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Strong Proof: 911 Was A Nuclear Attack



Friends, here is the central issue of our times and it must now be directly addressed by all Americans, like it or not.  Have courage.

It is now (at last) becoming clearer and clearer to the public awareness of Americans that 911 was not in any way what we were told over and over again by our traitorous lying government.  911 was an inside job and at least 3 other governments were directly involved.  We know now exactly who.

The facts are all in.  The proof of what happened and exactly who was involved is presented in the articles below.

The time has come, and is long past due, for genuine Justice to be carried out in this very important and devastating matter. Thousands upon thousands of people have been murdered, our basic human rights have been almost completely subverted, our country has experienced extreme moral degeneration in every way.  Torture of other human beings has not only been tolerated but officially promoted and the great human spiritual vision for liberty and freedom of the founders of our Republic has been slowly and methodically relegated to the sewer of human degradation and depravity by those who dare call themselves “leaders of the people.”  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

An entirely new epoch is now dawning.  I and others have long been sharing this, each from their own perspective.  This kind of post on this particular blog is a rarity but the time has now come for me to break that precedent.  

This issue has been the very manipulating force for our entire civilization for the past 14 years and many many years building up to it.  It is not a democrat and Republican issue and never has been.  It is much more basic that that.  It represents two entirely different views of what human beings are.  

The tyranny that produced this abomination comes from the false perspective that human beings are nothing but brute animals, mind-less cattle who need to be herded, controlled and micro-managed at every moment.  This is a lie which does not recognize that human beings have a quality which no other known species has.  

That quality in one word is . . . creativity.  

This natural quality has been long systematically suppressed by social engineers employed by Tyranny.  Human beings can co-create a powerful positive, win-win vision where all are uplifted and continually improved — and then fully materialize it.

And that is exactly what we will now do.  

We will all be motivated by a fresh vision and together we will create and build a world of peace and goodwill toward men — the fulfillment of all spiritual prophecy — and we will  join with our cosmic neighbors to build a Galactic Civilization upon our beautiful world.  

Galactic Civilization 101    Galactic Civilzation:  Let Us Begin (Parts 1,2,3 and 4)

The first step is for us to reestablish the genuine Natural Law upon our beautiful planet and begin to resonate in tune with the natural order of the Great Creation.  

This is the Divine purpose of every human being, the Cosmic Intention of our fundamental Source Field, Almighty God’s will and the very basis of all truly spiritual teaching found in all ages upon our world.

Here below are a few very pertinent links about what is really going on with the revealing of the truth of our situation.

Many of you who are reading this know very well that you are continually being lied to by your Prestitute Main-Stream Media.  It is fully owned and operated by the Tyrannical Organized Criminal Cabal which has for some time now completely hijacked our beloved country, America.  

Yes, both political parties.  

We no longer have a Republic nor a Democracy but an Oligarchy of hideous right, left, right, left Corporate Fascists ever expanding their brutal police state.

What must we do?

Educate yourself, consider, use discernment, contemplate and do your own research as others who actually care about knowing the truth have already done.

911,  and its aftermath of endless wars of aggression, assault upon God-given human rights, lies, torture and death was by far the most abominable mass organized and systematic criminal operation to have ever taken place on our planet.

Now, evidence has emerged (and is continuing to emerge) which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that 911 was a carefully planned and executed nuclear attack upon America — and upon all human decency — carried out by several governments including our own.  

The “official” story propagandized so loudly and strongly by our government (over and over again) was a complete lie designed to cover-up this horror by using Osama bin Laden — a proven CIA operative who was made into the patsy.  

This gave the propagandized public a “villian” to focus their revenge on and a phony reason to sell the public on supporting war after war after war of looting, assaults upon civilians and aggression.  

Unfortunately, it worked.  But — in spite of this — the American people are now waking up.  

Denial about the truth of 911 is no longer possible.  So — show some guts,  stand up and be counted  and do NOT allow yourself to be swindled and duped by despots and liars any longer.

[AN UPDATE 4/18/2016 – I really should have put this update much earlier because it is very relevant to the entire 911 issue which is now finally emerging. What this woman has to say about 911 and the probable use of satellite based secret energetic weaponry is most likely true in addition to the use of nuclear weaponry (and who knows what else.)



















