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Real? Manmade? Photoshopped?

Real? Manmade? Photoshopped?

To know — you must learn to grok its energy field and apply discernment.  Things are not always as they appear.

All the nuts and bolts technology no matter how advanced  is still a product of three dimensional linear thinking.  The technology of the ETs directly interfaces and works with the Primary energies of Creation.  The ETs are multi-dimensional and trans-dimensional as well — so — they can and do alter or morph their physical appearance.

The Nazi electrogravitic ships — such as the Vril and the Hannebu were nuts — bolts — and sheetmetal.  However they were  3D marvels and the design was originally telepathically transmitted from some of our cosmic neighbors from Aldabaran through two women channelers connected to the early Vril society.

THE ALDABARAN MYSTERYWe learned later through contactee Billy Meier that the ETs from Aldabaran — in their foresight — had seen the strong possibility of World War 2 developing.

Those ETs thought that such a terrible war might be averted if the world was made to thrive.  The perfect tool to change the economic and political climate leading to war could be a world-wide aircraft industry which used a technology already invented by human beings (Nikola Tesla and a number of others) but which had been purposefully suppressed by special interest groups such as oil — coal — and gas because they were terrified of having their entire industry’s suddenly replaced with a new and much more advanced technology — electrogravitic aircraft power by the nearly infinite free ambient energy inherent everywhere throughout  the entire Great Creation.

The various craft were engineered and manufactured by the most brilliant and creative German Engineers.  They were the most advanced 3D technology that earth humans could create at the time. But — unlike the genuine ET craft — they were not multidimensional.

But they were conceived — ordered — developed — and manufactured for the express purpose of war and the killing of other human beings. On the level of such ignorance and despairing soul dysfunction, they only static lifeless chunks of metal and gears—-exactly like a Panzer. Some of them actually had tank cannons mounted underneath them — but as far as I know these were only put there as “selling” points of the overall technology — and were never actually used.

They were, after all, Hitler’s most top secret weapons of war and the ETs from Aldabaran did not want an insane tyrant such as Adolph Hitler to have the advantage of such advanced technology in his hands.

When the ETs from Aldabaran saw the evil uses which Hitler intended for this advanced technology — they began to withdraw it and see to its dismantling.  The time for it had not yet come.

The only parts of that technology to actually become involved in the second world war — as far as we know — were what the allies called the “Foo Fighters.”

These were electrogravitic spheres which were manned by a single pilot of very small size—-probably one of the Hitler Youth. They would fly in very rapid spirals around the allied bombers and could sometimes interfere with the bomber’s electronics.

They were far too fast for the gunners on board the bombers to shoot down. Their technique was to distract the bomber crews allowing the German fighters to get in and shoot the invaders down.

The genuine extraterrestrial ships are not nuts and bolts but highly intelligent 5th dimensional living energy fields.  In one sense they are energetic thought projections of the ETs themselves and are not separate from them.  They are alive and fully interfaced and mingled with the vision — intention — and the mission of the ET beings themselves.

The ships themselves are capable of energetic interaction with all other intelligent beings which they might encounter.

They downstep from their normal 5D (or +) realm into our lower 3D frequency.

The ET ships can morph — change shape — shift dimensions, disappear, get bigger or smaller or sing bizaare music impossible for earth humans to duplicate. The walls of those ET ships can become transparent or translucent — and since they are highly energetic beings —  can radiate and express any color or multiple colors all at once.

They interface with us that way and can communicate with us on multidimensional levels when we become less afraid of such strange — and seemingly magical — technology.

Everything which the ETs wish to share with us does take a considerable amount of major re-adjustment on our part.

Not only do the ships downstep, but the occupants also do the same in complete coordination. The ships are an extension of the occupants. The occupants are one with their ship and even the U.S. government eventually found out (after Roswell) that ET occupants fly their ships by means of thought.

Whenever we see the ET occupants of those ships, they appear before us the way we expect them to look. They are fully interactive with our minds—- our conscious and subconscious and superconscious minds.

In the 3rd dimension, these 5th dimensional beings communicate to us in metaphors and analogies which we are capable of understanding and relating to. They never talk down to us but interconnect with us through  interfacing with the fluctuating patterns our energy fields.

Considering their normal higher frequency — this is a slight communication limitation which is the result of their downstep into our frequency for the sake of interaction.

In the 1950s when “flying saucers” first began to appear in our skies in numbers and be noticed—-most of them were undoubtedly Nazi technolgy—-nuts and bolts technology—-technology manufactured right here on planet earth.

But—-as time went on, some of them began to display very unusual phenomena. They would morph, fade out, break in two or be absorbed by another ship. Apparently the ET ships could perfectly mimic the Nazi (nuts and bolts) technology and then perform some amazing feats which were totally impossible to do if confined to 3D. The ETs have been training us—-stretching us beyond our 3D social consensus reality—-taking us out in front of our limitations.

Even way back in the 1950s, they were giving us practical lessons in holonomic thinking.

At first, the earth humans witnessing these phenomena were greatly mystified and puzzeled. Did they actually see what they thought they saw? It made no sense.

When they tried to share what they had seen with other people, very few believed them. It sounded crazy. Anyone could believe nuts and bolts structured craft but not ships changing shape and size and seeming to be anything but solid physical matter.

Later—-we became aware of quantum physics and began to contemplate energetics. At that point, things began to make better sense.

As time went on, the UFO phenomena became more and more bizarre. Many events were full of a high degree of strangeness. This was very frightening to some, including some elements of the U.S. government who felt their long held belief system dissolving. It made them feel vulnerable and perhaps incapable of self defense. So—-you can understand how it was that many of them became paranoid.

Much of that fear has persisted to this day among those who are greatly disturbed by the basic changes taking place in their long held belief system.

The bottom line of this essay in three parts is this: I know that our ET visitors are interacting with us energetically and telepathically. I have heard their crystal clear message and it fully resonates with my innermost longing for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. And—-I believe with all my heart that this is the announcement of the condition of truth — love — thanksgiving and joy — and what all the prophets have referred to for eons as the “golden age.”

That is all I need to know. Whatever inaccuracies, deceptions we may hold about details, or manipulations we secuumb to—-do not matter. I embrace the inner light—-both mine and yours. It has already long served me unconditionally and unselfishly—-I will continue to respond in like manner.

Right now, we are being escorted into full consciousness by the mentors we have chosen.

Those ET entities are us. They are our highest self.

In this entire Universe there is only one mind.

What aspects of it do we embrace? We get whatever we call upon. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and it shall be opened to you. If we ask and receive not (according to our limited concept,) it is because we ask amiss. But if we ask according to our individual alignment with the Universal Intention —  which functions on behalf of the entire web of life — then a life of amazing synchronicity is already ours.

We are destined to be fully conscious Galactic Humans Beings who become the careGIVERS of our Mother Earth and all her children. We will minister to our Mother Earth energetically and do the same with all the water planets in our solar system.


You —- a physical angel

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