Cosmic Synthesis

I have always wanted to know the answer to a very important question: If extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI) have been contacting planet earth, what do they have to say?

The “if” part of the question above is no longer valid. And, if you are not already familiar with the UFO/ETI phenomena, or doubt that this phenomena could be real, please watch this excellent video before continuing. This video is only UFO’s 101.


Some kind of “disclosure” concerning the UFO phenomena and what the government refers to as the “alien presence” will be made known to the public. The question is, as always with a government in the regular habit of keeping secrets and lying, how much will be real information and how much will be total disinformation? So, much discernment is necessary. It must be remembered that Social Engineering is being carried out by world control freaks with less than honorable intentions.

In May of 2001 many highly credible witnesses, who have worked within the U.S. government’s deep-black projects, stated at the largest Press Club meeting in history up to that date, held in Washington D.C., but little covered by the main-stream press as usual, that they are now willing to acknowledge, through Dr. Stephen Greer’s DISCLOSURE PROJECT, that their security oaths are illegal and no longer valid because high crimes have been committed against the American people and the world.

Now, in 2010 many more people are becoming aware of the Corporate National Security State called the U.S. government–this is especially true since the well planned financial attack and the Gulf of Mexico abomination against the American people and the world. (But that’s another story which I wrote about on my other blog.)

Since that meeting of the Washington Press Club in May of 2000, the number of Dr. Greer’s government witnesses have increased to well over 500.

At that monumental press club meeting, these government insiders stated that they are willing and most eager to testify before the U.S. Congress concerning what theyrefer to as the “alien presence.” Many of our congressmen are eager to hear that testimony. 911 seems to have put a temporary halt to the project. One can only speculate if the two events are directly connected. It certainly took all focus away from the emerging Disclosure Project and even today many folks know nothing about it.

Now, in 2010 the idea of the UFO/ETI disclosure is ramping up again. It has become abundantly clear to all who research this matter that the U.S. government knows a great deal about the UFO and “alien presence” phenomena, and has known for over sixty years. Our government in its secrecy has systematically hidden and covered up this information from the American people whom they have solemly sworn to serve, having taken solem oaths to uphold the Constitution. These oaths have been broken.

This is a huge breach of trust. To put it mildly, we have been betrayed.

Why has this been happening? In short, because it represents an entirely new way of thinking about energy and the nature of space-time and represents, by implication, an entirely New Paradigm on planet earth. It is so bizzare that even our most creative minds cannot fully understand it. This frightens those who are in positions of leadership and are (suppossedly) responsible for the welfare and safety of the populations.

But, since May of 2001 much has taken place. Dr. Greer and his groups now make contact with ET beings on a regular basis. A G7 country, whose name is as of yet undisclosed, is also officially involved. Dr. Greer has begun what he calls, “The Council on Interplanetary Relations” in a spirit of Ambassadorship to these beings from other worlds who are now interfacing with many people all around the world.

Although these highly credible witnesses have not yet been allowed to openly testify before Congress, ongoing projects have produced hundreds of video and audio interviews which are gradually seeping into public knowledge. These testimonies are being given by government insiders and civilians as well. Some of these are absolutely incredible.

How much of it is disinformation due to the government’s mind-control of the ones who believe they have experienced these things? In another words, how much of the UFO alien presence is yet another manipulation of the minds and belief systems of Americans and indeed the peoples of the entire world? Here are a few of those pertinent interviews:





I suggest that anyone who wants to find out what is going on about the UFO/ETI issue carefully pay attention to those interviews. But, when you do, you must remember that each person testifying is seeing a view of reality from their own one-of-a-kind perspective and it is being interpreted by their limited individual mental processing grids in the way that their individual minds can put these unusual experiences together to make sense to the experiencer.

Therefore, as many perspectives as possible are needed in order to begin to unravel this highly complex mystery of mysteries.

In these days, those of us who have had these experiences are pooling together the knowledge of our experiences and our limited perceptions to gain more insight into this phenomena.

