Real Free Energy Inventions — BIG BREAKTHROUGH 7/14/15

Update 07/14/15 — Here Is The BIG Breakthrough!

Update 10/15/14

Our Magnum Opus

Atmospheric Electricity

Update:  July 30, 2013

Water Car

Update:  September 24, 2012

The 18 Most Suppressed Inventions Ever

7/4/2012—-Here is a major discovery.   This comes from an Iranian scientist who has developed an entirely new approach to space technology and energy using the creation of micro-plasmas and the interactions of their magnetic fields.

He has literally discovered how the Universal Order of Creation functions in order to create all matter of every kind.  This technology is way more advanced and developed than any of the things I have previously listed below because how the energy of the Universe really works is no longer a mystery and can be engineered to produce a very very advanced space technology—-anti–gravity—-and an infinite energy source without burning any fuel of any kind.  Please consider taking a little time to carefully look into this incredible advancement.



And now—-the previous items I listed in the long quest for ‘free’ energy to liberate planet earth from her long slavery to fossil fuels and the tyrants who control them and manipulate the world’s people by war and the suppression of creative invention.

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)
by Tom Bearden

Tom Bearden: The MEG. Here is infinite free energy for the New Paradigm. These discoveries have been purposefully suppressed. This will transform the entire face of our planet and help usher in a new way of thinking about everything, including ourselves, the nature of energy and reality itself.

The E–Cat This system is now up and running.  It is cold fusion—-now called LENR which means Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.  The Italian inventor, Adrea Rossi has had scientists and engineers from all over the world brought in to inspect and verify the operation of the E–Cat.  There is no longer any question as to  its validity.   Here   is some further information.

PESwiki:  This is undoubtedly one of the very best free-energy web sites.

Keelynet:  Jerry Decker has been writing about free-energy for many decades and his fine website covers a vast range of subjects.

Tesla Magnetic Motor: Here is another magnetic motor being demonstrated and presented to scientists for their scrutiny. This technology WORKS and has been proven many times. How long can the criminal world energy cartel last?

Magnets 4 Energy: Here is yet another free-energy device. These are now cropping up all over the world. This one from Hungary. The 100th monkey has washed the sweet potato and this thought meme of consciousness is now instantly spreading all over the planet. The long time suppression of this world changing technology is losing fast. They can no longer maintain the cover-up and suppression of this no matter how much money they have nor how many threats they can muster. The spreading of this all over the world means the end to poverty and war and that’s why the world Oligarchs who control the world through the Military/Industrial complex, the world financial system, energy and terror are finished.

Donald Duck Overunity system : Free Energy Power Generator Donald Duck magnetic electric overunity magnet motor replication 06/06/09. This is further proof of principle. This is spreading. The 100th Monkey effect is exploding our conscious awareness of the Universal Energy/Information Field.

Click : Here is the latest offering by Steorn. Is this the beginning of the public awareness of the new energy? Let’s pray so.

Tom Bearden Simplified: A much simpler explanation of Tom Bearden’s work which produced the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.

Viktor Shauberger: A video about the energetic environmental discoveries of the man who became known as the “father of implosion technology.”

John Bedini: John is a genius electromagentic engineer who has made many successful free-energy devices and has several patents.

The School Girl Motor Project: John Bedini has an ongoing world-wide project where private individuals can build a very simply over-unity motor in order to prove the principle. This link provides all the information to become involved in this project. The main site, accessible from this link, also provides vast information on all free energy research.

Video About the School Girl Motor: Here is a very good video about John Bedini’s School Girl Motor Project.

The Orion Project: Write President Obama and tell him about this. It will heal our entire world.

Stanley Meyer videos and information: This is the technology that the multi-national oil and gas coporations FEAR because it means the END to fossil fuel use and thus the end to the world’s present political control paradigm. Stanley Meyer and many others have been murdered because of their discoveries, but now their patents are distributed throughout the whole world and can no longer be suppressed.

Nicola Tesla’s Free Energy: Nicola Tesla’s “radiant energy” was his designation of what quantum physicists now call “energy from the ambient quantum vacuum.” Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Eugene Mallove (also murdered because of his discoveries) and many others have continued Tesla’s creative work and have run into the same thing Tesla did – a severe reluctance of the world power structure to allow the world to have free energy. However, NOW that suppression can no longer be maintained.

Eugene Mallove: This site provides numerous links to his excellent work on cold fusion which, due to success, ran into the same stone wall of systematic governmental energy suppression. I also highly recommend that interested parties go to the main page of peswiki and click on some of the many links found there to numerous people through out the planet who have feverishly been working on free energy projects for decades. This is a huge resource on the research, experiments and papers being done on cold fusion. While the main-stream science in the United States was ridiculing this for years on behalf of the controlling energy cartels, real scientists across the whole planet were continuing research and networking to coordinate their findings, undeterred by the unscientific propaganda which began in the 1980’s by the excommunication of Fleishman and Ponns and the ruining of their careers by scientists from MIT who claimed they were unable to repeat the experiment, although many others scientists across the world did so.  The latest effort is Adrea Rossi’s E–Cat which has been verified by scientists and engineers from all over the world and is now up and running.  See the two websites I have posted above I have posted under “E–Cat.”

Wade Frazier: This site is the result of many years of direct dealing with all aspects of free energy. There are volumes of writings here.