The Individual And The Collective — Part 1


Out of Many — One

We are the “many.” 

Yes — but we are the “many” not only because our ancestors came to America from many different lands — races — religions — cultures — and systems. 

We are the “many” because each of us has encountered a series of differing experiences starting in our Mother’s womb — and that continues throughout our entire lifetime.

Sometimes these experiences are similar to those of others — but — at the same time — in their  similarity they are different — slightly different — or very different — with every possibility of variation in between.

Like snowflakes — no two of us is exactly alike — not even so-called “identical” twins — not even “clones.”

And why is that?

It is because the individual life-timeline of each of us is influenced by many many different unique factors — some of these being:   genetics — circumstances — talents — blessings — programmings — traumas — education — health — religion — family influences — creative passions — curiosities — and interests.

In this individual sense we each live in a one-of-a-kind “world” which continually overlaps with all the other individual beings that we encounter who also (like ourselves) live in their own individual time-line of unique factors.

So — with all this diversity going on all around us — with all these differing points-of-view — with all the many angles of vantage point — with this wide array of hues and frequencies — we are faced with a challenge.

How do we develop  a peaceful — well coordinated — smooth functioning — and just society of equitable Law and pure Jurisprudence?

Of course — various Tyrants  all around the world have always preferred to wield the sheer force of control in every situation — both physical and psychological — in order to carefully keep the people focused and even obediently entrained into a political “collective” being driven by an ideology of fraudulent “glowing opportunity” which historically has always eventually manifested as severe totalitarian oppression to all — except for an elite few in control — who often appear to be total criminal psychopaths.

This has been seen in Communism — Fascism — Socialism — Theocratism — and last but not least — Capitalism.

Of course — Capitalism has always presented itself as “Americanism” and “Individualism” — but in reality — it has mostly produced the fruit  of bullying oppression and exploitation throughout the world through its great flesh devouring Mega-Corporations which refer to human slavery as a “free market.”

Some people seem to think that “Collectivism” does not include Capitalism — or that somehow it is an outstanding exception to the other failed systems — but here and now (in 2014)  it is more than clear that all along Capitalism was actually Crony Capitalism with countless secret agendas and was full of social engineering with a similar aim of total control as Fascism and Communism but operating under their own variety of  false promises — Individual Sovereignty and Liberty which instead of flourishing were steadily and purposefully eroded and removed.

It operated at least partically through the slick expertly manufactured public relations of Edward Bernays and others acting systematically as corrupt destroyers of moral integrity. It gradually and covertly drove our society into the empty materialism — loss of liberty — and the rampant consumerism — greed and selfishness which we are now experiencing 24/7 in the present tyranny which desires to make docile and obedient slaves out of all human beings on earth through lies — fear — threats — and violence.

Similar trickery and deception was (and is) the very modus operandi of all those despots throughout history who desired the monolithic power of world hegemony.

Anyhow — I hear some proclaim that “Collectivism” (minus Capitalism apparently) — is the mortal enemy of “Individualism” which is synonymous with genuine “Liberty”  according to that view.  They look upon  the individual and the collective as totally unreconcilable enemies. 

To them — “Individualism” = good and “Collectivism = bad.  And — never the twain shall meet.  

I think that perhaps such dualistic reductionism is an over simplification and fails to recognize the full story.

Actually — humanity acts not only as “individuals” but also “collectively” through the proven interconnectivity of our collective consciousness.  The question is this:  is this expression of the inner human collective consciousness something they are even aware of ?  Or — are they oblivious to it ?  Or — are they only dimly aware of some of the influences that go to make it up?

In my opinion — some have placed both “individualism” and “collectivism” under the stiltifying restriction of overly narrow definitions. 

Here in this essay — and the one to follow — I am trying to propose a little broader perspective which would indicate  that there is a way of demonstrating the innate ongoing Collective Consciousness without resorting to  the same old failed tyrannical political control structures — but instead — can express in such a way that individual sovereignty and liberty is recognized and experienced by all and considered to be primary.  

It then becomes the publicly recognized ongoing driving factor of a thriving healthy society and civilization. 

A good analogy is that the first prime thought and intention of the Great I AM (the Prime Creator) purposefully aims at the clearer and clearer unfolding of an increased  overall conscious understanding and expressed revelation of the ONE — and what this means to us in its practical outward manifestation.

