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The Media Is The Message

Channeling is an important all – inclusive art form –exactly like jazz improvisation or poetry or zen painting or horse whispering or communicating with dolphins. It is a right brain (and enteric brain) activity — at both ends of the transmission.

The art of channeling has been practiced continually on our Mother Earth for thousands upon thousands of years. It is not — as many people suppose — a new phenomena.

The Bible is a channeled work. So is the book of Mormon. Likewise — the Sumerian Tablets were channeled. So were the Buddhist Sutras—-the Mayan and Hopi Prophesies as well as the Ancient Upanishads and the Bagavad Gita. Every inspired spiritual work on planet earth (without exception) is a channelled work.

These religious and spiritual works are braided and intertwined with poetry — mythology — shamanic perceptions — paranormal phenomena — remote viewing — telepathy — ancient histories — remembrances — stories — testimonies — cosmic events — parables — allegories — analogies — metaphores — symbols — and many other factors which occur on spontaneous overlapping levels in their unfolding creativity.

This does not mean that those works are void of factual accuracy. No it does not. However — they are not to be read like a New York Time nor like a National Enquirer. In order to understand them. In order to comprehend them. They must be groked.

This only means that they were intended — exactly as all great art is intended — to go well beyond the surface level of linear occurrences which modern man has largely mistaken as the only genuine reality. This opinion has been growing with our cultural deification of materialism.

This is the reason why (to many) the word ‘myth’ and the word ‘lie’ are thought of as synonymous. This is 100% wrong. They are not the same. A myth is a systematic (and often metaphorical) story which is purposefully told to facilitate the meaningful communication of a higher principle.

To misunderstand this fact and call a mythology a ‘lie’ only expresses the mental and emotional disease of extreme tunnel vision. This condition is brought on by lack of critical and creative thinking and a narrow survivalist belief system built upon the unbalanced focus of fear — scarcity — and lack.

This is a belief system which fails to recognize the Universal Abundance all around us and the many dimensional aspects of what we refer to as ‘reality.’

All of the prophesies — hymns — predictions — and scriptures from every culture on earth were channeled works — without exception.

The person — or persons — who brings the information — whether it is spiritual or otherwise — is a ‘channeler.’

Sometimes they are called a ‘prophet’ — sometimes a ‘demon’ — sometimes a ‘healer’ — sometimes an ‘oracle’ — sometimes a ‘witch’ — sometimes a ‘visionary’ — and sometimes a complete charlatan thought to be perpetrating a fraudulent racket for filthy lucre.

All these labels (and many more) are descriptive of the various different personalities considered to be bringing a story which most often contains spiritual — scientific — or moral teaching which might (or might not) correspond to some aspect of Universal Truth.

Channeling has formed all the belief systems of humankind — for better or for worse.

What is being channeled?

Ideally — the being channeled is information from ones higher self—-which is the innermost core — the I AM presence of every being. It is that innermost aspect which is fully interconnected with the most primal dynamic and energetic truth being the fundamental Source Field out of which the entire Creation arises — changes and transforms. Briefly put — the ‘First Source’ is none other than the Divine Creator — creating all aspects of itself — Creation

Is channeling logically and factually accurate?

Sometimes ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no.’ But — it should be pointed out that linear ‘facts’ and mental ‘logic’ are no final authority.

‘Accuracy’ depends upon what anyone’s personal definition means — and that depends upon what one’s search is focused upon. What does one wish to discover? This factor will determine the validity of the information?

For example — a parable may convey Universal Truth even though it is not — and was never intended to be — ‘historically’ accurate.

It is the dedication — wisdom — and the purity of intention belonging to the channeler which is the only validation of a channeling — and this is something which no man can cognitively know for sure — so all those who hear and interpret the channeling must use their own inner spiritual and mental discernment.

Everyone must use all of their facilities and resources. These include the cognitive knowledge of their left brain — but they must not ignore the deep intuition which resides at the core of their heart. This is called our ‘enteric’ system. The enteric system is empowered by a well honed emotional intention which eventually becomes laserlike. Also — the natural spontaneity which is inherent in the right brain must not be forgotten while deciphering and interpreting any channeled communication.

The extent that such skills are able to manifest in the channeler—-who ideally is a long dedicated adept —-and is reflected in the extent and excellency of his artisanship.

Therefore—-some channelers are highly skillful — but others are mere novices who have not yet fully learned how to free their minds in order to allow the unhindered flowing transmission of information by putting their ego (containing their many concepts and opinions) on hold long enough to not interfere with what they have interfaced — after having attuned to a specific information cloud in order to download it as accurately as possible (but always according to the wisdom of their understanding and interpretation) into their consciousness in order to become a transmission of useful communication.