Jean-Louis Naudine Energy Lab: This laboratory in France specializes in advanced propulsion systems and anti-gravity research.

Free-Energy: Here is another fine site with many other links.

Magnetic Fields: Understanding magnetism helps us to learn how to tap the unlimited energy from the quantum vaccum.

Joe Newman: Joe’s Free Energy Machine invented back in the 1980s and verified, then suppressed. Joe’s site contains many videos that show a progression of his work.

The above links represent only a fraction of the information available on this most important subject. However, these sites contain other links which should be followed. The more people that can become of aware of this, the sooner the world will have unlimited FREE ENERGY. The implications for this planet’s civilization is beyond comprehension.

The fact is, we could have ALREADY had unlimited FREE ENERGY as early as SIXTY years ago. That is how ENTRENCHED those who do not have our best interest at heart have become. We only need to WAKE UP to what’s been going on right under our very noses, but ignored and missed due to listening to false propaganda and believing self declared elitist “authority” figures, who have now proven themselves to be puppets of a world-wide agenda of control over the minds and souls of men.

But … you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.


Cold Fusion On 60 Minutes

UPDATE APRIL 23, 2009:

The Video on Cold Fusion was CENSORED by the media.

Big Oil, Coal and Nukes hard at work.

Media Censorship of CBS Video on Cold Fusion

Special addendum 4/25: “Likely thanks to the dozens of people who emailed CBS, the 12-minute video clip has now been posted at another link. You can watch it here. We started the campaign to email CBS when this message was posted just after midnight going into 4/24. If you go to the link immediately above, you will see that the video was reposted at 2:35 PM on 4/24, about 14 hours after we started the campaign. Thanks so much to all who emailed and supported us in this.”

  1. This is the perfect site for everyone who really wants to find out about this topic.
    You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject which has been written
    about for many years. Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

    • Hello, cables — thanks for your comment. I have attempted to offer some names and the links where their works can be more carefully scrutinized.

      My hope is — someone will be greatly inspired to undertake a “free energy” project themselves. :O)


  2. United States will not allow free energy products, to the public, it would lead to a economic collapse
    They look at free energy as a threat to National Security, they may be right????

    • The continually unfolding creative progress of mankind finally understanding how to properly accessing the infinite energy supply, which permeates and maintains the entire Universe, is definitely a big threat to the National Security State apparatus of Tyranny and Control — which is based upon greed and cutthroat competition . . . but . . . the old worn-out paradigm is ultimately replaced by a New Paradigm of unfolding creative progress which aligns itself with the most basic ongoing Universal Principal (maxim.)

      The Powers That Be tried for a long time to keep this from happening by trying to trick the public into thinking that it couldn’t be done. Now — they have been proven over and over again to be wrong — and the public is rapidly becoming aware of how they have been lied to and duped. This is bringing more and more non-compliance to the Tyranny by the public.

      Creative progress can only be slowed down, but never stopped because continual unfolding creative progress is the fundamental driving principal of the entire Cosmos at its innermost sub-quantum root. The structured hierarchy of the old paradigm of control and tyranny is terrified of the new paradigm of liberty and human rights due to their strong vested interests based upon greed and power — but such petrification of creativity cannot maintain its deathly grip past a certain critical point in linear Time.

      That point has now arrived.

  3. …lets wake up the sheeple 🐑 Free to copy/paste.

       The evil power cartel have gone to endless lengths of crime, & false propaganda, major media, school/college manipulation, to stop you from knowing the truth…
    These AMAZING, BRILLIANT, “think outside of the (power-grid) box” minded geniuses, have ALL tried waking the WORLD up!  
    …plus many more..

    ~Nicola Tesla, Stanley Meyers, Dennis Reed, Troy Reed, Paul Pantone, John Christy & Lou Britz, Joe Newman, John Bedini, Howard Johnston, Richard Clem, Daniel Dingel, John Searl, Thomas Ogle, Dennis Lee, Eric P. Dollard, Tewari, Adam Trombly, Paramahamsa, Dennis Klien, Parendev McKenzie, Muammer Yildiz, Thomas Bearden….


    Please follow link and share, thank you 🙂
    Your right to have FR€€~€N€RGl€$ !
    Stop being SL∆V€D B¥ TH€ C∆RT€L$.

    – my petition has ended,,,,

    The reason it ended with only 6 signatures, is because those six I personally followed up on with are friends and family members. .. it is (( THAT )) controlled.

    In the short limited time frame that they gave me, “100,000 signatures in 30 days”, to come up with their ridiculous numbers in the amount of time (before it’s even VIEWABLE to others), is damn near impossible, & they know it.

    The controllers of our internet are vested with the same ones that control our mainstream media, major papers, etc..

    Is it the only way that we can accomplish this to go door-to-door? Get addresses and signatures, & give them our emails in case they change addresses? Storm congress, the media?

    People, we are the “TRUE” media.



    TRUMP 2Q2Q

  4. Will Trump bring it out??? I say . . . perhaps . . . but . . . IT WILL HAPPEN . . . sooner . . .
    or . . . later . . . perhaps a few (other) things need to unfold first? Like . . . JUSTICE . . . and respect for LIFE itself . . . what think you?

    I pray over Trump . . . and this infiltrated country . . . continually . . .

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