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Into The Field

9-visionary-artwork_CropThere is an all-inclusive field.  It has been called the Source-Field by David Wilcock and others who have dedicated their lives to discovering it, experiencing it, groking it and awesomely appreciating all that it is. (See David’s book entitled The Source Field Investigations.)

This ‘field’ is known by many names because it is ubiquitous and endemic to all things within and without. It’s very essence is infinite energy and intelligence and it is the very fabric of the Universe itself. All-That-Is moves, oscillates and lives – and has its very being within this Source-Field. It is consciousness. It is being itself.

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Joyous Christ Consciousness To All — And To All A Good Shift!

Yeshua Dawn

Yeshua Dawn

It is difficult to finally comprehend that none of us are  “victims” — but we are willing volunteers for this extremely difficult mission — to deeply inquire into the prime nature and specific functions of human consciousness — and do so from a vibration (a state of consciousness) of almost total ignorance and forgetfulness.


In order to find out what it takes to gradually unfold  our way back and uncover our true fully conscious being.

So far — this particular process has been 13,000 years long — as we incarnated over and over and over again living life after life — and each moment adding our experiences — discoveries — revelations — sufferings — frustrations — ecstasies — appreciations — awes — loves — and joys to the Akashic record where these allegories — discoveries — revelations can be accessed evermore by any interested being in the entire Multiverse.

This project is being done not only for us — but on behalf of all the beings in the entire Universe!

This inquiry is producing  a vast library of our individual (and collective) partial perspectives of our seeking and attempting  to discover who and what we are — after volunteering to undergo a state of almost total amnesia.  We are not and never have been “victims” as  many people assume.

No one “did” anything to us at all.

There is no death — and — there is no separation from All-That-Is.

The entire perception and belief  in those two items (held onto tightly throughout this planet of forgetfulness) is a complete non-existent illusion.   It is one of our common  delusions resulting from our deep state of amnesia.  It is completely unreal — a simulation — because our real and true state is that of full consciousness.

And — it is to that glorious state to which we are about to return — now that this Great Inquiry — this investigation of discovery is about to end forever — and we find ourselves  poised on the edge of an entirely New Paradigm where together we will create peace on earth and goodwill toward all men — as we become the caregivers of our Mother Earth and all her children — and begin to express our awe and appreciation for the entire web of Life. 

We will begin to build a Galactic Civilization.

Everything in our 3D reality matrix changes continually — but nothing is ever lost or dies.

The world you and I are experiencing is the exact world of our creation — all  of it.  It is a holographic projection — creation — holodeck — containing the exact situations — perspectives — happenings — trials — horrors — joys — sufferings — discoveries — solutions — and enlightenments which the Divine Purpose (at the very core of our hearts) decided to explore through inquiry — in order to discover a deeper and fuller understanding of the algorithms of Life.

By “algorithm” I mean a recipe — a process with certain specific steps — a formula — in this case a multidimensional  formula (for lack of a better word) because this  “formula” also includes mysterious creative spontaneity.

In other words it is a living process constantly discovering and evolving.

So — this Great Inquiry (this project)  is discovering precisely (as best as possible) the exact steps which (when applied) will produce Life at the state of the most thriving abundance  possible.

This purpose for this Great Project fully aligns with the Divine Purpose which is at the very core of All-That-Is.

Our deep appreciation and assent to this Omnipresent Universal Drive aligns us with the Eternal Purpose of Almighty God — and — all things then become possible.

We can then begin to create a world and holographic environment which is most conducive to Life’s creative fulfillment — which is our full unmitigated and unobscured consciousness and ever increasing awareness of the Divine Interconnectivity of all individual  and collective expressions of All-That-Is.