Plejaren Beam Ship


Contact and communicative interface with universal entities who exist in the various realms of time and space—-both indigenous and off world—-stimulates and activates the human understanding of our divine cosmic interconnectivity.

It is what the present consciousness shift is really all about—-the expansive interaction with our cosmic family which rapidly expands the remembrance and full recognition of who and what we are and why we are here.

This contact is also the unfathomable secret which all the governments on earth have desperately attempted to hide because it means the end of slavery and tyranny on this planet being fostered by the present power structure. This change is well beyond the comprehension of the Powers-That-Be and they are very afraid—-terrified in fact.

Those who seek to control other beings for the sake of their own selfish agendas cannot survive the transformative impact of this unprecedented meeting.

Perhaps they intuitively sense the final end of their despotic power and control.

All the sages and prophets who ever peered beyond the veil saw this coming. They referred to it as the “Golden Age.”  This one is far different from anything that has occurred on planet earth before.  It is a complete dimensional shift.

At the birth of Jesus, the holy angels proclaimed “peace on earth and goodwill toward men.” This was not foolish nor was it in vain. This inner vision has already been living in the hearts of men. It is now materializing. In these days we are undergoing an unprecedented and very extreme shift of consciousness.

We now stand directly in front of the slowly opening door of ET contact. For a long time we have been asking a big question: are we alone in the Universe? We have persistently and fervently knocked and called out—-not really knowing why—-nor who—-nor what we were asking for—-but now that door begins to open.

Are we ready?

Having discovered the infinite energy and intelligence which is native to the Source Field, there is good reason to believe that if the door to ET contact was to swing open too fast we would literally disentegrate from a sheer blast of energy.

So those who are on the other side—-those responding to our call—-open that door gradually—-a little at a time—-in order to allow our sensitive biology, neurological system and conceptualized thought forms which are taking place in our 3D frequency to adjust and not suddenly become overloaded.

This says a lot about those who stand on the other side of the door. Apparently, they do know us quite well—- in fact—-better than we know ourselves in the amnesia of the moment.

This, coupled with a host of other related facts, proves to me (and others of like mind) that the now legendary Alien Invasion scenario has been purposefully injected and is now fully entrenched into our earth civilization. This has occurred over many many decades through unending waves of intense media propaganda disguised as fiction under the banner of adrenalin–pumping violent entertainment and it is—-a complete hoax. It is yet another psychic manipulation of our society—-the brainwashing of the masses who seem to not have the slightest clue about what is going on.

What have the Powers–That–Be been preparing us for?

I will now tell you the how and why of this evil fraud.


Let us go back a little ways.

The Third Reich developed advanced electrogravitic flying machines. Very few people are aware of this well documented fact—-but there have been multiple researchers, many of them directly involved, who, over many years, have carefully pieced that story together from the German, French, British, American and Canadian documents and eye-witness testimonies. Anyone who really wishes to find out about this can easily do so. The “Flying Hats,” as the Nazis called them, were real. They were an important element in Hitler’s “secret weapons” project.

But that was only one interest of the Nazis. There were many strange elements at work. They also fully immersed themselves in the darkest aspects of the occult and in all things psychic. Many (but by no means all) of those top Nazi leaders were psychotic control freaks completely void of compassion or human decency. Some were criminally insane. They only desired to find the most effective methods to control the human mind and consciousness of those they had forcibly enslaved.

This desire drove them to develop highly advanced brain-washing techniques to be used for psychological operations. These included technological physical implants and severe trauma based mind-control—-later called Monarch Mind Control by the CIA.

Their robotic militaristic vision of brutal conflict and glorious triumph called for them to create an unstoppable technological super soldier. This superman was engineered and manufactured to be a merciless killing machine who unquestionly followed orders.    From childhood, these beings were enhanced genetically, mentally, psychicly and physically through the most advanced scientific techniques possible.

And they also knew how to totally erase ones memory and inject thought forms and/or vivid sensual/emotional (and visual) experiences into a person’s mind which appeared to be fully real but were actually programmed induced hallucinations. They also learned how to pose as “God” and speak powerfuly moving words of wisdom directly into a person’s mind from a distance. They could drive a person to fanaticism, make them go stark raving mad or induce them to turn a machine gun on a room full of their best friends and colleagues.

Through these programs, they wanted to achieve complete and rigorous social control which remained totally detached from human sentiment without pity or mercy. They had absolutely no qualms about conducting brutal psychological and physical experiments on living human guinea pigs, including children.

Their science was cold, utilitarian, mechanistic, robotic and totally lacked any compassion or basic human dignity. They looked upon certain races and elements of humanity as sub-human. They claimed to be superior beings who justly possessed the absolute right to decide life and death issues over all other beings.

They were demonic monsters who had deceived themselves into thinking they were God.

And—-it often surprises many to discover that at the end of World War Two,   the U.S. Government brought the very worst of them right on over to the United States (under Project Paperclip) and installed them as intelligence operatives in the newly formed CIA and NSA.

Wernher von Bruan and company were only the publically visible segment of this operation.

But—-there is something very important about Werner Von Braun and I will return to him in a moment.

In this deal with the Devil, the U.S. also acquired lots of intelligence information about the Soviet Union and was able to resurrect the research and development on Hitler’s secret weapons programs, the electrogravitic technology, the flying discs, the genetic manipulations, the “super” soldier programs—-and they began to apply the knowledge they had gained from the Third Reich’s brutal mind-control experiments.

