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Galactic Civilization — Cosmic Tools (4)

UPDATE 12/15/2013

Another important Cosmic Tool


We stand at the very threshold of a completely New Paradigm.  This totally different perspective is completely different from anything we have ever experienced before during our sojourn on Mother Earth. So —  the full scope of it is nearly incomprehensible to our traditional consciousness.

I refer to our old methods of thinking — feeling — and believing which we have assumed to be our only access to knowledge and understanding.  We are now in the process of learning differently.  Our conscious awareness is rapidly expanding.

That is because of the inter-dimensional aspects of this monumental and very rapid transformation.  We are moving up from 3D to 5D and will begin to build a Galactic Civilization which is continually interfacing with our Galactic neighbors and relatives — our beloved space family.

We have found that all we are presently able to recognize about this unprecedented consciousness shift and intergalactic telepathic communication (through our traditional linear cognition) are downstepped waveforms from the higher (more rapidly oscillating) cosmic waveforms into 3D.

HERE is what I mean by that.

These communication devises being presented to us are symbolic metaphors.  These metaphors — which  have been created by the multidimensional ETI — like the cropcircles — are communication devises capable of being filtered and processed through our present 3D perspective.  These ideas — which are 3D analogies of higher dimensions — are  then assembled and interpreted by us in such a way as to make sense to our 3D minds.

Of course this process can only take place by means of our very limited mental processing grids — and that is why the ETI must presently use symbolic metaphors in order to communicate with us.

Their information is downstepped but contains multi-dimensional encodement which continually tells us more and more as we develop our GROK skills by exercising our expanding consciousness and allowing our emerging new abilities to rise up into our conscious awareness.

In other words — to arrive at a truthful understanding of this occurrence — it must be groked through our intuition and through the new portions of our sensory system which are just now emerging.

This natural gift residing inside all of us will be  carefully honed through the interface of direct practical experience.

This is our own responsibility and it cannot be done “for” us by any other being or group of beings.

However — we are being gifted with the emerging possibility of mentorship — whenever we simply learn to ask. 

Nothing is ever imposed in the Divine Plan.  However — new opportunities for service to others constantly unfold — and as the frequency of our vibrations rise — we joyfully respond.

So — here is another one of those important opportunities.

It is a matter of your own choice.  Nothing will ever be forced upon anyone against their will because to do so would be a complete violation of the Cosmic Law — which would be an intrusion upon personal sovereignty.

The many ETIs now interacting with us increasingly are only interested in flowing with evolutionary growth in the Universal Intention and no longer need the catalyst of struggle and adversity in order to do so.

Our Galactic friends and relatives are carefully observing this long expected transformation and consciousness shift which will finally restore us to full consciousness. 

Direct intervention by the ETI only occurs when absolutely necessary.  However — that direct intervention is increasing and accelerating as the moment of the massive world-wide First Contact approaches.

The ETI informs us that throughout  the entire Cosmos this relatively sudden  consciousness shift — along with the mass liberation of an entire world and all of her beings — has never occurred before in the entire known history of the Multi-verse — which consists of an infinite number of frequencies wherein an innumerable variety of  worlds are manifested.

And — the transformation of Gaia is the manifested unfolding of the Divine Plan of All Creation. 

The unique events which are now happening to us are occurring on behalf of all beings everywhere in the entire Cosmos — and the ETI greatly  desires to share some very practical cosmic tools with us which we can use (if we so choose)  in order to rapidly facilitate these great changes in coordination with their mentorship and guidance for the highest good of all concerned.

This is a “win-win” situation for everyone.

Okay — here is an introduction to just one of those Cosmic Tools.

Beneath the graphic below is a statement concerning its encodement.

Below that is an intention of meditation which is to be used while viewing this graphic.  This  is only one of twenty seven such graphics.

This entire set of Cosmic Tools is to be found by simply clicking on the graphic or the word “Arcturus” immediately underneath it.

After you click that link — scroll down that page about a third of the way and you will find all twenty seven graphics.  The first part of that page contains some important messages from the ETI which everyone should grok.

Welcome to the Arcturian Group — one of our space families.

Arcturus is both a star and a planet circling that star.  The very advanced civilization there is a prototype of what we will build here on Gaia and throughout our solar system.  The Arcturians are master energetic healers and will gladly share their skills and knowledge  with our emerging world.

I will write more about them later.



