MINDS BECOME CLEAR OF FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION.  This is FAR beyond the power of ANY man or group of men to stop.

Many of those ignorant ones have tried . . . and some are still trying . . . but IN VAIN.


Peace be upon the earth . . . and . . . among all beings!


Resonant Light

:chococat_h4h: Oh yes dear and beautiful souls: 

And here — for each and every one of you dear pilgrims along the way is some very “good vibes” (profoundly TRUE also . . .)  :thumbu:


From Resonant Light Technology:

This Holiday Season, there’s a frequency we can all attune our hearts to. Together let’s create healing waves of Light.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~


Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

~ George Bernard Shaw ~


“One of the best ways to give yourself meaning in life is to continue to challenge your abilities.”

~ Donald Lynn Frost ~


“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and inspiration.”

~ Steve Jobs ~


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

~ Jimi Hendrix ~


“Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~


“Every great story happened when someone decided not to give up.”

~ Spryte Loriano ~


“When a friend asked a dying man for words of wisdom – he said, ” . . . there is only LOVE.”

Merry Christmas to all . . . and to all . . . a very good night . . .  :clap2:

namaste . . .

Genuine Justice


It is really too bad that the topic of GENUINE Justice is often overlooked — either by negligence or on purpose — by knowledgeable people speaking about the great transition we are now in.

Two days ago I read an article from the website “Prepare for Change” and, although I have never made a comment there before I was greatly moved that for the sake of others who might engage this article, the key factor for what was being said was totally left out — or ignored. And so . . . right now I am sharing with you both the article and my comment — from which you can also access all the other comments.

And . . . here is the comment I made. Please feel free to comment here on Interconnectivity:

This message — while I found myself agreeing fully with much of it — there is a basic factor which I consider to be amiss.

What is that?

Here is my own understanding of it expressed in metaphors which I like to use.

Like so much so-called “disclosure” now going forth — it contains the same basic fundamental FLAW that many will miss simply because they do not see its importance for all of us.

That is, the factor which is essential to most of us is not only forgiveness but also that genuine JUSTICE MUST BE DONE. Now . . . to the Cabals concept this means punishment, torture, abuse, revenge and ridicule. These people can only think in those terms and makes the assumption that EVERYONE IS JUST LIKE THEM AND THEY ARE THE END ALL AND KNOW ALL OF REALITY.

I said, “GENUINE JUSTICE must be done” not a vehicle for revenge and the hatred of brutally inflicted punishment — as is their FALSE concept.

GENUINE JUSTICE in order to be GENUINE means that it ALWAYS includes the quality of MERCY. ALWAYS — otherwise it is NOT GENUINE JUSTICE.

The ones who have so abused our dear Gaia and all her children MUST BE COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM ANY OFFICE OR POSITION OF POWER AND AUTHORITY and this must be done IMMEDIATELY . . . but . . . they will NOT be punished because the errors and miscreations and selfish behavior they have lavished in HAVE BEEN ERRORS (MISTAKES) because of sheer IGNORANCE about how and why the Universe and the Great Creation function — period. They may call themselves ILLUMINATI but they are as far away from that as one can be — of course some ignorant people think in terms of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ONLY. Extreme TUNNELVISION.

These miscreants MUST be taken good care of fully in EVERY WAY because they too are precious souls — only gone severly awry, Oh yes, I have heard some declare that these ones “have no souls.” That is COMPLETE IGNORANCE. Indeed they DO have souls.

They will be introduced to and carefully taught about HOW and WHY the Universe functions and evolves ON BEHALF OF ALL LIFE and they will be given opportunities to explore the REAL truth about how and why this Universe functions on BEHALF OF and FOR THE UPLIFTMENT AND FLOUISHING OF ALL LIVING THINGS — and they will be presented with hands-on experience as to how we as creative human being are endowed with the ability to flow WITH the Great Creation instead of against it.

In this message, you have an ocean of Truth with a dangerous PINT OF POISON thrown in — which nullifys what is truly good and in alignment with the Universe herself.

namaste to all

Where’s The Credibility?

boy and ufo

WizardGandalf   . . . exactly where it has always been . . . within the perception of the experiencer . . .


Summon Peace On Earth

The Cascade of Life

It is said that God (the First Source — our Creator) calls things which are NOT as though they WERE. No — that does not make Almighty God a liar. It is the very method of CREATION.

In other words, Creator creates by CALLING things into being. The Creator summons — beckons — speaks and all the summoned things manifest into vibrational existence. And this takes place on every frequency and in every dimension of time and space — and it goes on CONTINUALLY.

As co-creators, can we do likewise?

I think the answer to that is “yes.”


Well … in my experience so far it appears to be a matter of becoming aligned with the Eternal Purpose — it is a matter of personally resonating with the most basic Divine Plan.

And — what is that?

I am learning that the Universe at its most basic and fundamental level has an Intention — a powerful thought / emotion / will — which propels all Creation from the quantum and sub-quantum levels both outward and inward.

It is somewhat like the “torus” shape that Forster Gamble describes in his movie “THRIVE.”

What is that Universal intention / purpose / will / insistence?

It is the booming CALL of our Source — the First Source of All-That-Is — and that all-inclusive and totally innundating booming CALL is focused and vectored on behalf of the UPLIFTMENT and the REFINEMENT and the PERFECTION of ALL LIFE.

As one biophysicist (A.R. Borden) explained it to me, “IT’S ALL A GIGANTIC INTERTWINED CONSPIRACY ON BEHALF OF LIFE.”

I had to agree with him.

This is the bottom line of the Universal Intention. And when we “get it” and consciously ALIGN our own being with it — to the very best of our ability — we are passionately and forever in love with the entire Creation.

We have recognized what “love” is.

Then — we too can CALL things which are NOT — as though they WERE?

Yep! You see — there is a parallel world — one of an infinite number — just a step away where our righteous desires — which are fully lined up with the Universal Intention — ARE ALREADY MANIFESTING. So — when I hear from the channeled messages about things for which there does not appear to be any outward visible evidence — I fall right back to this most basic principle and check my own personal alignment with the Divine Purpose.

Why is the evil cabal arrested and ALREADY been put behind bars? Why are the suppressed technologies already here and emerging? Why has our Mother Earth already been healed? Why is this entirely New Paradigm already sweeping over us?

Simply because it is RIGHT and it is in full alignment with the long promised manifestation of the Divine Purpose for peace on earth and goodwill toward men — our long prophesied “Golden Age.”

I so look forward to the face to face meeting with my cosmic brothers and sisters — and yet by the principle already mentioned — this ALREADY IS.


marrroow? … hmmm … I’ll have to think about that a bit.

me too.