The Arcturian Council Speaks

June 12, 2012

What practical method will be used to activate the primary performance codes of the New Paradigm?

Kadara the Healer


The primary performance codes of the New Paradigm are found to work for the best and highest good of all concerned (by all your highly advanced Galactic neighbors) when those primary performance codes are interfaced in harmonic resonance with the Light Encoded Reality Matrix (LERM) at the pre-quantum level. This is the imprint of all causality.

We have:

The multifarious vibrant Life Codes on all frequencies and all dimensions of time and space.

This is true of both (so-called) ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ unfolding manifestations of materializing thought forms which are being drawn out by any mass—-or individual—-consciousness.

It is:

An understanding—-a taught and learned epiphany—-that penetrates all levels of a galactic culture—-which results in total and full respect and awesome appreciation for the entire web-of-life.

This is practically accomplished by learning direct energetic interface with any and all selected life matrices through ones own focused vector intention, which resonates and harmonizes with the Prime Universal Intention of the Source Field in order to uplift—-bless—-thrive—-stimulate—-encourage—-repair when necessary—-and adjust when necessary. These qualities emerge in order to maintain the primary cosmic performance codes which become revealed at the quantum level

In other words:

In the New Paradigm, we directly and intentionally align our primary lucid thought with the expressed intention of the vast cosmic plan existing within the Source Field.

This is the fundamental basis of all education and learning whatever it may be in its outward expression.

Those who intuitively understand what has just been said are in the forefront of the new learning—-as all teachers and all students merge together as one in this multi-grok of unprecedented discovery which was never before understood nor practiced on a full societal level on your Mother Earth.

Yes—-it is quite exciting!

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  1. As always, I find your subjects very on point and well articulated.

    Blessings of Peace,

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