Let us not limit ourselves but instead recognize that there is a very powerful functioning “collective” consciousness — as well as the “individual” consciousness — already fully operating in  each one of us.

It is up to us to see to it that this ongoing operation of our collective consciousness is not un-conscious to us because  that lack of conscious awareness is exactly how the political collective “isms” are able to fool the people and the well indoctrinated political cadres get them to drool on cue like Pavlov’s dog or march and salute like a mind-less robotic killing machine while chanting “ours is not to reason why but ours is but to do or die!”

It is helpful to us to understand by looking at historical outcomes how those collective political “isms” — all of them (including Capitalism) — have completely  failed to educate the people that there exists a collective human consciousness upon planet earth — and it is incredibly powerful — way way beyond any political idea whatsoever. 

The Powers That Be — regardless of who they are — want to manipulate the collective consciousness into their agenda — but — above all else they desire to hide from the people how incredibly powerful the collective consciousness actually is  because . . . yes indeed . . . such a  collective revelation heralds the end of their brutal power and criminal reign of terror.  It puts them behind bars where they belong because that has become the collective will of the people who now refuse en-mass to swallow any more lies.

The horrors which all of these “isms” have wrought have proven those collective political systems  to be nothing but veiled totalitarian control mechanisms for tyranny in order to carry out the hidden agendas of a handful of megalomaniac psychopaths who ultimately seek to practice the despotism of world hegemony in order to feather their own nests — at the peril of all other beings.

Living Waters

Living Waters

The Essence Of The One

At the core of all Creation exists the essence and nature of this vast Multiverse and there is only ONE mind.  There is only  ONE consciousness —  ONE Source — One Intention which is like unto a perfect diamond with countless facets.  Each beautiful-one of those facets is different from all the others — but is creatively expressing a completely unique reflection of the same and only ONE.

That is not boring because the ONE is immeasurable and infinite.  It is up to the people to discover what really works for their civilization and bears real results in bringing lasting peace — joyful excitement — and purpose to all the people.

Lack of this has proven to make  it very easy for a despot to lie successfully — deceive — and trick people into expressing their hatreds and taking out their frustrations by beating the war drums and then offering up their own children as human sacrifices to Moloch — being totally blind to the fact that it is really all being done — not for the reasons they were told — but solely on behalf of their dictator’s  acquisition of $$$ and power for himself — and his fellow traitors of the public trust.  The “visible” dictator is a “public relations” gimmick.  In reality — he is nothing but a sock-puppet for another even more brutal power who is  the real manipulator conducting the orchestra — who — like the Wizard of Oz remains hidden in the shadows pulling levers..

Now the time has come for us to open our eyes.  The Natural Law (which is Common Law) must be solidly established in order for genuine Liberty and Freedom to arise. 

Let us start with this primary question:

What is this ONE SOURCE of which I and many others speak?

It is the First Source of All-That-Is.  It is the Prime Creator out of which All of the Great Creation continually unfolds.

It is Light — Love — and Life itself 

This is what humankind often refers to as “Almighty God.” 

There are billions of names used to describe our Prime Creator — but the Prime Creator says:

“I AM THAT I AM  shall be my name forever.”  (Exo. 3:14-15).

Don’t confuse this with any religious point-of-view.  In other words — GOD IS BEING ITSELF .  This understanding is not limited to any man-made religion — but is Universal throughout the entire Multiverse. BEING ITSELF is the resolution of all duality and is completely non-sectarian.

God  is not only all powerful and all knowing — but also omnipresent — that is —  present in every place and every time all at once.

God does not create any “junk” and there are no specially “chosen people” — ALL are chosen to share their portion freely with ALL others.

Another way of understanding this is that God the Prime Creator — Our Father/Mother — Almighty God — is multi-dimensional. 

Our present 3D realm of understanding — in which we are presently incarnated — is only a tiny portion of the infinite Universal Spectrum.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet (1.5.167-8)



The Facets

The many facets of this Great Universal Jewel are of exactly the same essence as the ONE — only limited in expression to their particular one-of-a-kind specialty.

What are the facets?

The “facets” are the Individuals. 