As in any information, our individual personal perspectives vary due to several factors. Some of these are, our educations, our intelligence levels, our own personal beliefs, our prejudices, our experiences, our religions, our traumas, our enculturations, our social behaviors, our inner intentions, plus any and all things that make up the bits of information contained in each of our personal mental information processing grids. And possible manipulation by mind-control to slant this information cannot be ruled out, since there is a long written and well documented history concerning mind-control manipulations by military intelligence organizations.

In other words, we interpret this very unique paranormal and cosmic experience of extraterrestrial contact according to whatever we bring to it and this can be easily influenced by outside suggestion and manipulation by specialists in behavior and belief system modification.

It is interesting that this contact with ETI is coinciding with a huge Cosmic Nexus hearlding many extreme changes on planet earth both physically and with regard to our collective consciousness.

So, WHAT does ETI have to say to planet earth that might so upset the present status quo? Why has this secret of all secrets been rigorously maintained by the National Security State for so long?

Part of it is that such mind-boggling concepts can induce considerable fear of the unknown. For leaders, shakers and movers and Corporate CEOs this is a considerable problem. Thus, secrecy has been maintained at all costs including several murders, blackmails and threats in order to maintain silence. They hoped that, in time, enough linear knowledge would be attained that would enable them to get a handle on it. Instead, the more they learned and experiencee, the deeper the mystery became

My full answer to the question of what ETI is communicating to us, from my own individual perspective, is contained within the writings found on this blog. It is certainly not a complete answer and barely uncovers a subject of unknown complexity and depth but hopefully this effort will offer some direction for anyone who might try to further explore this very important question, having recognized that it is of the utmost importance to our entire human biokind (homo sapiens sapiens) living in this unique age of extreme crisis, continual government propaganda, mindless violence, disconnection from one another and Mother Nature, war, greed, illusion, criminality, crumbling traditional structures and the increasing confusion and chaos on planet earth.

Disclosure about ETI’s contact with planet earth is not in the hands of the U.S. government nor any power on earth. The extraterrestrial intelligences themselves are in control of the disclosure. They always have been.

That’s very good because due to the fact that they are millions of years more advanced than our earth civilization, even to the point of transdimensional and time travel, they know us far better than we know ourselves because they have been coming here among us since the human race began and fully understand that we are very limited beings having been confined to extremely restricted knowledge about ourselves, our origins, the Universe and how everything operates and works together as ONE throughout the far flung Creation.

When I had my own close encounter in 1967, I began what can only be described as ongoing contact and telepathic communication with extraterrestrial beings.

No big deal.

Many many folks are now experiencing the same. And, there are as many perspectives on it as there are people! We are now comparing views to gain a synthesis of information and a deeper understanding of this matter. We are coming to the conclusion that it represents an entirely new understanding of the entire Universe and, more importantly, WHO and WHAT we are, how we got here and why we are here.

Here in 2010, after over sixty years of that communication, along with contemplation, intuition, meditation, prayer, study, logic, investigation, daily life experiences, synthesis and comparison, I am finally able to communicate it with some small understanding. At least I can tell a story about it. You can call it a “myth” if you understand that a “myth” is not a fabrication nor a lie but a metaphorical parable to convey Universal Truth in symbols, stories and metaphors that human beings can relate to.

All that I have written is my own evolving perspective coincides with the evolving perspectives of many others. It does seem that those many perspectives are now gradually coalescing into a synthesis of what is and how it effects our lives practically.

Collision At The Crossroads

It is now becoming clear to all that humankind and all life on planet Earth has now arrived at the most significant crossroads in our history. This crossroads has been long prophesied in EVERY culture on earth. Prophets seldom, if ever, completely understand their own utterings in the world age in which they utter them, due to the limitations of their human consciousness, perscribe by the time in which they live.

Like poetry, prophecy is communicated in metaphores, parables and myths which are NOT untruths but multi-dimensional stories with many levels of meaning. Unraveling these meanings is a whole lot more than just “interpreting” symbols.

As Carl Jung pointed out, “symbols” can have different meanings according to the overall circumstances of their use. Thus, we have communication in parables which are stories designed to convey an overall point, using real life happenings directly experienced, that all can relate to. Communication requires this.