If you feel the inclination, you can use this Arcturian dial to make contact with the Arcturus star system in order to communicate with Arcturians. This combination of symbols and shapes was given to the artist as a tool to dial up Arcturus. It opens your soul to our frequency and relays a message of your desire to make contact. We have encoded the image so that we can read your consciousness and intent as it passes through your brain waves and lives within your soul vibration.

Intention Meditation

My soul is open to connect with my Arcturian friends to aid relations with human’s of Earth.

To Communicate The Incomprehensible —

A considerable downstep into energetically attenuated metaphorical analogy is required.

Dimensional Physical Angels Near First Source

Long ago an important decision was made by the Physical Angels whose sacred mission is  to function here on our Mother Earth as the Guardians and Uplifters of all sentient and non-sentient biological entities.  As our awareness progresses and homo sapiens on planet earth becomes homo galacticus that Gurdianship of Mother Earth and mission of Life Upliftment will become our own responsibility. 

Now — the time has come for us to be taught how to fulfill that mission and why.  We have many extraterrestrial mentors to guide us into a proper understanding of that sacred duty and the day will arrive when we also become mentors to emerging civilizations on other worlds.  This is our destiny as Homo Galacticus.

They decided that because these bioforms had chosen to be physically incarnated into various states of consciousness — which included various degrees of forgetfulness — comprehensible communications between the earth humans and their extraterrestrial Guardians  could only be accomplished through a severe dampening and attenuation of the overly powerful — intense — and overwhelming  off-world energies.

These energies  were far too powerful for our frequency-limited physical and energetic bodies to process — much less comprehend. 

downstep of energetic transduction was/is required.

For the sake of meaningful communication — this has to be done in a way that conveys the very best translation possible.

This communication interface has to be done according to whatever conscious metaphors of meaning that each individual entity has experientially derived as being personally meaningful — and is making logical sense to  their own consciousness. 

This represents as many holotopic scenario variations as there are individual entities — each one having had a differing variety of personal experiences — some very similar — some not so similar — but no two exactly alike.

Because of this — the easily comprehended metaphors of meaningful communication will always vary from person to person.   And that is the reason why the information of various contactees often does not coincide nor harmonize.  Each person experiences things differently to some degree. 

After all — we are talking about an esoteric and metaphysical experience of encountering other  lifeforms who are not only super-intelligent other-worldly beings but are entities from unknown dimensions — and the interpretation of such encounters can vary widely from person to person.  However — this does not mean that someone is lying or trying to perpetrate a hoax — only that the unusual information was processed differently by different minds.  

The whole procedure of cognition of these strange paranormal events requires highly personal interpretation.

And — unless this highly personal aspect  is recognized — this can cause unnecessary confusion between those who are receiving the same (or nearly the same) energetic communications — but — are processing and interpreting them  differently than someone else processes and interprets their own.  

Sometimes the difference is very slight and at other times would appear (on the surface level) to be a completely  different scenario — containing totally different information.

Such differences in interpretation easily lead to lack of scenario compatibility between contactees — and often their 3D linear human egos respond by accusing one another of being wrong — disinformation agents — false prophets — inaccurate observers — or having become totally delusional.

Welcome to the strange world of quantum energetics — where our very limited presently known “earth science” often does not apply. 

Contactees  comprehend these experiences through entirely different personal  view points — which are the personal conclusions which have been reached through their summation of an entirely different set of life experiences — which took place over their lifetime  prior to their personal  extraterrestrial contacts.

However — although each scenario (or story or message or teaching) is  unique to the person expressing it — each scenario (etc.) should be taken not as linear cognitive information only — but as a parable — an allegory — an analogy — a set of metaphors intended not as linear factual or historical information but as highly dynamic poetry intended to move ones consciousness into a new and hitherto unknown dimensional reality which includes will — emotions — intentions — as well as cognitive information — however — all of these elements — whatever they may be — are always the interpreted depiction of the contactee’s  own unique personal point-of-view about the meaning of the experience.

Hello.  In other words — what we are looking at here is energy transduction.  That is — changing one form of energy into another form which (in this case) exists  at an entirely different frequency. 

The slower the vibration — the denser is its physical structure in time duration.  To us — travel between worlds is not just here — there — and back again.  No.  We travel between frequencies and dimensions like you go from one room to another.  Of course — some of us are more skillful than others.

So — you can see that for your benefit the original intelligent energy has been downstepped.  If this energy  was not attenuated — you would instantly burn to a crisp. 