This simply means that how accurately and how skillfully one is able to lucidly communicate channeled ideas depends entirely upon how much self-control any individual has over their wild mind.

Our present dysfunctional culture on planet earth is highly imbalanced in favor of the cognitive knowledge of the left brain. If intuition is clouded with egoism — it becomes the biased guess work of individual opinion.

That is exactly why the purity of the channeler is of the utmost importance. Such a person has purified their emotions which expresses only compassion — appreciation — forgiveness — understanding — humility — and valor.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

What in the world does that mean anyway?

I think it does have a very important meaning.

Yes indeed — I think imagination is far more important than knowledge.


Because ‘knowledge’ (gnosis) expresses things in a static and therefore restrictive and unchanging formulation — an algorithm — a recipe — an equation.

Imagination — on the other hand — is always open ended and it can travel much further and wider than a formula or algorithm. It can travel within and amongst the overlapping and braided layers of many worlds.

Imagination can expand — change or ignore a recipe — or — it can place a new and living element into the context and environment of entirely different space-time continuums.

Gnosis cannot accomplish that because it demands continuous repeatability. It’s nature is static. Imagination is fluid and creatively dynamic.

Those who choose to remain restricted to algorithms and formulas and systematic equations are also self-restricted in their creative potential.

Without imagination no creative invention would ever get off the ground. Imagination insures the expansion of fluid and transforming knowledge—-for without it knowledge becomes petrified and dead.

Most people in our culture literally worship the linear cognitive knowledge of the left brain and have been carefully taught through many years of dumbed down ‘education’ to disdain the holonomic and timeless intuition of the right brain along with the enteric system of the heart — having been told by their left-brain-only teachers that such intuition is nothing but ‘unscientific’ inaccurate ‘fantasy.’ This point of view misses the analogical depths of multi-dimensional reality and can easily become a huge lie.

Those who choose to reside in this state of tunnel vision are highly disturbed by intuition and imagination. Why is that? It is because they cannot pin the accuracy of anything down to a 2 plus 2 equals 4 linear formula. It leaves the cage they have chosen to reside in and is therefore frightening.

That is the whole story of today’s materialist/realists/reductionist (falsely) so–called “science” which vainly attempts (and I should add recklessly attempts) to discover exactly how the Universe works by using violent force to smash parts of it into tiny pieces—-and then — for the sake of continual grants and profits — draw impatient false conclusions about how all those dissociated smashed parts must necessarily fit together and interact. This is only according to their narrow opinion.

It is really an absurd exercise in complete ignorant stupidity—-to the tune of billions—-with which nearly all of us were totally inundated and rigorously programmed ever since birth.

True — it is very difficult to overcome highly entrenched false concepts. Most people just blindly accept whatever they are told — especially by a well tenured and socially vetted famous or popular authority figure with a long list of impressive initials after his name.

However — a significant portion of the earth’s population all over the planet has now broken out of the social consensus cage and have experienced direct contact — both physical and telepathic — with the ETI.

We are now being taught through meditation — downloading — contemplating — decoding — deciphering and interpreting a completely different science which is not only physical and material — but is also spiritual and energetic and acknowledges the power of mind.

Physics and Metaphysics now fully merge. This is spontaneously happening regardless of who likes it or who doesn’t.

You see — the ETIs view the physical realm and the spiritual realm as one and the same thing — both have the same First Source.

That which is above — is like that which is below.

All is energy. There is only One Mind in the Multiverse and from it emerges all-that-is from the Ultimate Thought embodying the entire Great Creation.

This energy is not only spinning at different oscillations — -but as the fine documentary Thrive   points out — energy configures into countless energy fields taking the shape of a torus which enfolds by diving into its own center and then emerging out the other side into a return loop. This is the beginning of all that has been called ‘sacred geometry’ for countless millenia.

Earth ‘science’ — on the other hand — is still imprisoned in the materialistic and reductionistic cage of their so–called ‘standard model’ of materialist/realist/reductionist ‘science’ which tends to deny the reality of spirit and consciousness. They oftentimes label these very important aspects as a strange (unknown) ‘artifact’ of physical matter.

They seek what they call the Higgs Boson or ‘God particle’ and are totally blind to the fact that everything which exists in the entire Universe is a ‘God particle.’ Due to their narrow societal indoctrination — many are unable to see the forest for the trees.

Our space relatives who have selected and recruited a variety of earth humans to become information conduits — channel information which is designed by very advanced minds to activate and awaken humankind’s lost memories about who and what we are and where we come from.

We were all taught in our educational systems that our scientific discoveries and inventions are ‘oh so glorious and wonderful’ — like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or a week at Disneyland.