They are the individual unique energetic fields who are in the process of learning how by trial and error to most creatively express and communicate their own unique and joyous art depicting the Truth of the ONE — each from their own unique vantage point.

Now — we certainly will not assent or agree with all of these individuals but they are absolutely necessary none the less until the lesson is learned. 

For example — their negative criminal actions may become a catalyst to move others (who are used to being complacent) to align themselves more thoroughly with the Divine Intention to heal — bless — and uplift other beings.

This in no way negates the fact that when their crimes are exposed they must be fully prosecuted with genuine Justice (coupled with mercy) by means of the Common Law.

All human beings are a necessary part of the Whole.  That means. . .  all of us without exception. 

Without any exceptions — every single individual is a precious and unique specialist (when at their best) — which is unlike any other.  Whether they know this and act accordingly may or may not be the case of course.   That depends upon their present state of conscious awareness about  different and mostly unfamiliar dimensions.  That “unfamiliarity” is due to the dive we took long ago into 3D where we wrote — produced — and act this drama on the world stage.

All who come under the Justice and mercy of the Common Law Courts must immediately and forever be removed from any position of authority or influence — but — they also should be given every opportunity to discover who and what they really are within the flow of Life.

Many Frequencies

Balls of Light

ALL Is Forever Interconnected

Whatever takes place in one part of the Universe directly effects all other  parts.  There is a vast interaction continually taking place through our energetic interconnectivity.

The so-called “tree of knowledge” concerning what is good and what is evil is the complete illusion of duality.

Beingness all emerges out of the One Source — so duality is an unreal dream.

However — like a metaphor — an analogy — or a parable — the manufactured play of opposites (duality) is an educational tool to instruct us (in this low vibrational 3D hologram) about the nature and essence of the ONE Creator — the Great I AM — and the I AM Presence which resides within each of us at the very innermost root of our being.

How then — do we best handle this for the sake of the ongoing upliftment of ourselves and of all other beings?


Part Two of The Individual And The Collective

As It Unfolds



I was born on July 4th 1942.  Here I am.  70 years old today.  I originally wrote this article back in 2012.  Next month it will be JULY once again (2017) and . . . I will be 75.  I updated this work to put it on my front page once again.  Everything has changed greatly in the last five years . . . but . . . the basic principles I outlined here in 2012 are clearer to me now than they were back then . . . so . . . let us travel 5 years back in time . . .

It is 2012 and we see the old dead and petrified life-less paradigm of control and tyranny literally disintegrating all around us. 

If you have not yet realized that — you soon will. 

The corrupt financial system —  the criminal political systems — the greed and selfish egotism has coalesced into an unbearable and totally insane world tyranny.  All the people of the world are now beginning to see that the Emperor has no clothes and his many crimes can no longer be hidden.  He is exposed and found to be deficient of conscience and basic human decency.

At the same time — a  New Paradigm now rapidly unfolds bringing forth a fresh breeze of life and the opportunity for  joyful abundance. 

Due only to this emergence — from the core of my being — out of the center of my heart — flowing from the Source of my personal existence — there now unfolds a new happiness beyond words.

Freedom and unlimited potential is the precious gift I will leave to my children.

The time of awakening has now reached the point of great and now unstoppable acceleration for all.

Exactly what the timing for this massive and unprecedented change will be — no one can predict. 

Like a flower — it unfolds naturally.

There may be some disruptions — but — they will be temporary.  There is a carefully planned takedown of tyranny by those of us who truly love human freedom and liberty. 

A great spiritual and physical battle has already been raging for thousands of years.  It is now over and human decency has prevailed.  The Dark Criminal Cabal is breathing its last breath.

The final stage of it has now arrived.  Eventually  there will be the physical arrests of the present controlling world tyrants. 

Many of us have yearned to be set free from the bondage of our own limited perceptions.   Our prayers and longings are now materializing before our eyes.

The diabolical and brutal force which controlled America and Europe  was openly bidding for Totalitarian  World Hegemony.   It was called by many names:  ‘The Dark Cabal,’  ‘The illuminati,’  ‘The New World Order,’  ‘The Fourth Reich,’ ‘Nazism,’ ‘Communism,’ ‘Capitalism,’  ‘Zionism,’ ‘The Kingdom of the Anti-Christ,’ ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Satan,’ and many other names.

