YodaEXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION (ESP) is a complete misnomer. All perception in our biology is neurological, even when those perceptions are of the non-local and transcend EM energy, matter, space and time as we know it. Everything is processed through the information processing grids of our biomind. We are already multi-dimensional beings, even biologically.

Many of the terms we have used in the past are quite vague. Psychic is one of those vague terms. Everyone thinks they know what it means but when talking about it everyone has a slightly different concept. The Russians used the term Psychotronics, which implies application and Energetics, which indicates that real measurable energy is involved. The best term I’ve seen so far is one used by Ingo Swann – Applied Psychoenergetics. This will be my meaning throughout this writing whenever I use the term psi.

Back in 1951 I heard a statement from a UFO contactee about what he had perceived that the space people had told him. Here is a reasonable facsimile:

  • The five known senses within the human being are only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Recognize that the sense which is called TOUCH is a UNIVERSAL sense.
  • ALL of the other senses proceed from it.
  • Seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting ALL proceed from the universal sense of TOUCH.
  • TOUCH is what puts our bioform in contact with the rest of the Universe.
  • It is the very first sense a baby in the womb becomes aware of.
  • It is the very last sense of which we are cognizant before we die. However, since our bioforms have energetic harmonics which extend all the way into the spiritual dimension. Our individual consciousness of “touch” with the Universe continues after the physical passing of our present very limited bioform.
  • The five common senses are well known but they are all specializations of the universal sense of TOUCH.
  • There are countless other specializations of which we can become aware and, indeed, are becoming aware.

Now, scientists say there are over seventeen specifically identified senses – and counting.

Here’s an example: it has long been known that dowsing is a very real phenomena. Now, it has been discovered that the palms of our hands and soles of our feet contain specific neurons that are sensitive to electromagnetic fields. People who strongly believe in this possibility can find water or minerals with a dowsing rod. Shamans can hold up the palms of their hands and detect a camp fire twenty five miles away. Field studies have confirmed this.

It has also been observed that a Shaman sometimes returns from his visionary journey, often induced by the ayahuasca mixture or some other psychedelic substance, with a hitherto unknown medicinal plant materialized in his hand.

This really stretched the belief system of the western scientists who observed it in South America. In our culture it is our social consensus reality that such things are scientifically impossible. Therefore, such things do not happen to us.

Whatsoever our personal “belief system” deems impossible to us, IS impossible to us because our thoughts determine our reality. The reverse is also true — whatever we deem to be possible in our belief system is possible.

We are restricted by our cultural social consensus. And, being social beings, this naturally confines us all. ETI is not so confined because, in some cases, they are millions of years ahead of us in unbroken memory and evolution.

Yes, considerable “downstep” is required for them to have interaction with us at all because they not only travel space but many dimensions of time and multifarious dimensional frequencies as well.

That “downstep” is interpreted by different people in different ways and that’s why the field of Ufology is constantly squabbling among themselves to determine who’s “right” and accusing one another of being “disinformation agents” etc. Not to say that “disinformation agents” from the government, trying to obscure these matters because of special interests or just sheer fright, do not exist. Indeed they do.

People who do not strongly believe in the unknown possibilities within themselves automatically shut down their own innate potentials. This is the tremendous power of belief itself – regardless of what it is based upon.

However, those whose belief is based upon Universal Truth have the unfathomable power of Creation behind them – a very solid support to say the least.

I think all genuine “scientists” have this innermost goal and intention. Artists and musicians and poets and philosophers and visionaries too.

Peter could walk on the water to Jesus, until he became filled with doubt and began to sink. It is the same with us. Our belief system empowers or disables us.

Formatting of the already existing neurons in our biology can be accomplished consciously by any individual who really opens up their mind to the possibility.

This is intelligence acceleration and consciousness expansion because the mind itself, when given the opportunity, will gradually become aware of its own inner processes and how to facilitate them.

It has long been said that human beings only use about ten percent of their actual mind potential. Why not learn to use the other ninety percent? We certainly need it now more than ever.

What I have said above, concerning our nuerons and mental processing grids, is a fairly recent discovery about how the human biomind functions. We all possess the innate capability of purposefully interacting with the vast flow of information which is constantly pouring into us from the dimensional ratios of vertical time – which is seemingly outside and beyond our ordinary 4D reality – which is length, width, depth and horizontal time.

Thus, we often classify the UFO/ETI experience as “paranormal.” However it is entirely “normal” with consciousness expansion.

Let me give a brief explanation of the difference between “horizontal” and “vertical” time:

  • Horizontal time is our commonly recognized linear time of duration and movement through space which we are all quite familiar with.
  • Vertical time is a non-local singularity and represents dimensionally different horizontal time-lines according to various ratios of space and time.
  • Space and time are two sides of the very same coin because time without space and movement is a non-local singularity, a complete potentiality, of past, present and future–all existing simultaneously with absolutely no movement whatsoever. However, within this singualarity, the potential for all movement and horizontal time-lines exists.
  • Creation cannot create without movement – therefore, there is space-time to fulfill Creation’s innate intention to evolve.
  • The beings within Creation can be viewed as sense organs for this basic intention of the Great Creation.
  • There are countless time-lines with many ratios of space and time.