We no longer buy this huge lie when we learn wisdom and finally begin to judge the tree by the fruit it bears.

What is the outcome — the fruit — the result — the consequence of this completely false science which has been governing our world?

I’ll tell you.

The pinnacle of its discover is: thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction (of total destruction also) and the murderous vile poisoning of our beautiful Mother Earth who has become very ill under the continuous brutal assault of wanton vandalism being carried out by mindless psychotics.

To correct this is not the responsibility of the Galactic Federation of Light.  It is our responsibility — however — when the time arrives for this to be done our Galactic neighbors and relatives will gladly and openly teach us how to completely clean up this planet and will freely share with us the very advanced technology to do so.  But — we alone must decide that cleaning up this planet is the ‘right’ thing to do.  Cleaning up our oceans, air and lands is in the best interest of every being throughout the entire Universe — not just us.

This is how advanced beings function in the Universe without violating the freedom and rights of other beings.

How did I learn this?

Through channeled messages given by certain designated messengers. But — you see — they were confirmed by my own telepathic interface with my ET mentors and also by the identical communications of other contactees.

This is (presently) how the GFL communicates with those who desire the restoration of our planet and the healing of her beautiful children.

And—-there are no valid excuses for our dysfunctional earth civilization to be poisoning and destroying the planet — none — all of this is completely unnecessary and due only to a small handful of insane criminals whose unending selfishness only looks to make never ending profit off the blood, sweat and tears of their fellow beings.

We already had the technology to make these positive changes over 100 years ago but we chose to look the other way while our would-be Puppet Masters suppressed creative inventions and gradually enslaved us by several specific means. Some of the main ones were/are war — energy — debt — usary — Corporatism — disdain for basic God-given human rights — trashing of the Constitution — total corruption and thievery in all branches of government — a gradually rising Police State — etc. etc.

This is a direct indication — and a directly mirrored reflection — of the violent and inhuman immoral soul sickness of the present rampant and ruthless materialism — which has now taken almost total control over our civilization.

Since the despotic vandals carrying out these abominations of egoism and tyranny are few in number — let us just say NO and take our planet back for a greater and kinder purpose which is full of hope and awesome appreciation.

Let’s do it for ourselves and for our children.

Why not?

How can we do this?

Simple: noncompliance. Quit playing their insane games. Share with your neighbors and demand justice be done at the highest levels of power — and — quit supporting brutal military aggression against the world’s people.

We do have Divine Intervention — because — with so many of us — our own innermost intention coincides fully with the already long established Cosmic Plan and the pure crystaline vision of our First Source — who is the Great Spirit — as well as the innumerable beings who reside in the multifarious worlds — manifesting and expressing the Light of Life in all the dimensions of time and space.

Some people — who are quite ignorant of what “channeling” actually is — have presumptuously declared that all channelers are “demon possessed.”  This kind of supposition — my friends — is untruth due to ignorance.

Anyone — not just a channeler — can become “demon possessed.”

How does this happen?

By allowing another entity to use your physical vessel without having the proper focus of intention.  There is never any need for this.   Those who channeled the spiritual works such as the Bible or the Buddhist Sutras well knew this.

To allow another entity to take over ones body shows  a lack of confidence and a lack of communication with your higher self — which is fully capable of groking any and all  information clouds on many different frequencies and across many dimensions of time and space.

When one retains the proper focus — which I talk about here — one always retains full consciousness of their higher self and does not allow any entity to  subvert their intention through pretext or for any reason.

When one is aligned with the Universal Intention — such total hijacking of ones physical body cannot and will not happen.  When ones own intention is aligned with the Universal Intention — consciousness of the higher self is retained.

Some channelers who hear a voice in their minds have been implanted with an RFID chip and someone (a covert “handler”) is manipulating them.  Greg Giles and his recent crises  comes to mind — although I am not sure if that is true in his case. 

In spite of that Greg was bringing forth some meaningful and very inspiring messages at times and I still have some of the them posted.

The implantation of an RFID chip or of Bio API being dispersed through chemtrails is mind-control which can be made to look like “channeling” for the purpose of social engineering.  True telepathy is not like a linear phone conversation or a voice being broadcast into ones head.  It is a segment — a block — a cloud — a category of information which contains all past — present — and future aspects.   This segment (information cloud) must then be decoded — deciphered — interpreted — and translated into a linear scenario to be understood by the cognitive linear mind.

And — if you care to further inform yourself as to what ‘channeling’ really is. Here is the best help of which I am aware.  This best way to use discernment on the matter of channeling is — as the son-of-man suggested — to judge the tree by the fruit it bears.