This is especially true with the matter of extraterrestrial intelligences, since much of the information is completely outside our current ability to understand. So, “disclosure” is not just being informed of a list of so-called “facts” but “disclosure” requires US to expand our awareness and GROW into entirely NEW knowledge and concepts.

This present termination of a very long cycle has long been the nagging intuition deep inside the guts of many people. Such people live in many cultures, creeds, beliefs and religions. It appears to be the single most critical issue between us earthlings and the highly intelligent and develped biokinds from the many extraterrestrial worlds of time and space who take an interest in our future survival and ongoing evolution of consciousness.

But, why should they take an interest at all?

Well, for one thing, many of them have a direct genetic connection with us and have already had interaction with earth for millenia. This is nothing new, friends. Only now we are starting to become aware of it. ETI is, and always has been, intimately connected with our history, religions, cultures and civilizations both positively and negatively. Some of them have our best interest at heart and some do not. And you get whatever you call upon.

This has always been the case.

It must be pointed out here that ETI is a mirror. A mirror of ourselves. The energetic quantum entanglement of ETI with earth humans means that, in the sense of our complete Being, we ARE them and THEY are us. Therefore, this experience with ETI is both “good” and “evil” depending upon our inner intention.

“Good” in the sense that we evolve and grow spiritually and “evil” in the sense that ignorance is darkness, suffering and fear which leads to schisms, violence and war. This is the very present human situation at present on planet Earth.

But, along with this new cosmic knowledge comes a new age of enlightenment and ongoing discovery as the peoples of planet earth become a space-faring civilization whose purpose on their native planet is to be her careGIVERS and the protectors of all her children.

This “golden age” has also long been prophecies by every culture on earth.

In themselves, ETI is neither “good” nor “bad.” They are not simply “more intelligent” than we are. They have a far more developed conscious intuitive connection and energetic interface with the entire Cosmos and with all beings.

Since we share the biological genetics of many of them, we also share their bio-consciousness but on a less developed level. All is energy. Consciousness is energy. DNA is energy. These two are the same thing–photons vibrating (spinning) at different frequencies. Our quantum physics has proven this empirically.

Mystics, of every ilk, have intuitively known it all along. These two perspectives, which were so long considered to be polar opposites, now fully merge. The science aspect of it brings practical solidification to the mystical aspect.

There are definitive rules of engagement in the interaction of various beings at different levels of consciousness and different frequencies of space-time.

Creation operates through Laws and Directives.

The ETs are not about to invade planet earth as the fear-producing social engineers have propagandized through paranoid scenarios like “War Of The Worlds” and “Independence Day.” If invasion was on their minds, we are already toast. The ETs interacting with us are way beyond that. Human beings tend to anthropromophize them and asuume they are just like us. They are not and are not motivated by the same things homo sapiens sapiens is motivated by, such as selfish aquisition and conquest. They do not think in the way we do at all.

The paranoid idea of “invasion from outer space” could also be used in the upcoming “disclosure” by the government for the sake of social manipulation, so be careful. You should also understand that ETs will not swoop down from space and become our saviors. This is one of many typical but erroneous new age suppositions.

Solving our own problems is the only way we can ever grow and evolve and this is the Law of the Universe. We learn through our experiences and through making mistakes and suffering the consequences of those mistakes. It is how the Universe operates. It is the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect–in the east it is called “Karma.”

Being our saviors would be very unwise since all sentient beings must encounter challenges which are to be overcome through their own efforts–exactly like a catapillar must overcome its crysalis to emerge as a butterfly. The Laws and Directives of Creation can be directly observed in Mother Nature. This is a necessity in our coming of age.

The Universal Creation operates through:

1) Laws and Directives.

2) Mother Nature operates through the same Laws and Directives. The “supernatural” is only our limited view as to how far Mother Nature extends. To a primitive tribe, a match or a radio is “supernatural.”

