Parallel Realities

For me the pieces of the puzzle of “parallel realities” are starting to fit together.

This whole concept is so — shall we say “different” — from anything we have ever been taught that when one begins to discover it for themselves the vast implications literally begin to rewire the brain and ones entire neurological system.

Perhaps this is a physical aspect of the consciousness acceleration expected as the human race on planet earth is propelled into an entirely different dimension by means of the process which many refer to as “ascension.”

I think this discovery is an important milestone in the evolution of human consciousness and it is no “accident” that this is coming into focus right now while such a unique transformation and synchronicity is taking place among us — especially as we gradually become aware that we are not alone in the Universe and that the time has come for us to not only meet our neighbors but interact directly with them and learn what they know.

This knowledge and understanding cannot be “taught” in the traditional sense — but it must be discovered when ones own personal consciousness has become prepared to have this paradigm shattering information unfolded in their lives.

This unfoldment must occur gradually. Each of us resides in different places — however — our worlds do overlap and we can interact whenever we so choose.

It is so totally different from any kind of learning we have ever experienced that it does take some time seriously devoted to careful contemplation.

For this reason I wish to open up a discussion on this matter among those who — like myself — are beginning to make a juncture with these very unusual ideas and concepts.

Leave a comment.  I promise to respond.

To start this off I offer these:

  1. Please offer your perspective on this. My desire is to let go of my baggage and live what is deep inside my heart. I no longer wish to solve ANY world problems. I wish to step into a new earth.

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