ETI communicates with us from many different dimensional space-time ratios wherein they normally live – and they, like us, are capable of moving back and forth between them. They realize it. We usually don’t.

Such a capability of cosmic communication and interaction is already hardwired within our human sensorium. The transference between different ratios of space-time is slight and so smooth that we humans on planet earth don’t normally realize that we move back and forth between them regularly and rarely even recognize the fact. So far, it is mostly unconscious to us being a very small vertical movement between horizontal time-lines.


Shaman’s Journey

A very pertinent fact common to almost all contactees is that ETI communicates telepathically. This is not a stream of words going through ones head like a telephone conversation, although it sometimes (but not always) appears to be so, but rather, telepathy is the conscious delivery and the conscious (or unconscious) reception of a thought package, like an intuitive flash from one being to another. It can happen between ETI and earth humans or just between earth humans.This thought package is almost instantly unraveled, decoded and deciphered into coherent linear thought forms (meaningful ideas and concepts) according to our personal repertoir of meanings. In other words, these projected thought forms are interpreted in a way that makes sense to the interpreter and to others also, if he is able to communicate it in an understandable format.That format contains metaphores which are more easily or less easily decoded by the the one receiving the telepathy. This is according to how the interpreter interprets metaphores common to the human race. So, you can see how ETI must know the human race pretty well in order to telepathically speak to us in metaphores we are capable of understanding.

In order to do that, ETI must often downstep the information into simpler terms more discernable by our highly limited conscious awareness.

What we “see” of ETI is a construct of our minds after coming into contact with the incomprehensible.

Because of the unequalled impact of such communication, a LARGE number of precise definitions and meanings is highly useful for the sake of mutual understanding. For this reason an exact nomenclature, a languaging system, should be developed and deployed. For example, the terminology that has been used up until now to describe the “paranormal” is vague and totally inadequate, such as psychic, parapsychology, clairvoyance or extra-sensory perception.

As I mentioned above, applied psychoenergetics is a far more precise nomenclature about what we are talking about with regard to what has been called psi. This is because clairvoyance, telepathy, shamanic traveling, RV and all such skills overlap to the extent that any one of these categories can also include any of the others at any time.

In other words, they are NOT separate as the different lables imply. To separate them into vague terms limits the overall application because our concept of them is erroneously chopped up and put into a restrictive categorical mental box.

A precise languaging system opens up the possibility of assembling a powerful, new and very solid belief way beyond our present limitations and traditional doubts about what is possible.

Most of our skepticism concerning these matters is due to our unconscious absorbing of social consensus realities which constrict our thinking into very small and disconnected pictures. If we believe something is impossible, indeed it is.

Dogmatic or narrow belief systems, both in science and religion, prevent us from seeing the big overall picture wherein we actually live and function. To see beyound the smaller pictures is a tremendous breakthrough and expansion of our possibilities.

However, belief without understanding, logic and reason is blind and even superstitious and is without genuine reality and substance. It can often be so easily demolished by simple logic that it can never bear practical fruit.

But – belief which is based upon understanding,logic and reason, including clear intuition, accesses very powerful Universal energies which evoke amazing epiphanies with incredibly practical results.

A good example of this happened to Ingo Swann.

Ingo and Dr. Harold Puthoff developed a method for teaching and developing Remote Viewing on behalf of a U.S. Intelligence agency which at that time, during the cold war, was looking for a method of training “psychic” spys. This led to a project where Dr. Puthoff and Ingo Swann developed Remote Viewing at the Stanford Research Institute in California between 1972 and 1988.

Up until that time, Ingo had been a successful test subject for so-called paranormal research, having occasionally demonstrated psi abilities. However, the real breakthrough in his own belief about the possibilities came about when he first went to SRI a year before his RV work began.

A scientist there demonstrated to Ingo the experiments he had been doing with the electromagnetic neurological sensing of common houseplants. He had a plant hooked up to a very advanced lie detector machine which continually measured variations in the plant’s electromagnetic output and charted it graphically.

He requested Ingo to pick up a knife and move towards the plant with the focused intention of cutting it. The needle on the lie detector reacted violently, showing the plants extreme stress reaction. This was amazing enough to Ingo but he was flabergasted when the plant reacted even when he only thought about using the knife to cut it. Somehow, the plant was reacting with distress to Ingo’s very thought about harming it.

This was a kind of revolution in Ingo’s belief system concerning the true possibilities because here was visible scientific proof of a plant’s neurological sensing mechanism of danger – even the intention of harm. And – this was not a complex biological being but a houseplant.