3) These Laws and Directives of Creation are already written deep within our own hearts and must no longer be ignored if we care to improve our world and lessen suffering through unfettered minds and hearts of compassion. Self-inquiry is necessary.

Here we have a three-way check to confirm our inner discernments and beliefs based upon them.

The benevolent ETIs do offer help to us through their teachings about the nature of Creation and its Laws. In other words, how the Universe creates and operates. This knowledge has already been brought to earth many times in the past but always distorted by political and religious agendas–to the point of now becoming almost unrecognizable. Partly because of the hybrid genetics of homo sapeins sapiens we have an enhanced struggle going on within us between the apparently higher and apparently lower parts of our being. In part, a case of genetic hiccups. However, this inner struggle between “good” and “evil” will eventually be resolved and proper balance achieved. It will come after we encounter and overcome the present challenge of planetary-wide turmoil and crisis among ourselves and after we experience and overcome the reckoning fear of the increasingly dynamic earth changes as our solar system crosses the extreme and increasing energies now pouring out from the Milky Way ecliptic and effecting our sun.

Life’s very existence is a schoolroom and we must learn from our own mistakes in order to progress in our evolution back to the Source from whence we came.

If you recognize reincarnation as valid, this occurs only after many millions (perhaps billions) of incarnations and life experiences.

The rapidly increasing cosmic convergence that is now upon us is due to a unique synchronicity and coming together of several long and short cosmic cycles.

The most fearfully observed of these is our solar system’s unstoppable plunge down through the edge of the Milky Way whirlpool disc.


Another element, which has much written historical evidence, is the periodic passage of Nibiru (Planet X). This space body has disrupted not only past earth ciivlizations but the geology of Mother Earth as well. Biological extinction events have been caused by Nibiru’s periodic passage which is sometimes worse than at other times.

We are now beginning to experience extreme cosmic energies and radiations never before experienced. These included openings (worm holes) into multiple dimensions and time-lines. These very openings are of a highly energetic nature.

What the effect will be on planet earth is unknown but whatever it is will be very extreme indeed. Some are very frightened and zealously promote a “doomsday” scenario. Some of our top leaders are acting out of panic due to imprecise knowledge of this event. Or as the Bible tells us, “men’s hearts failing them for fear of what is coming upon the earth.” And, “the earth shall stagger like a drunken man.”

The negative information about this happening ignores and fails to take into account the very commmunications of ETI and even the countless prophecies that have been given right here on earth about this occurrance for millenia.

In spite of that, few are prepared for the huge changes it will bring.

All that many are able to preceive about this is that this crossing will rearrange the continents and wipe out a large percentage of our present human population and many other species along with our entire “modern civilization.” They say that such extinction events have occurred many times in our pre-history and can be clearly seen in the geological record.

The people expecting a catastrophe are correct about much of this but fail to take many additional factors into consideration which are being elucidated by ETI, all the genuine prophets who ever lived on earth and now many folks who are beginning to view this huge change as an answer to the prayers of many who have long awaited an end to the insanity of our long miserable age of enslavement.

Christians call it the return of Christ. I come from a Christian background myself and think that is basically correct when one considers the magnitude of this Nexus Event which effects all of us physically, mentally and spiritually and also its huge effect upon our conscious awareness of who and what we are. Self examination is certianly required amidst such a Cosmic change. However, in my view, having studied this for over fifty years and having had direct experience and interface with the ETI, both the destructive events and the emerging of a New Paradigm will occur (are already occurring) simultaneously.

In my (admittedly limited) understanding, it will be far more than the scenario constructed by men’s interpretations and presumptions as passed down through the hands of the many generations of pious authoritative doctrines and dogmas fracturing into over 3000 sects of Christianity, several warring branches of islam and massively different points-of-view in Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

According to what I’ve learned from the Bible and all the literature surrounding it, including comparative religions, after sixy years of study and contemplation, the central core of the one who called himself the “son-of-man” had a single intention which was his prayer. He prayed in John 17 to the Source which he called “my Father and your Father” for conscious and practical oneness to be practically manifested–a direct contradiction of the present 3000 or more fractures of Christianity into sects and cults and the wars caused by divisions in other religions also.