In other words, Nazis were brought to America after World War Two and directly installed within the covert intelligence factions of our own government—-and have continued business–as–usual right here ever since—mainly working on unacknowledged “Black Projects” without any oversight whatsoever. These morally unhindered adventures remain secretly tucked away in covert underground facilities called DUMBs —- “Deep Undergound Military Bases.”

In my view, the main problem with this theory is that UFOs and ET encounters have been recorded for thousands of years. Artists who lived in ages long before any kind of human flight activity drew paintings of structured flying machines in the sky—-some of them even shooting out beams of light. UFOs in history have always been associated with religious or spiritual matters. The Moslems call them Jinns and consider all of them to be demonic. There are many Christian sects that also view ETs as only negative and evil. They may be the first ones to buy into a hoaxed alien invasion.

Speaking of structured craft—-here is the very first photograph of a UFO. It was taken from the peek of Mt. Washington in 1870 looking down between the mountains.

This looks exactly like the cigar shaped carrier developed by the Nazis to carry three or four of the Vril or Hannebu disks. We do know that at the very least, the blueprints of those cigar shaped craft were found by the Americans at the end of WW2. Most probably the craft themselves were recovered too and brought along with the other technology to the U.S. for continued reasearch and development.

But—-who on earth was even capable of making such a machine in 1870? As far as we know, no one.

Could it be that we are looking at a piece of time-travel here and indeed it is a Nazi craft from the forties having been transported back through time?

When you blow up this photograph, you can see what looks like a swastika on the side of the craft. We do know that the scientists of the Thrid Reich did believe in such possibilities and even did some experimentation along those lines which was continued later in the U.S. in the hidden “black projects.”

So, what does this mystery mean?

We do know that the Nazis developed such electrogravitic craft. Where did they get such highly advanced technology?

Well to briefly summarize the story that has come down to us about it, a group of German women who eventually became the Vril society—-which emerged out of the German Thule Society—-established telepathic contact with a group of ETs who live on a world circling the star Aldabaran. Maria Orsic was the Vril member who channeled the plans for an electrogravitic disc in the early part of the twentieth century—-about twenty or thirty years before Hitler and WW2.

In the 1970s contactee Billy Meier learned from his Plejaren contacts that those ETs who telepathically gave Maria Orsic that technology had foreseen WW2 coming and wanted to prevent it. Their solution was to introduce to our world a great technological and economic boost which would bring on a general prosperity and prevent war.

Perhaps it was Adolph Hitler they hadn’t counted on but regardless, those plans failed. However, there is indication that the German scientists who developed the electrogravitic technology purposefully delayed it because they well knew that Adolph Hitler was a very dangerous psychopathic madman.

After the war,  that technology was brought over to the U.S.—-as well as to Russia—-and further developed secretly.

I assure you that not all of the unusual craft being seen in the skies throughout our planet is of extraterrestrial origin.

I saw my first UFO one August afternoon in 1957 in El Paso Texas.  I was fifteen. My dad and I were out washing the car and we saw it fly at slow speed directly over our house. It’s altitude could not have been more than 3 or 4 hundred feet. The craft was a silver triangle which had a dark round spot in its middle. It was traveling slowly end over end—it seemed to be sort of ploughing through the sky. As we watched, two sabre jets from Biggs field (El Paso’s local AFB) arrived and began to circle around it.

Dad said, “look at that flying saucer, Bobby. Those air force jets circling it prove that the government knows all about ’em.”

Many years later in 2003 or 2004 I think, I discovered a clear picture of that very craft on the internet.

Nazi TR—-3B

This is not an ET craft but specific German technology—-a part of Hitler’s secret weapons program. El Paso is only 120 miles from White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico which was one of the places doing R&D on the Nazi technology after the war.

So—-does this mean that planet earth is not being visited by extraterrestrial entities? Is that whole thought meme a piece of New World Order propaganda? What do they have in mind?

Well—-there is absolutely no doubt that through the elitist proponents of a fascist New World Order, lies, obfuscation and propaganda is rampant—but that is not the entire story as the proponents of World Tyranny would like to have you believe.

It is true that the CIA recognized early on that UFOs and ETs coupled with highly advanced technology (which almost seems to be supernaturally miraculous) was the perfect combination of elements to produce psychological manipulations of unparalleled power.

This is one thing the would be world tyrants will go to any length to obfuscate, deny and cover up. So, in order to facilitate that coverup, the despots responsbile for this have greatly promoted the “evil alien” scenario—-especially the alien invasion scenario.

Hollywood has greatly aided and abetted this phoney psy-ops. It is the preparation, the precursor, to a faked alien invasion using their secret technology developed through the Nazi secret weapon programs, back–engineered captured ET technology and the work of several early scientific geniuses, two of them being Nicola Tesla and Howard Johnson.

Through Hollywood, our minds have been softened up and conditioned over many decades for this planned fake alien invasion. Flase Flag Operations are nothing new to the elitist tyrants who long to rule the world and exercise total control over the bodies, minds and souls of every man, woman and child on planet earth—-but—-those planning this grand hoax and unspeakable tragedy have now completely lost.

Instead of this planned world tyranny, there will be a First Contact and Full Disclosure series of events which will be carried out by the genuine extraterrestrials themselves.

So now, in PART TWO, I will discuss Dr. Wernher von Braun because, although he was a brutal SS officer, later in his life he demonstrated that he was still in possession of a human conscience—-and not fully sold out to the evil criminal cabal which he served—-and before his death—-he directly revealed some very important top secret information to his colleague Dr. Carol Rosin. It is information which we dare not ignore. And it is corroborated by several other very high level witnesses and by our recent history itself . ~ (nestingwave)

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