The differences which exist between the frequencies in which all the  multifarious beings live and move does not limit our ability to communicate — and we always do so through utilizing this primary energy attenuation of our radiations.   We have to.  This is  for your own safety — and besides that — you would be totally unable to even relate to us at all — much less share minds. 

It is then up to you to produce the second energy attenuation.  That happens whenever you make sense of the transmitted information cloud  to yourself.  This happens through  the unique personal interpretations of your own individual bio-mind.

I am stressing this to drive home the fact that you must connect all the dots and the more skillfully you accomplish that — the nearer you come to groking the intended content of the original transmitted message and/or experience.

This entire phenomena is an instructional learning process.

So — it is easy to see why so many contactees disagree about how (and why) things are as they are — or rather as they interpret them to be.   This understanding is always according to their own individual interpretation of what it is that they learned from their contact — and how they understand the communication with angelic beings who are messaging to the humans of earth from the higher frequencies of more malleable etheric worlds.

We don’t worry about how anyone interprets anything.  This is  because we fully understand your different states of conscious awareness.   We hold the attitude of total allowance and understanding having walked in your shoes and undergone exactly the same frustrations. 

In fact — we are you. And you are us.

Time has no meaning to us.  Past — present — and future coexist and are all the same. 

Are we your past?  Or — are we the future you?   The answer is … both. 

Are we benevolent?  Or are we malevolent?  The answer is … both.

We are entirely your own creation in that you have put together a certain limited concept about us — and that creation  is constructed according to your own individual interpretation of our contact — telepathic interface — and our communication by means of parable — allegory — metaphor — catalyst — activation — creative symbology and metaphysical analogy — all of these skillfully combined into a thought package for delivery to you — just for us to say “hi” and carry on some small talk.   It is entirely up to you to decode and decipher the transmission and then learn whatever you can from it.

After this first energetic attenuation — a second one instantly follows — one that comes about due to your own decoding — deciphering — and translating process which — of course — contains only partial accuracy.   This is entirely natural due to the slow and gradual process of learning holonomic thinking which is capable of bridging and penetrating into frequencies — dimensions — and vibrations long hidden from your awareness — but now becoming available to you.

The consciousness of an earth human being (who is  having a contact experience) creates within their own mind and understanding an interpretation which is based upon (and constructed around)  their own personal unique life history.  

Each person assembles metaphors which have the most meaning to them personally.  This further attenuates and dampens down the extreme intensity of those interdimensional energies. 

It does so because it is only natural that an earth human being when starting out in this endeavor has a very limited capacity to properly interpret interdimensional communications.  The inevitable partial frequency misalignments with the transmitted information cloud may lend weight to either an excessively positive interpretation — or an excessively negative one — even nightmarish terror in some cases.

Since all this exists in the realm of duality — some portion of that creation will  be positive (good) and some portion of it will be negative (evil.) 

Of course — in the realm of duality there are always two sides to every coin.

    But — now we know that light is both a wave and also a particle. 

The observations of quantum physics reveal that any object can be both here and there at the same moment in time. 

In every “good” there is a spot of “evil” and in every “evil” there is a spot of “good.” 

In every light there is a segment of darkness and in every dark there is a segment of light. 

Either/or is entirely illusory. 

The Universe and everything within it is a fully energetic interconnective “and.” 

All and everything exists within the One Universal Mind. 

All the pairs of opposites are resolved in that Oneness.

The knowledge of “good” and “evil” leads one away from that interconnective “and.”    In this way we loose the knowledge of the Oneness and begin to feel separated from the Universe — a total illusion and untruth.

The play of opposites creates the entire Great Creation — but for that to occur there need not be the extreme pendulum swing between pitch darkness and overwhelming bright light. 

Neutral-Positive also gives rise to Creation.  Good and Surpassing Excellence are also a duality — like good and evil — they are two sides of the same coin.

There are basically two spiritual orientations expressing throughout the Universe — service to self and service to others. 

All beings are a combination of both — but due to their free-will choices — each being leans further to one side — or to the other. 

The service to self oriented individuals tend toward the selfish aquisition of personal power and control in all its forms. 

The service to other oriented individuals tend towards the care-giving and nurturing and deep appreciation of the web of Life. 

Now — as always — you will choose which path to travel.


Spaceships Are Metaphors


In the timeless moment of the Great Remembrance, we aligned with the Prime Intention to uplift and harmonize all Life. 

