Consciousness Is

This is a special section about what we need to learn concerning the now rapidly emerging New Paradigm.  

The time has now come for us to discover who and what we are — why we are here — and how we arrived at this momentous shift of consciousness. 

For this unfolding we have the gentle assistance of our extraterrestrial mentors and the courageous human pioneers who against all odds and long entrenched cultural resistance are at last uncovering through their openness and remembrance the understanding of our  interconnectivity — and how this is leading us into an entirely different way of thinking. 

There is much to learn — but at the same time there is also much to unlearn about the things we have traditionally assumed to be true. 

Many of these assumptions have gradually led humankind into the suffering — confusion — chaos — lawlessness — and dysfunction now running rampant (like a terminal disease) across our world. 

The time has now come for war — fear — poverty — violence — tyranny — and lawlessness — to end forever.

The new emerging understanding about thought — consciousness — energy — and the very nature of reality being revealed in the videos below provide a solid platform for peace on earth — genuine appreciation — and compassion for all Life. 

We are about to directly encounter highly intelligent beings from beyond our world.  This is to help prepare us for that awesome event.


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