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Another Point of View

March 12, 2018

Our precious country — America — is now barely recognizable as the nation which was founded upon appreciation for the liberty, sovereignty and basic God-given human rights of every human being.  We once had a truly inspired Divine constitution which declared that all human beings were born with the absolute individual right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Now . . . these high-minded natural principles are publicly nearly totally replaced with mass mind-control, continual lies and manipulative propaganda designed to further the agenda of insane but very wealthy psychotics whose only vision is of themselves dictating total control of all other beings, including their very right to draw breath and what they are compelled and allowed . . . to think.  These misguided bullies, thieves, extortioners, blackmailers and criminals think of themselves as . . . “well-born.”

There is an ongoing virulent disease and what I just wrote above are the symptoms.

The disease is called . . . EMPIRE.  It has a long, long history but it will suffice to remember the Roman Empire and its burning lust for World Hegemony.  Sound familiar?

Yes . . . that particular expression of EMPIRE (reportedly) came to an infamous end.

Or did it?

Do not forget Rome’s favorite child . . . the BRITISH empire with its Colony (the United States of America (INC) to obediently carry forward this disgusting barbaric and murderous tradition of human slaughter and enslavement in the name of “freedom” right along with that over-used (but effective) propaganda buzz word . . . “democracy.”  This miraculous sales technique has been very effective on behalf of tyranny . . . up until now.

It is over.

People who exercise their own critical thinking have known it for a long time.  Those who do not think for themselves still allow themselves to be duped by voices who with only a little personal investigation can be revealed as total liars supporting an evil hidden agenda.

It is now well proven that the people of the United States and all those burdened down by the totally corrupt financial system centered in The City of London are waking up to the fraud that has long been perpetrated upon them . . . and saying . . . NO!

Meanwhile, unannounced in the lying MSM, a new and vastly more advanced and more human financial system is ALREADY happening in the world and (almost unknown to the fake-news absorbing American people) now blossoms among the majority of the sovereign nations upon planet earth.  The British Empire and their obedient clones are the ONE exception.  But . . . not for long.

When the people of the United States finally begin to realize what is really happening in China and begin to learn about the history of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (now well underway) they will begin to understand why the vast majority of the sovereign nations are engaged and rapidly and whole-heartedly moving ahead enthusiastically with it.

Why is this?

For this reason:  It represents an entirely different way of thinking than the way of Empire.  Instead of a UNI-polar world where one culture (one set of values) predominates over all others, it envisions a MULTI-polar world where EVERY nation is considered to be sovereign and has the same human rights as ALL others.

hmmmm . . . think for just a moment.  Is this not very close to what the founding fathers of America truly envisioned?

In fact . . . where do you think Chinese President Xi Jingping and the those who originally developed this idea got it in the first place?  The Chinese people have always greatly appreciated America and the vision of our founding fathers.  Over the many centuries they have done nothing but contribute greatly to the development of this land.

Plus the fact (which very few in America have known) that Xi Jingping is a practicing student of Confucius.  There are many books and articles written about how the philosophy of Confucius dove-tails in many important aspects with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The American people have been stuffed with propaganda about how Xi Jinping is just like Mao in that he only wants to be a world dictator.  This, as anybody who knows what is really happening in China already knows, is an abominable lie.

So . . . for the sake of offering an opportunity for anyone who so desires to actually find out some important things about China’s President Xi Jingping.  I offer the following article:


There is another falsely maligned world leader who is constantly under assault by the lying propaganda of the MSM on behalf of WORLD EMPIRE.

Perhaps it would help anyone to further see a glimpse of the full BIG PICTURE to find out some details about who these oft maligned individuals really are . . . and that may better help anyone who is interested to start thinking for themselves and putting pieces of this lunatic world strategic puzzle, with all its engineered distorted elements, into a more real and valid perspective.


Qi – Life Energy

Here is a direct transcript from Venerable Lama Dondrup Dorje’s Video above :

Qi is the eletromagnetic energy which sustains the configuration and integrity of all forms and substances in the Universe. It is the Life Force which regulates the ebb and flow of the vitality of all things. It is referred to as rlung in Tibetan, prana in Sanskrit, ki in Japanese. Aristotle referred to it as the Souls of energy that exist throughout nature where signs of life are to be found.