Of course, the son-of-man never started any religion whatsoever, in the first place.

The oneness, I have discovered, is the very intention of the extraterrestrial intelligences now communicating with us. Once we understand our interconnectivity with all Creation and the entire web of life, nothing on this planet will ever be the same.

Amidst this cosmic convergence we are now already entering into, there is much disturbance of mankind’s consciousness and along with that much fear arises. The panic and fear of this huge change is driving much of the world’s present madness, lying deception by control freaks and violence.

No technology can prevent this from happening but there are new technologies which have been hitherto unknown, now waiting in the wings to be unveiled after this huge change has occurred or even while this change is occurring.

For example, we will have access to an infinite supply of free energy which comes from tapping into the quantum field of the Universal Energy Matrix. This is already extant in secret projects, much of it being used right now for advanced weaponry, such as HAARP and EM beam weapons, which shows the total arrogance, selfishness and ignorance of those so involved.


This can rapidly repair and heal all the suicidal damage we have inflicted upon Mother Earth and her beings. Likely, this Nexus Event will include a transition (transformation and ascencion) to another new and different time-line and a higher frequency of materialized energy consciously emerging from the thought domain backed by powerful intention in harmony with the Universal Intention.

Some who have devoted themselves to understanding this say we are moving rapidly from the Technosphere (material and mechanical manipulations for the sake of aquisition and conquest) to the Noosphere (the realm of thought, consciousness and the wise use of energy frenquencies to heal our Mother Earth and all her children.)

Despite the likely cataclysms to come during this Nexus Event, we now have an opportunity to let go of our long accumulated baggage, self seeking egos and limitations, become a clear unresticted outlet which allow the Spirit within to express and manifest spontaneously, according to the Laws and Directives of Creation which are already inscribed deeply upon all human hearts because of our ambient interconnectivity with the Prime Source which most refer to as Almighty God, including the entire web of life and all that is. We only need to learn how to carefully listen to the pure unadultrated teaching of Creation which is issuing not only from our ET friends, the spiritual helpers of humanity and the prophets but also from the unsurpassed wisdom of Mother Nature herself and, indeed, from within the highest Self of our own inmost being which is continually speaking to us in very quiet communication from within. This communication is easily drowned out by louder mortal clamor, unless we become very focused.

I once heard the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi say, “self-knowledge is the basis for any knowledge whatsoever.”

This was a very pertinent statement and echos the spoken truth of all other wise men down trough the ages.

It is true. Unless one knows and admits the truth of oneself, all other knowledge which we interpret through our belief, understanding, reason and logic will be skewed, distorted and inaccurate.

We formulate and synthesize everything into our individual points-of-view, our opinions our belief system, according to the cohesive meanings, memories, knowledge and understanding assembled by the information processing grids of our biominds into our individual ideas, points-of-view and notions about reality and how to respond to it.

The Birth of Consciousness

Soon, our contact with extraterrestrial intelligences will become nearly commonplace. As we are prepared, we will gradually take our place alongside other beings who are distant travelers from the depths of space and time. Among them, our direct genetic ancestors.


No one should automatically believe anything without personally putting it to the test through reason, logic, and direct experience. Knowedge by itself is practically useless until it is experienced into wisdom through application in real life situations.

All of us have intuition and many life experiences of it.

We now have the opportunity to activate our senses and expand our consciousness to counter the thousands of years of wrong and destructive thinking on planet Earth that has brought humankind on this tiny, but very important and significant world, near to the brink of suicidal extinction.

Our future survival depends upon us changing our own outlook based upon the knowledge of who and what we truly are and our Universal interconnectivity.


  1. Hello my friend, The cosmos have led me to you and was hoping you would be interested in contributing on a project And website Im developing to be a home page for all to share there wisdom efforts collectively to bring tge change the world needs. Your the first person Ive contacted and if your willing or interested I would love your input on what is the best way we could use the site to meet the needs of others. Thoughts? Your time and love is appreciated. Love, Renee Cosette Pedersen

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