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Full (i.e. truly transparent) Disclosure

Considering the probable source of the very slick (but very true if FULLY followed through) advertisement immediately below – I urge everyone who sees this to be quite skeptical – considering the source from whence it emerged. 

Yes . . . we truly need genuine FULL DISCLOSURE but that also must include proper legal prosecution of those responsible for the many violent and deceptive crimes against all human rights and basic decency which have for many years been carried out by our Secret Government – which is at this point still fully in control of our entire media – despite their many efforts to demonstrate otherwise for the sake of further deception.

In this case – they have developed a real hooker which most people in the know will immediately resonate with because they already see that this dying Secret Government is desperately trying to exercise control over the coming “Disclosure” in order to escape genuine justice.

Therefore, I will be following this to see where it goes. Here is the website purporting to be in favor of “Full Disclosure” which at this moment is still under construction: Will this actually get off the ground?


So . . . as you watch this magnetic piece of advertising designed to get a huge “YES!” out of you – use lots of caution, intuition and discernment.