Take your pick.

Slavery and despotism is the same no matter what label is used to describe it.

“I have been beaten by the nazis — and I have been beaten by the communists — and — I couldn’t tell one bit of difference between them.” ~  Richard Wurmbrandt.

Many — myself included — have been  very impatient and even discouraged at times because of the long and seemingly unbroken downward spiral of America into the complete Fascist Tyranny of Corporatism and continual aggressive war being run by  Orwellian Thought Police and Social Engineers who are the sold-out cadres of tyranny — especially since they blatantly ignored the  High Treason of 911 — and the fake cover-up  life-style  of total pretense and continual war — brutal torture — and mindless slaughter that has been going on ever since.

But — with the gradual exposure of the Financial Tyranny being perpetrated by an out and out Criminal Enterprise by violent gangsters hoping to keep themselves disguised as ‘public servants’ — the American people and the rest of the world began to slowly wake up — in spite of the many social blockages to that awakening.

A thick  sleep  settled down over the population  in general. 

Like mindless robots, they  act out their designated programming daily — and do so without  any questions and with no critical thinking.    Actually — the dumbed down and strongly drugged population  has willfully done as they were told to do by their handlers and turned a blind eye to the facts — while  mindlessly allowing themselves to be herded into a gigantic feed lot (cleverly disguised as a 5 star luxury hotel) — which is in reality a merciless brutal slaughterhouse of total corruption.

Our Puppet Masters did have mass genocide in mind.   They wanted to murder those ‘other people’ they considered to be “useless eaters” and  mercilessly reduce the world’s population to 500 million and said they would do it ‘by any means possible’ — according to the elitist Club of Rome.

There is a mountain of evidence for this long planned mass genocide — including their own direct statements and mostly their blatant attempts at poisoning the human race via several high – tech methods including poisonous ‘vaccinations’ and the ‘chemtrails’—which they deceptively refer to as ‘geo-engineering.’ 

When the Chinese found out, they were very outraged indeed.

Ignoring that planned mass murder — as our sleeping society has easily done because they simply cannot conceive of such despotism and tyranny — is called ‘denial.’  

It plays directly into the hands of the Evil Criminal Cabal who has already  gained considerable  control over  our bodies and minds — but also  desires our souls and spirits likewise.  The Great Corporation wants every cadre to become a fully dedicated ‘company man.’ 

They are total control freaks and a large number of them are criminal psychopaths who literally feed off the human emotions of fear — despair — terror — unbearable agony — and extended confined isolation.  They are energetic vampires who specialize in generating environments of external chaos — such as war — torture —  mob violence — chaos — pedophilia — and famine — in order to generate  intense bursts of human emotion — upon which they slobber and devour — while pristinely adorned in their finest evening attire.

It took some very sophisticated mind – control to turn the American people into a well-heeled row of mindless turnips.

Are we “victims?”

Emphatically —  no we are not.  We originally allowed this travesty to occur — and later perpetuated it through our own selfishness — denial — and complacency.

Our Puppet Masters were greatly helped along in this process of our zombification by several main factors — sodium flouride laced into the drinking water — which is proven to calcify the pineal gland in the brain — massive amounts of liquor and drugs to keep the masses totally stupified — ‘entertainment’ full of human depravity —  snarling dog-eat-dog conflict —  selfishness — sadism — and  of course — brutal violence — -destruction of the family unit — self hatred — a highly dumbed down ‘education’ — which is actually an indoctrination into the fanatical religious cult of blind habitual consumerism — and the most insidious mind – control devise ever invented — TeeVee. 

This was no accident — nor was it a coincidence — but a very precise and conscious piece of long term social engineering —  the destruction of mind — body and conscience — carefully  designed by certain  so-called ‘experts’ of psychology and psychiatry in order to produce unquestioning robotic slaves who would not dare think for themselves. 

But — they were not entirely successful.

Historically, these expert ‘social designers’ were Nazi scientists who were brought over here to the United States at the very end of World War Two under the auspices of our government’s  ‘Project Paperclip.’  

Few are aware of the fact that World War Two actually ended with America’s leaders selling out to the brutal Nazi ideology in exchange for totalitarian control, empire, massive stolen wealth and eventually total World Domination on behalf of  their religious idol Zionism — the head Puppet Master of all Puppet Masters. 

