Offworld Transmissions

Look up—-fear not

The Galactic Federation of Light is a vast cooperative of  benevolent and highly advanced space civilizations consisting of many species from many different worlds of time and space.  Many of them are human and look exactly like us.  Those will be the first with whom we will have direct face–to–face contact. 

They are a vast cooperative consisting of many species from many different worlds of time and space.

They all have the same basic intention and  the same motivating inner vision—-to uplift and nourish all life.

They have been with us since our creation.  Do to their respect for our sovereignty—-non-interference is their practice.  This has now changed.  Because we need assistance to make the shift into an entirely new dimension and density.  The time has now come for us to enter into a completely new paradigm and build a Galactic society that recognizes and respects who and what we are as well as our space brothers and sisters.

They have informed us through their contactee Sheldon Nidle that the terrible space wars which went on for millenia ended in the mid 1990’s with the signing of the Anchara Alliance.

Now—-we of planet earth have an unprecedented opportunity to  fulfill our destiny without the previous hinderances because  of those conflicts.

The key to this new freedom for earth humans is the removal of the despotic criminal cartel which has had control over humanity since the last fall of Atlantis nearly 13 millenia ago.

The GFL uplifts and nourishes all life in order that an emerging species which has  already reached a certain development—-might accelerate its spiritual and physical transformation and the transition into a higher dimension (ascension)—-and become able to more creatively express its inner potential while learning through wise mentorship from our Galactic family how to grok and correctly decode—-decipher—-and interpret the energetic signatures of any information field.  

This is preparation for fifth dimension.

The training by the GFL is not imposed—-but is strictly voluntary because individual human sovereignty is always respected and viewed as sacred by advanced ET beings of the light.  The New Paradigm sits on a solid foundation of endemic human rights.

These space civilizations  have already been interfacing with this earth frequency since the very beginning of earth’s creation—-and they are increasing that interface now  because the time has now arrived for earth humans to make our important transition into Galactic Citizenship and join in Universal service side by side with the Galactic Federation of Light.

Many many people all across this planet have already been voluntarily undergoing mentorship—-of various levels and intensities—-with these highly advanced and deeply wise ET intelligences.

My own contact began on August 15, 1967.

Although the GFL ships (which are transdimensional beamships) are often seen in our skies in ever increasing numbers, their preferred method of communication at this stage is telepathy. Each and every human being on earth has the innate ability to telepath. It is interwoven into our genetic makeup. This is a necessary tool for our growth.

The major obstacle to open physical contact has been the present rigorous control matrix on our planet which is trying desperately to cling to an old, dead, worn-out and very selfish system based upon scarcity, fear, violence, survival, competition, greed, arrogance, ignorance and egotistical pride.

These people are not qualified to lead themselves, much less anyone else.

This long system of ever expanding and metastasizing control is now finished forever and is presently in the process of collapsing into dust and ashes.

Like the Phoenix—-an entirely New Paradigm is now arising simultaneously with the collapse. This shift of the ages will include our Galactic Citizenship and is the beginning of an entirely NEW epoch.

Toward that goal, the present dark control paradigm—-the evil criminal cabal of thugs and gangsters now in control of the world’s financial system and the nations—-is about to be brought down.

Find out all about it HERE.

Justice is about to be done. Arrests and prosecutions have already begun.  It is building up to a huge event where there will be a mass arrest of the controlling criminal cabal carried out by certain earth humans who are the allies of the GFL.

The GFL communicates with us via telepathy and through even more organic interface in special cases.

My other blog   will present information and documentation of this huge very important event as it unfolds before our eyes and develops.

Selective information from several sources will be presented as well as important news developments about the takedown of the criminal cabal as it snowballs. 

As always—-it is your responsibility to use wise discernment in understanding these messages.

With regard to ‘channeled’ material especially — remember that it is always filtered through the one channeling the message.

I do occasionally share channeled messages — and ever since my own encounters with those I believe to be extraterrestrial intelligences — much of my work is ‘channeled.’

The following link will make it easier to understand how I view the art of channeling.

And — here are some channelers who — among others — have upon occasion greatly blessed me.  I share them with you now for your edification.








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