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This has been planned for a long time

William Cooper’s research was not complete however.  Yes, the Nazi technology developed right here on earth is indeed a part of it — but not the entire thing.

Here are two very interesting documentaries which everyone should see concerning the Nazi technology and a military campaign carried out in 1947 against it.  The second one of the two below, has some considerably updated and new information — and I am just adding it today 8/8/2015.

Yes, there has been a plan for a hoaxed “alien” invasion.

But, in spite of that, the earth has  been under the watchful eye of some benevolent ETIs since its creation.   ET civilizations are presently communicating with us.  Hollywood has not only pressed every fearful scenario imaginable concerning alien beings but has been used by the Secret Government to program our minds into accepting and believing one lie after the other.

There is a big debate going on in UFOLOGY about whether the ET presence is a threat or not.   However, the genuine government insiders who really know about this issue and have had personal contact all say the same thing — THERE IS NO ET THREAT—-BUT GENUINE ETs ARE ALREADY CONTACTING US. This . . . I know personally to be not only true but very very positive indeed.

Those of us who have met them face-to-face know this very well.   There is no need for fear.

Our world will now be entering an entirely New Paradigm of peace on earth and goodwill toward men.   This will not be a Fascist One World Government of control over the bodies, minds and souls of all human beings on earth as many fear due to their constant programming and mental propagandizing.

Peace on earth will come from a genuine transformation of human beings from the inside out.

We are about to become a truly Galactic Civilization and be mentored by other beings who are highly advanced and in no way hostile — as falsely advertised by Hollywood.




And what does this prove? Only that when it comes to the top affairs of state, things are never as they appear on the surface.

The entire UFO/ETI phenomena is a bucket of crawling worms. It’s true implications boggle the mind and tightly stretch the limits of all credulity. We are facing something here which will completely transform mankind’s entire way of thinking and it has been going on for, at least,  the last thirteen millenia.

In what way will this transform us?

The easiest way to explain it is that we are rapidly shifting from a completely linear way of thinking into a holonomic way of thinking and this means a radical new view and acquiring an awesome understanding of the Universe and our place in it. ETI is assisting and mentoring us as we are able to receive it.  As human beings, we are in the process of discovering who and what we are.

This is by far the greatest step in the maturing of human consciousness to ever occur on planet earth. It is the next step in evolution. And this is already being facilitated and accelerated by our extraterrestrial neighbors. The entire human race on this planet has been involved in a training program to prepare us for Galactic Citizenship.

The elitist Powers-That-Be on our planet feel that their long planned empire of tyranny (the NWO) is greatly threatened. And — indeed it is. In fact there are many indications now that it has been fully exposed and the tyrants have been put into a rapidly closing trap from which there can be no escape for them.  They are truly desperate and are pulling out the stops and using all the psy-ops, false flags, propaganda and mind-control techniques they know in a desperate last attempt at maintaining power over the bodies, minds and souls of human-kind.  The Tyrants of planet earth are now finished forever by the transformation of human consciousness.

This is inevitable and unstoppable.

In the final analysis, the Fascist New World Order — a brutal control paradigm of complete evil — has actually acted as a supreme catalyst — the ultimate stimulation to drive human beings inwardly to seek out who and what they are and what they really desire at the very core of their being, not only for themselves but for their progeny. Of course, the selfish evil entities perpetrating these crimes do not have an inkling about this.

They are now experiencing their death throes.

So — in their arrogance, stubbornness and obstinence they have been doing everything possible to prevent this huge shift of consciousness from happening. But, the fact is, it is unstoppable and inevitable.

Having been exposed, the PTB have now become desperate and unfocused, wild, panicked and self-destructive. In their egotistical burning hatred they will try to defecate on anything they cannot control.

Like the Third Reich before them, they are complete control freaks — and such fanatical sociopaths are always very insecure and are continually over compensating in their terror of being exposed and caught. This over compensation leads to fatal mistakes.

I will now discuss further some important happenings with regard to the UFO/ETI issue that few people have ever heard about.

But, before I do that, I want you to clearly understand that when one perceives the overall big picture of what is really happening Globally — that is — what is motivating the now blatant and open criminality of the world financial system, the more than obvious lying deceptions of world political leaders, the easily proven manipulations of the planned economic collapse, the abominable racket of continual war, regular gross violations of the most basic human rights, mass deception, lies, media propaganda, highly sophisticated mind-control, genocide through the philosophy of Eugenics, Corporate Fascism and continual fear mongering in order to weaken and disable the population — all of it is the desperate final action of the darkest evil — which is the proof that they are now unable to sustain themselves any longer.