It solved any doubts Ingo had previously held about the existence and nature of psi abilities – and the responsibility we have for what we allow to go through our minds.

Thoughts are substantive quanta. In other words, thought are things. As the old wisdom states, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Horticulturists have long known about this sensitivity of plants to human intentions and thoughts. To obtain a large and healthy crop, some, who understand this, project their love and appreciation with vectored intention toward the plants, often singing to them.

Many still think this is “new age” nonsense, however, those who have the personal experience know better.

It has now been proven that playing classical music for plants produces healthy ones that yeild as much as four times the produce. This was demonstrated by experiments carried out in Italian vineyards.

The plant experiments done at SRI clearly show the power of thought to effect living systems. Our thoughts have influence and impact. Our prayers and intentions are effective and so is negativity when we pour it forth from our hearts. Therefore, we should respect and encourage all life with positive encouragement and uplifting intentions. We ourselves are an interconnected participant within the entire web of life.

If we come to understand the power, purpose and function of our energetic heart, our lives will change dramatically.

For the next several years at SRI, Ingo and Dr. Puthoff developed a systematic method to teach Remote Viewing on behalf of a U.S. Intelligence Agency and this project was highly successful at times – to the point of becoming an above black secret project and eventually dropping completely off the radar screen of public awareness.

Today, a very advanced version of RV called Extension Neurosensing (ENS) has been developed and with it a new Life Physics. While RV allows one to view things at a distance, ENS allows one not only to view but to physically interact. This was known in the past as “psycho- kenesis” (PK).

Extension Neuro-Sensors have been successful in relieving pressure along earthquake fault lines – and who knows what else. This is very practical – Applied Psycho-Energetics. They state that they plan to release this technology to the world sometime around 2016.

It should be pointed out that telepathy between two individuals will always be textured, colored, flavored and limited by the experiences, points-of-view and personality of 1) the individual sending the information and 2) the receiver decoding, deciphering and interpreting the information. This holds true between homo sapiens sapiens and between homo sapiens sapiens and any extraterrestrial intelligence.

For this reason the exercise of discernment always remains essential.

There are Cosmic laws concerning the interactions and interfacings between bioforms of the different frequencies and dimensions of space-time.

My own personal experiences, which I have written about HERE  have been constantly unfolding within my consciousness ever since 1967.

I received some kind of “download” at that time of important information concerning a transformative event — a huge dimensional shift. While this was initially quite puzzling and overwhelming (even frightening), my strange memories of that incredible event on Zuma beach in southern California have been a powerful healing within my being — and are very life affirming, uplifting, positive, extremely joyful and even revelatory.

Our Many Senses

It is now known that we have at least 17 senses in addition to the commonly known five of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling.

Among these 17 additional senses are intuition, telepathy, claivoyance, remote viewing, psychokenesis (PK) and shamanic traveling as well as a host of other abilities, such as miltiplying loaves and fishes and healing the sick.

These things cannot be done just for the sake of doing them. It is a matter of the activation of our energetic heart. There must be a highly compassionate intention and even vision to serve another. This attitude indicates the beginning of a practical understanding of our Interconnectivity.

He who called himeself the “son-of-man” didn’t multiply the loaves and fishes as a magic trick. Love and purposeful emotion was the driving engine. Such fervent emotion and empowered belief is balanced with reason, logic and understanding which can well discern intuition. For Ingo Swann it was the scientific experiment involving a houseplant that supplied the reason, logic and understanding that opened his skeptical belief system to the real and proven fact of such neurological communication. This boost to his belief system empowered him greatly for his years of success with Dr. Puthoff and the government RV project.

Almost everyone has spontaneously experienced flashes involving one or more so-called psi abilities. Intuition is the most common and telepathy a very close second. World literature is full of testimony about these experiences from the most ancient times. Jesus Christ was reported to have said that the time would arrive when his brothers and sisters would do the very things he did and even greater things. That time is right now as this present age draws to a close and the new one emerges.

Jesus knew what was in everyman’s mind and heart. We can also know these things and be fully aware of the real intentions of others. For this reason political tyrants and despots fear telepathy most of all since secrecy and deception are their only real power. He told us that we would lay hands on the sick and they would recover. I can personally testify to having seen and experienced it myself many times throughout my life. It has absolutely nothing to do with “religion” and everything to do with our inner light, love and life. These qualities of Universal value transcend all belief systems. Some belief systems hinder those qualities from flowing out.

It has been discovered (starting in the 1970s) that such abilities can be developed in anyone because we all already possess the necessary inner hardware (software too.) Our biokind is a born intuitive species. We are all potential empaths. These abilities have been called Superpowers of the Human Biomind by Ingo Swann and others because they are non-local, operating outside observable energy, matter, space, time and all distance barriers right up to the very boundary of thought itself.

The Ingo Swann Database

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