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Look up there! What is that?


It is quite clear that very meaningful communications are already taking place between some species of extraterrestrial complex oscillating biological entities (COBEs) and earth human beings (homo sapiens sapiens.)  This is all leading up to a huge disclosure which will change absolutely everything.

Our civilization is being carefully prepared by  extraterrestrial intelligences for the biggest and most profound leap of human consiousness which has ever occurred. It is even beyond our imagination.

The World controlling evil cabal of globalist racketeers with their criminal financial system of thievery and usury has long maintained their foul system of slavery by the use of debt, threats, truth suppression, war, terror and fear. These abominations have now deteriorated into a final heap of collapse which is now crumbling rapidly.

It is easily confirmable from many different sources that UFOs have been interfering with nuclear  missile silos for decades.  Yet, some people, when actually confronted with the mountains of evidence, shut their eyes, stopple their ears and wag their heads in denial.

So be it.  Just let it be. It is entirely understandable. Denial has indeed become an activity accepted by many who prefer to allow others to do their thinking for them.

Soon, this will no longer be possible. The time for that is now over.

When our civilization reached the point of committing mass murder by the unleashing of weapons of mass destruction using atomic fission, an unspoken threshold was reached, a line was crossed, unrecognized cosmic laws were blatantly violated.  It was at this point that human ignorance, darkness and insanity began to mindlessly flush itself down the sewer of a final sucking vortex which  recklessly spirals toward self-annihilation.  This kind of suicidal thinking is just plain ignorant and totally insane.  No one wins in a thermonuclear holocaust — ever.  It is an act of total despair and the total relinquishing of all human will and self-empowerment.  It is the ultimate cowardice.  It would mean the rapid end of all Life upon Gaia.

The insane brutal violence of smashing apart the basic crystaline structure of matter at the quantum level is undoubtedly the ultimate rape, wanton vandalism and mindless disrespect for our Mother Earth.  Furthermore, it is complete blasphemy against all life throughout the entire Creation and it reveals an inner self-loathing hatred of ourselves as human beings and as a civilization.

It is the ultimate ignorance spawned by greed, selfishness and despair.

It is also the result of entertaining many fearful and unreal suppositions filled with faulty conclusions which were reached through a basic drought of information which resulted in a fiery murder weapon which is a soulless and mechanistic expression of a twisted point-of-view based upon disconnection and schizoid division —which made it impossible to see even simple relationships.

Every fiber of human decency which exists in humanity cried out in bitter opposition to it. Intuitively, human beings knew that this crime against nature was a definitive violent assault against, not just human rights and basic decency, but against reality itself.

The basic fiber of the Universe reeled and shuddered and became highly neausiated.

Those who publically and vocally objected were ridiculed, mocked and despised by the Fascist National Security State and its militaristic thugs who repeartedly carried out this rape over and over and over again.

The psychotic criminal parasites who have been manipulating planet earth for nearly thirteen millenia through war, money, violence, threats, fear, suppression of progressive creativity and systematic debt enslavement—-began to desperately tighten their iron grip of control. 

They were terrified having been confronted with an awesome power completely beyond their understanding and control.  The tighter they sqeezed the more their plans fell apart.

Gradually, their criminal empire was dragged out to into the light and completely exposed for the total swindle it always had been.

Now, this Evil Cabal can no longer maintain its disgusting and bloody secrets and the fiat counterfeit which they call “money” can no longer fool anyone who has been paying attention.

The extraterrestrial intelligences are not only increasingly revealing themselves in our skies, but are communicating telepathically with us on a regular basis and preparing our minds for total Disclosure — which includes a global public First Contact.

The massive fly-over of Washington D.C. in 1952 was a precursor to this soon coming event. Yes it was.

Perhaps you are not aware of that historic event in 1952?  I suggest that you inform yourself — because it is pivotal and very important to what will happen next.


After the soon-coming (and massive) public First Contact event there can be no denial of the facts and literally everything will change for the better — and it will do so very rapidly.


Because the powerful criminal tryanny which has controlled our planet for nearly thirteen millenia, ever since the fall of Atlantis, will have come to a complete and final end. 

Its long cycle of power has already come to a close.

Arrests will be made for crimes against humanity — such as 911 and the monsterous continual war profiteering of bloody human sacrifice to the satanic forces of slavery, genocide and despotism.

Emergency interim governments of, by and for the people will  be established until genuinely free elections can take place.

A great and unrestricted continuous sharing of hidden historical information about our Mother Earth and our extraterrestrial neighbors will begin immediately and be ongoing.

There will be a gradual and incremental public education to correct millenia of historical misinformation.

It will be the transition to an entirely new and uplifted human consciousness. Some call it ascension, and that is exactly what it is. There will no longer be any conscious separation between what is physical and what is spiritual.   Those  two are, and always have been, one living thing,  inseperable.

In the overall scheme of things — the Evil Cabal will have well served its purpose — which was to act as a powerful catalyst to pressure us and literally drive us into fervently (and even desperately) seeking after truth and learning to never settle for anything less.

Jesus and others informed us throughout the ages that we would find the Kingdom of Heaven (Almighty God) whenever we fervently sought for it with our entire being (mind, body, heart and soul.) This will now become known and experienced by all.

It is the foundation  for all progress on planet earth from here forward.

No religion on earth ever spelled it out for you. It wasn’t suppose to. Materialist/Realist/Reductionist “science” tried its best to replace petrified dogmatic authoritarian religion by totally discounting it, but instead, it only became even more petrified, dogmatic and arrogantly authoritarian.

One can discount doctrines and dogmas but it is impossible to discount The Spirit and the First Source of All-That-Is.

Neither science nor religion come anywhere close to what Disclosure of the ET presence will bring to our accepted notions about what reality is. To grasp this requires a whole new means of thinking which is best described as holonomic.

Whether we realize it or not, we have already been under training for this during a span of many years. The preparations have already been completed.

With full consciousness, the Divine Interconnectivity of ALL things becomes not only “known” but obvious — as obvious as the connection between a tire and a wheel.

No — it is not achieving some static goal of perfection because there is no such thing.  Perfection is not a static noun but an active verb which never ceases.  It is forever in a state of continually being perfected.  This eternal unfolding is simply a return to the Galactic normalcy of full consciousness.

We once experienced it as our normal way of life,  until we lost it at the time of the fall of Atlantis nearly thirteen millenia ago.  Now the time has come for us to shake off all our encumbering baggage and to return to full consciousness once again.  Our Space Family is here to help us with that.

After this recovery and from then on. our earth will no longer be a planet of forgetfulness. We will become Galactic Humans and we will become  fully engaged in an entirely new enterprize — which up until now has been completely unknown and not even touched upon by our imaginations.

As already well described in the Bible and in other Spiritual discourses throughout the earth — heaven will blossom forth right here on our Mother Earth — and the meek will receive their inheritance long predicted and sought after by those who fervently seek with their entire being.

This is that huge and totally unprecedented shift which we are now facing—-and it is already well underway. The rapidly approaching OPEN PUBLIC FIRST CONTACT will really get the ball rolling.

Nothing — absolutely nothing — will ever be the same after that.

How can I make these statements?

Whether you believe them or not does not matter. Not in the least. If you are hearing the cosmic broadcast — you know the truth of what is being said here.  And if you are not hearing that quiet voice at the center of your being –you soon will.

So, contemplate what I have said here and ask questions.