Their “business-as-usual” will no longer work and they have run out of alternate plans.

You have already seen some of the documentation leading up to a planned faked alien invasion — i.e. many false flag operations — deceptions and hoaxes carried out for the purpose of solidifying and fully ushering in a Fascist New World Order. But this alien invasion hoax is only their last ploy in a long list of covert operations which were carefully designed to deceive and trick all the people’s of this planet into abject slavery.

Here is another important item:

What I am showing you here is only the very tip of a huge ice-berg. Anyone who truly wishes to find out the truth about this can conduct their own research as I and many others have. These things are well documented by a number of high level witnesses, official documents and direct participants who still possess enough of a human conscience to recognize right from wrong and choose truth rather than lies for the sake of their children’s future.

And here is another good set of articles on this subject:

REABS not Milabs   

Highly covert secret intelligence operations of the Fascist National Security State, on behalf of their elitist Puppet Masters who wish to rule the world, have been carried out by criminally financed (unaccountable) “black projects” which have been carried on in huge deep underground facilities all over the earth — especially in the United States and Great Briton.  Trillions of dollars have been stolen from unsuspecting people across the globe for these evil criminal operations.

Since the days of Nicola Tesla, super technology has been secretly developed which could have completely solved the earth’s energy problems long ago. But these inventions were systematically supressed on behalf of the oil, coal and nuclear industries because, as J.P. Morgen once said to Nicola Tesla, “We cannot have that! I can’t put a meter on it!”

In other words, the complete monopoly of energy is a large part of how they have been able to keep the people of the world totally enslaved.

So — in the 1950s along came contact by human-looking extraterrestrials stepping out of highly sophisticated vehicles and bringing sound messages of profound peace, unity and progress. These were benevolent and very positive contacts, such as those experienced by George Adamski and Daniel Fry. But — in the 1960s terrifying alien abductions and horrible cattle mutilations began. Why?

By then the science of cloning and DNA manipulation had reached a sophistication where highly modified human DNA could be used to create what insiders such as Barry King (Dr. Stephen Greer) and others call “Programed Life Forms.” (PLFs) These are created in those Univerground Facilities. They are very sophisticated and super intelligent programmable biological robots which have become known to us as “The Greys.” You now see this image of the skinny “alien” with a huge head and black wrap-around eyes everywhere.

This is a manufactured thought meme which was artificially implanted into society.

I am not saying that there are no extraterrestrials with those features, only that our government is trying desperately to put their own negative spin on this phenomena in an all out attempt to control it for the sake of their selfish NWO agenda.

But, the archetype little “Greys” — which have become a modern social icon — are not extraterrestrial.

They are manufactured right here on earth.

Paramilitary groups use them to carry out terrifying abductions — called MILABS (Military Abductions) against humanity. Why? To induce fear into the masses and create terror of all extraterrestrial biological entitites. This is being done to prepare our minds (by means of programming) for the eventual planned alien invasion hoax. Read the articles by David Wilcock below and you will see strong indications that the “alien invasion hoax” has now been stopped in its tracks. Only time will tell if this is accurate or not.

Now — what about the scientists and engineers who work on these evil projects?

Like Barry King, most of them (if not all) have been involved with covert government groups since they were children. They have undergone special intense training, genetic and mental enhancements, been implanted with an RFID chip to control them (or even more sophisticated means) and most of them employed by the government to carry out specific missions. Some of them went through “super soldier” regimens to turn them into advanced killing machines utilizing developed and enhanced physical, mental and psychic powers. Like the “Hitler Youth” their ideology and belief system is predetermined, programmed and formulated to make them useful slaves for the goals of the Fascist National Security State.

What children are used for this?

You have seen the photos of some of them on milk cartons. Children vanish all the time. Others had parents who were already deeply involved with the covert aspects of the government. Those children whose families live on military bases are particularly vulnerable to being recruited into these programs.

I have purposefully not given too much information about this. Anyone who really wants to find out more can discover it for themselves.

My purpose has been to first inform you (and warn you) of the manufactured negative and confusing backdrop behind extraterrestrial contact. But — recently there have been some very positive things taking place.



Now — in PART THREE — I will tell you from the standpoint of, not only my years of research—-but from my own personal experiences, why I believe that genuine extraterrestrial contact with many Galactic Civilizations is now occurring — and everything about it is altogether positive — it is way beyond our wildest dreams.

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