Understanding thrived as never before — as all the dancers of Creation spun their threads of interconnectivity —

to unexpectedly discover the final release of forgiveness amidst the upsurge of compassion arising from the bottomless well of appreciation — beyond words. 


These are not manufactured objects.  Nor are they the necessary conveyances for extraterrestrial beings.  The ships themselves  are alive.  They are the extraterrestrial beings themselves -- showing themselves -- revealing themselves -- and doing so in a way we humans can easily understand.  They are a downstepped materialized communication -- a transitional bridgework  -- an understandable meme to gradually and incrementally establish communications with the peoples of earth.  Like symbols spelling out an alphabet -- the flying saucer is a very strong METAPHOR.

These are not manufactured objects. Nor are they the necessary conveyances for extraterrestrial beings. The ships themselves are alive. They are the extraterrestrial beings themselves — showing themselves — revealing themselves — and doing so in a way we humans can easily understand. They are a downstepped materialized communication — a transitional bridgework — an understandable meme to gradually and incrementally establish communications with the peoples of earth. Like symbols spelling out an alphabet — the flying saucer is a very strong METAPHOR.

  • Intelligent extraterrestrial life exist amidst  every frequency of the Multiverse. 
  • That means ALL dimensions from physical to etherial (spiritual) and in all densities (materializations)  from thick to less thick.
  • These designations  have to do with the speed and pattern  of the oscillations — the vibrations —  which give rise to a specific horizontal time-line. 
  • Everything which we  can (or cannot)  imagine does indeed exist. 
  • There are an infinite number of parallel Universes with an infinite number of time-lines. 
  • We are continually  shifting into new parallel Universes and different time-lines.  How?  With every thought — intention — and action we  create the fluctuating nuances of our reality — and we do so according to our present up-to-date belief system.  
  • The most unchangable thing in the entire Universe — is change itself.
  • The highly advanced ETs —  whom Dr. Greer and many of us are already encountering — are what Sheldon Nidle refers to as  Physical Angels. 
  • This means that they readily move  throughout all dimensions and frequencies.
  • They do not need any kind of vehicle in the way we earth humans need a vehicle to get from here to there because they themselves are  the vehicle. 
  • However — in order to interface with us and communicate with us —  they must undergo a physical —  mental — and spiritual  DOWNSTEPand can even completely materialize — or dematerialize at will. 
  • These ET beings are transdimensional and can move from any location to any other location by means of teleportation.
  • The spiritual and mental aspects are so completely developed in these beings that they are untouched by all this moving back and forth and remain largely focused on the Ultimate First Thought of the Source Field.
  • They fully realize the nature and limitations of our world and do have the ability to fully materialize within it — and they do so either directly — or — though incarnation  into a body through a human mother.
  • This presents them with the opportunity to undergo a birth  right here on earth undergoing  the same incarnation process as you and me. These incarnated “Physical Angels” — are already here — and they are walking among us — barely noticed but involved in service to their fellow being. They are our literal brothers and sisters and we always know each other and always appreciate their chosen fields of activity.
  • All of the activity of these incarnate human beings is geared — structured — and aimed at one thing:  creating a completely New Paradigm on our Mother Earth. 
  • However — the ‘spaceships’  are needed — not for the ETs — but for us. The ETIs are presenting us with a divine metaphor — a vortexual gateway analogy.
  • What that means is that they have been and are training us.  This is not being forced upon us — participation is completely voluntary.
  • The spaceships themselves — are flexible symbols. They are highly intelligent energy materializations.
  • Whenever any person witnesses  a UFO — they are already in full contact with that Universal Intelligence. Most folks do not realize that — but  some do.

And why is the ETI doing all this? What is their agenda anyway?

This morphing space-ship  meme gives us  a solid framework which can train  us about an entirely new way  of thinking. That is — holonmic thinking rather than our customary linear thinking which has been our normal way of thinking for millenia. 

This meme — the ‘spaceship’ — signifies the natural evolution of our consciousness as we move into becoming Galactic Humans — Homo Galacticus.

We have already been undergoing  this ET training program.  Many people all across Gaia enthusiastically volunteered for it.  We greatly desired to participate.   And — we undertook this challenge without any fear whatsoever.  We volunteered to ‘walk point’ in this and be the forging frontiersmen that prepare the way for an entirely new and never before seen — Galactic Civilization — where we have become our Mother Earth’s caregivers  and the stewards of thriving life in all its wonderful aspects.

This is the broader meaning of the bigger  ET picture .


channeled by