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The Biggest Event in History

The Shift of the Ages

What would be the biggest event in history? 

The  second coming of  Christ?  

How about the  total collapse of the U.S. government? 

Or—-would the biggest event in history be mass landings all over the globe by benevolent Extraterrestrial Beings? 

How about the final end of war and poverty and a complete solution to the earth’s energy problems?

I hope many will soon come to understand, as some of us have,  that these  five aspects (and others) are fully related and totally interconnected.  In fact, they are all slightly different aspects of the very same thing—-a complete shift of our present reality—and, indeed,  all five of these events are right now unfolding before us while this unprecedented paradigm transformation is now accelerating.

To explain this is not easy.  Perhaps it is best to start here: Read the rest of this entry