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Living Water

I discovered that there is a crystal river that rushes down from the highest mountain of spirit to reside in the quickening heart of whosoever will—-to abundantly pour forth into our lives whenever we allow it. It’s expression is unselfish love and deep appreciation. This is the greatest communication of all and it lives far beyond words. It is the healer. And whenever we welcome the healer—-joy naturally unfolds before all like a lovely lotus blossom. When we close our minds and hearts—-the healer┬árecedes from us.

The only reason that any human instrument is not masterfully played is our own fear, doubt and insecurity which arises from a feeling of being shut off from the Life Source—-a lie of the mind—-which is only based upon a contrived belief system which lacks full information. It is a collection of incomplete suppositions which fall short of resonating in harmony with life’s reality.

But the vast Universal Web-of-Life is omnipresent and undeniable. It is the endemic fact of our infinite Universe. Read the rest of this entry