That chief Puppet Master even has a name who  is the Patron Saint of Zionist Israel—-Rothschild.  Manipulated and stolen money is the main element of world control followed by war and propaganda.

George H.W. Bush called it the ‘New World Order.’  Actually, there is nothing ‘new’ about it at all since the hungry predator of totalitarian tyranny has already been circling around its unwary prey  (licking its chops) for thousands of years.  G Bs ‘new world order’ is actually the old world order of theft, murder, assassinations, human exploitation and despotism—-but on steroids.   It is just a hyped up version of ‘business as usual.’

This plan for World Domination was carried out  by those completely deluded beings who truly  feel and believe that they are racially (genetically) superior to the rest of humanity and have a ‘God-given’ right to give orders and tell everyone else what to do — and assume that because of their superior genetics — they have been handed a ‘holy’ Divine Mandate to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to  die. 

Many of them  are psychotic religious fanatics who are willing to emolate themselves in a fiery World War Three rather than admit their fanatical  religious delusions of egoism and selfishness.

Even if the mass arrests and real adjudications of this arrogant criminal cartel (who has long controlled America) was to begin today — that justice is  long overdue.

But—-even more important and necessary is the waking up of our people from their deep coma.  This is the key to no longer buying the lies of the Beast.

Why did such a horrible state come about?

Here is an analysis.

First, this is not as it appears to be.  There is a real purpose in all this.  We are not and never have been “victims.”  None of us.  We are all — -each and every one of us — born into this earth 3D frequency with a specific purpose and mission.  We have all voluntarily undertaken a vast investigation on behalf of all the multifarious beings of time and space.  Each and every one of us is (in reality) a fully conscious being who agreed to incarnate into highly limited and even dysfunctional physical vehicles with greatly reduced conscious awareness.   

We were born here many times over and over again with almost total amnesia about who and what we really are and why we are here.  Our chosen task — decided upon and undertaken before we voluntarily took the plunge into almost total amnesia — – is how the discovery of the answers to  Universal questions occurs.   What are the steps?   What are the elements of the process? What does it really take to remember who and what we are and what is the best method to facilitate and consciously aid that Universal Process.  It is about how to return the grossest darkness to the oneness — conscious — interconnectivity —  and enlightenment of the First Source of All-That-Is which exists at the core of all beings.

Deep within us in the core of our being — we already know the answers about who and what we are — however — we do not know what elements are necessary to move from this state of gross forgetfulness into a state of full remembrance.  That is why we undertook this long experiment (not really an “experiment” but an investigation) in the first place.

In our highest ‘self, ‘ we already know who and what we are.  This mission is to find out what is required  to discover the truth of who and what we are from the highly limited perspective of our present dulled down state of consciousness.  

Discovering this process is discovering an algorithm — -a formula — -a recipe to find out how this process works — to find out the most efficient and the most essential elements necessary to become self-aware.  It is to discover what helps  to traverse  the long journey from almost total amnesia and forgetfulness to the revelation and full realization of our already full consciousness which has been hidden deep within us all along.

What would it take — or — what would be required for us to fully recover the memories of our genuine identity?   This is an important investigation concerning the very nature of human consciousness itself. 

This particular long inquiry has now come to its conclusion.   It is over — -finished.  The results were more wonderful than anyone ever expected.

This planet — our Mother Earth — is destined to become a Living Library where the results of this vast undertaking is stored forever in the Akashia and can be accessed and interfaced by any being in the entire Universe for the sake of their increased wisdom and education.  

This can be a help and upliftment for any unfolding being in the entire Universe.  This is the Great Gift that our Mother Earth and all of her children will present for the upliftment of any Cosmic Life that wishes to partake of it.

So — what about the Dark Criminal Cabal? What about our adversary?

When one finally gets the big picture of these events—-the purpose and function of  evil  becomes clear. 

Every thing that exists  in this Universe — no matter what it is — is the creation of the One Source of All-That-Is — and that includes the acknowledgement of anti-life (ignorant) thinking which cause human suffering — which we call ‘evil.’  

But — those elements too have a purpose in the Great Creation.

Ultimatelyall things serve the living God whether someone knows it or not or whether someone acknowledges it or not.

