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Reset, Refresh and Reboot


2012 is about time and time-lines. 

Each individual exits on a unique time-line.  This is simply due to the fact that every one of us, since the moment we were born, have different and varying experiences – and we all respond somewhat differently to everything which we encounter. 

We all bring our own past experiences forward to help us in interpreting our present challenges in order to make choices which are appropriate to our individual mind-set in the present moment.

By design – we willingly incarnated upon Gaia into a state of almost total amnesia.  This – is a planet of forgetfulness.

However – the time has now arrived for us to remember who and what we truly are – where we came from – and also why. 

The era of amnesia has now come to an end. 

This great inquiry into the nature of human consciousness has now come to a close.  It was incredibly successful – not only for us – but for other beings throughout the Universe who might wish to access the results which are forever recorded in the Akasia.

We all travel slightly (or greatly) different time-lines during our individual lives according to the choices we make – and according to the life circumstances we were born into and how we respond to those circumstances.

We are not helpless victims being blown to and fro like a leaf in the wind – although we may sometimes feel that way.  

These individual time-lines occassionally intersect.  This overlapping of our time-lines has mutual influence on each other – to a smaller or greater degree.

Here in the year 2012 we find ourselves at the very close of a 25,000+ year cycle.  Technically it is called the “Precession of the Equinoxes.”  All indications historically, mythologically and scientifically confirm that a Cosmic Mega-Alignment is now upon us.  It is a Convergence of energies never before encountered on Gaia.

This is a highly energetic event which is occurring as our entire solar system enters a hitherto unknown area of space in which we come into direct alignment with the extreme energetics at the very core of our Milky Way Galaxy.

A huge rush of rapidly accelerating energy oscillations — representing many many different frequencies — are now turned upon us like a fire-hose.

Just let it be.

The incoming cosmic shower effects us physically, mentally and spiritually.  To use a biological term – it is a “Punctuated Equilibrium” which effects both our biology (DNA) and our human consciousness – both individually and collectively.

What does this mean?

It is a challenge to get beyond the “whadda bout this” and “whadda bout that.” 

Back off a few paces and bring the Big Picture into focus. 

You can never solve any problem at the level of the problem – simply because the parameters of the problem act as a restrictive cage – a closed circle shutting off many healing possibilities.  Transformation is now called for. 

Most of us have learned by now that whatever comes across the news media is blatant fear-based propaganda.  This is quite obvious when it comes to the main-stream news media but is also there in more subtle ways in the so-called “alternative” media.

Although many problems have not been solved – it won’t matter because our entire world is now entering a more rapid oscillating frequency (which is completely new to us) in which such manipulation, deception, greed, selfishness and control simply cannot exist.  Why?  Because those memes are completely out-of-alignment with the reality of the Universe.

Look around you.  The criminal government is collapsing – the entire financial system is now exposed as a blatant racketeering criminal enterprise.

It is no longer a secret that the entire world economy is (and has been) based upon the planned manipulation of continual warfare and genocide – justice is non-existent – our constitution has been relegated to the trash bin – the most basic human rights are despised – etc. etc. etc. and on and on – whadda bout this and whadda bout that.

Each one of those “problems” is a highly  orchestrated time-line with only one purpose in mind which is control over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children by the despotism of tyranny.

 It is now over – and the Tyrants are in a panic because they well know that their best laid plans are over for good.  Their long and carefully planned totalitarian bid has fallen apart and failed simply because it was totally out of alignment with the Universal Intention.

And – what is that Universal Intention?

Simply put – it is on behalf of life itself – forever uplifted toward a fuller and fuller expression – communication – thriving and sharing of its innate potential which is infinite energy and intelligence. 

For this to occur – every entity must be recognized as a sovereign entity emerged from the One Source Field. Life itself – in all its forms – is what the One Source Field produces.  Whenever a person fully realizes this – they have brought themselves into alignment with the meaning and purpose of the Universe – and that includes all universes in the multiverse and all the multifarious dimensions of time and space.

This is the basic quantum and sub-quantum drive – intention – purpose – thrust – expression – activity of the Source Field which is omnipresent.  It is everyplace and everytime all at once. 

A biophysicist friend (A.R. Borden) once stated it this way: “It is all a huge interactive conspiracy on behalf of the entire web-of-life.”

This present epoch is now over – not because anything got “fixed” but because all the time-lines are in their final stage of total and complete collapse.

Not one of this total dysfunction is worthy of fixing because the whole meme is rapidly dissolving – disintegrating — in fact. 

Why? Because – it is completely out-of-alignment with the Universal Intention and therefore self-destructs at a certain time. 

That time is now.

A complete reset of time itself is immenent. That is the meaning of the present energetic convergence.

Our extraterrestrial relatives and neighbors who have been with us since the beginning of our world (and before) and have been carefully observing this world of inquiry into the nature of human consciousness – are now increasingly making their appearance known.  Soon – when full disclosure of this fact becomes realized throughout the world – nothing will ever be the same and we will have a totally different perspective about everything – including ourselves.  Our destiny is to become a full fledged Galactic Civilization – and all that implies.

Our benevolent extraterrestrial relatives and neighbors conducted a massive survey of the energy signatures of all seven billion people on this planet. 

The selfish heart-hardened despots and tyrants are very few in number. But – they are and have been world leaders for thousands of years.  But – the vast majority of the people on Gaia desire the very same thing in their heart of hearts – peace on earth and goodwill toward all men.

They all want the exact same thing – just to love and be loved in return – to work creatively with their own two hands – and to offer a hopeful – prosperous – exciting and fulfilling life to their children.