Qi is the energy of all things, and can be cultivated and directed within man’s willpower and nature. Qi(Chi) when harnessed and directed can heal or destroy. When used in the light of healing, it brings harmony, balance, vitality, strength and enlightenment to one’s being. It is the electromagnetic energy behind all spiritual alchemy and miracle working.

Creating An Energy Bubble

When energy is rooted properly, positive ions reach the ground and displace negative ions.

A human is a blend – a fusion of the two.

When your energy from the lower dan tian connects into the root into the ground – just as when we do the standing posture – it will displace the energy and come back up around you like a bubble. There are ways to create that electromagnetic quality that changes things.

Internal Arts Applications

The Power of Mindfulness

Loving kindness works much better to thwart a physical attack (Qung Fu.)

It is much nicer to be kind to people.

Suddenly the attacker’s intent has gone; his whole body is based on rivalry of energy wanting to push it out. One can change that and say, “that is not important.”

It is much nicer to feel open, and because of that he loses his intention.

If you cannot honestly trust what you say, you cannot say what you feel in the heart matches what you speak.

If your action does not match what you have in your mind, how is it possible that you can ask the body to work with you? So, more practice and more form cannot help you. In fact it will give you a sense of rivalry; “I am better now than before – I am better than so and so.”

Classical Teaching

The Classical Teaching reminds people that all things are Kong, that nothing is solid. In fact, suffering does not exist. It exists because we give it the power to exist. Why? Your body works towards maintaining the dynamic to support its existence.

That’s why in classical training the first thing you are taught is not about physical exercise, it is about ethics, about conduct, how to behave.

To be sincere means: Whatever you do, act with your heart and your mind 100 percent.

Each goes by the nature of what they have. Since we have a nature that most people don’t realize, you already have a nature, a nature that is beautiful.

Whatever you want, you become that. Because you become that you are not based on rivalry, it becomes, “Let’s merge and get along, lets understand each other.”

Isn’t that the basis of relationships? Relationships between yourself and your partner, yourself and the people you work with, yourself and your brother and sister? Yourself even with the car that you drive, the tools that you use. By understanding its nature so that we can apply it.


The truth about Kong in the Heart Sutra is – “All is of Emptiness.” If you understand how selfless we really are, if you can see beyond that, then you will rise above all suffering. Whatever comes, you will learn how to deal with it, by first understanding its nature. And then by becoming it, part of its nature.


But – before you can do that becoming, you have to learn about sincerity, that is you have to develop this in a way whereby whatever you think and whatever you do matches. That is referred to as sincerity. With that comes insight, which is another word for wisdom that is gained by experiences.

Once you have that, you can learn to cultivate yourself. By cultivating yourself, next you can cultivate other people. And through this merging and working with nature, that is what in the classics is referred to as “Merging with Heaven and Earth.” You are no longer just a human, you are part of everything.

Every person you see, you see them as you own mother, as your own father, as your own brother, as your own sister, as someone who has been you best of friends.

If this is the case, how can you act unkindly towards others?

Act from the heart.

Kong – understanding whatever you feel is important today, tomorrow is gone.

This way, when you come upon good fortune, you accept that and say, “I thank you for this,” and you examine it from an impermanence point of view – that is, “well . . . it is good now, tomorrow will be past its best time,” and as a result you do not get excited about it.

If things are not going so well, “well, I hurt myself and I lost my job.” Examine it understanding the dynamic of cause and effect. That is, whatever happens now is a result of something that has happened before – if that is the case, that means you are responsible for it.

If you are responsible for it, then you say, “I am grateful that it happened, it allows me the chance to purify the defilement in my mind stream.” As a result you allow this to come through, and that is what we refer to as classical Qigong practices.

You don’t start out working with energy first, you start with understanding your own nature, by practicing, cultivating sincerity, cultivating reverence, cultivating humility, cultivating gratitude. This way, all things that you embrace, you embrace with your whole heart.

Kong – reminds us to be humble, reminds us to accept things as what they are. If it is pleasant be happy; if it is not too pleasant, it is ok too. In fact, even be grateful.

Often people say, “who is more kind to you, Jesus or Buddha or someone who wants to hurt you, your enemy?”

My answer always is the one who wants to hurt you.

Through that person, it allows me, encourages me to cultivate more compassion, more insight, more understanding.

Kong is a very useful component to remember.

The fact that I demonstrated today is I hope to inspire, to encourage people to apply this understanding.

I have one very, very simple philosophy: “Help other people as much as you can; but when it is not possible at least do not cause harm.”

Thank you for being here – thank you.