What is the ultimate purpose of evil? 

It is to act as a strong CATALYST  to activate and trigger us to at last begin to move toward the appreciation, respect and upliftment of all Life which we personally encounter. 

When we experience the pressures and sufferings of evil—-that very state-of-being itself stimulates us to rise above and beyond agony — and also motivates us to compassion and  a deeper understanding of the many others undergoing various sufferings.

Do not get me wrong.  There are more ways and better ways in which compassion and self-less-ness are stimulated than “suffering.”  Some of those ways are . . . creativity, poetry, music, genuine science, exploration, dangerous adventure.  In other words — I am NOT saying that “suffering” is “necessary” — however — when it occurs it is not the end but a transition to something positive when seen for what it really is. 

One of the positive things which can come about in spite of suffering is that it  pushes us into meaningful direct action. This is how we relieve our suffering which was never imposed upon us in any way.  The fact is — we eagerly volunteered to participate in this veiled state of existence, grok and learn from all our life experiences directly.

What is meaningful direct action?  

The suffering brought on by evil drives us to seek the better and less stressful way of peace, joy, compassion — and love wherein dwells harmony with other beings and with our Mother Earth herself . . . but especially . . . with ourselves.  

And — as the one who called himself  ‘the son-of-man’ once said — ‘when you seek with your entire heart, soul and mind to fully live the truth without reservation — holding nothing back — you will find what you seek.’  

If you seek the spiritual principle within your being — you will discover who and what you are and why you came here.

On the positive side of the equation, ‘Evil’ can become a catalyst which pushes us away from our innate laziness, non-engagement and complacency — and it eventually prompts us to seek the better way — an intentional and mindful way of peace and love.

The evil  despots of this world — such as the Dark Criminal Cabal —  do have this useful function (as a catalyst) in the Great Creation.  But still, the Karmic consequences their ignorant actions  produce must undergo a personal and non-personal balancing. This is the immutable Universal Law.  It is “Natural” Law which is endemic to Creation itself. 

Any being must reap the consequences of their own actions.

Those following an anti-life path have been born into this 3D life in a state of almost total amnesia — the same as all of us.  All they know is that they have been told, highly propagandized and often mind-controlled into the belief of their own superiority over other beings —  that they are  ‘well–born, superior and special’  and consequently they are trained (and entrained) from birth — by a highly Tradition Encrusted occult religious fanatics to express that supposed edge of superiority as a leader (or boss) throughout their lives.  And . . . they receive a whole lot of physical and emotional support and at the same time, in many cases, very austere and even brutal physical training — supposedly for “their own good.”  In many ways it is quite similar to military black ops discipline and training in many respects.

All they know is that they were ‘well–born’ with a silver spoon in their mouths and therefore feel that they are fully justified and sanctioned to do anything that they want including deciding who is allowed to live and who deserves to be put to death..  They have no idea that they serve the function of a stimulating catalyst while they think they are only serving their own selfish desires and the will of their “Masters” —-greed and vanity.

Once we become cognizant of this truth—-it becomes very easy for us to truly and unconditionally forgive them without bitterness nor vengeance—-and even thank them in appreciation for their useful function in the Great Creation which they themselves were/are ignorant of.  

Forgiveness is how we are set completely free.   It is the only way we are set  free.  Without complete forgiveness—-we are continually blocked.

And—-it must be clearly pointed out that our forgiveness does not in any way mean that the Dark Criminal Cabal—-which has tricked, deceived and enslaved the earth for thousands of years as a kind of Traditional Cult and caused untold suffering  to our fellow beings—-should be allowed to continue their crimes for one more second.  This total insanity needs to end . . . asap.

Can decent human beings allow these murderous crimes to continue?  Emphatically no.  

It is our responsibility to separate the criminals and their destructive anti-life actions from our human society for life or for whatever time is needed. 

While separated, they must be placed into the proper environment for their individuality and further educated concerning how the Universe works.  That will be one of the top priorities of our New Paradigm enlightened society.  

Justice in the Universe is very real.   But Justice—-without mercy—-is no Justice at all.


at the very center of their heart—-every human being on planet earth wants exactly the same thing—-just to love and be loved in return—-to work creatively with their own two hands—- and—-to offer undying hope to their children