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Infinite Energy Flux Density Now Unfolds

Infinite Energy Flux Density Now Unfolds

August 6, 2014 — and here is the latest update

Opensourced : Latest Discoveries in QEG Technology

Radiant-EnergyThis post contains important information that many have been waiting for. To help communicate it to as wide an audience as possible, we’ve divided it into 4 parts:

1) A perspective of what is going on around the planet at this time regarding the teams working on the QEG.
2) An explanation of our findings around the technology of the QEG for the “non-technical” audience
3) QEG Instructions for Engineers Provided by QEG Engineering Artist James Robitaille. Includes; exciter coil, tuning, conditioning the core and power conversion. The information provided here to help engineers has been suppressed for hundreds of years. Please help us make this viral!
4) Our latest QEG video that shows QEG core manufacturing at Torelco, the circuits that convert QEG “raw” power to “useable” power provided by Tesla Energy Solutions, exciter coil details, and QEG tuning/conditioning using the energy from the earth and the atmosphere.

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Please allow yourself to think through and understand the incredible achievement and far reaching implications of  what is being shared here.  You will catch the incredible vision of this momentous cornerstone event. 

Perhaps you too will become truly inspired along with thousands of people across our Mother Earth.  If that is the case, please leave your comment.

This is continuing at this very moment.  For years many of us have studied the possibility of drawing upon and utilizing the vast quantum energy field which our most brilliant minds have proven beyond a reasonable doubt  to exist all around us in every space and every time.  It is omnipresent.  Originally it was referred to as “zero point” energy or, as Tesla called it, ‘radiant’ energy.  There are as many names for it as there are inventors who explored it, experimented with it and tried desperately (and in vain) to bring it to market.  What you are about to see in the links below demonstrates the proven way

These efforts were suppressed and stopped simply because free energy  represents a huge threat to the Powers-That-Be on planet earth who have engage for a very long time in financial tyranny and debt slavery of the masses.

One example of this suppression was when Nicolai Tesla presented his Radiant Energy Device to J.P. Morgan and George Westinghouse (who were his financiers.)

These wealthy representatives of the entrenched status quo said, “but Mr. Tesla  we can’t have free energy utilizing the Universal energy field all around us because we can’t put a meter on it.” 

So,  although the Universal energy field all around us can indeed be tapped, as Tesla and many others have long proved, our totalitarian civilization of control will not allow it because they cannot “put a meter” on it. 

This utter selfish stupidity, which mankind has lived under for way too long,  has now been overthrown — and that has now opened  up the incredible opportunity for an entirely new paradigm and new civilization to unfold and grow upon earth. That will be a civilization moving out into the Universe and interacting with our Cosmic neighbors.  It will be constantly moving toward ever more creative utilization of infinite flux density — which is the best and most realistic indicator of genuine progress. 

Here is the latest information concerning this.



Below are a couple of post from the past about Free Energy.







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