Communicating Advanced Multidimensional Concepts

crocusChanneling is a very important all-inclusive art form that can uplift the spirit and expand the consciousness of a hearer who finds resonance with the message. Recently on this blog I have been including channeled material from different sources whenever I find particular individual resonance with what is shared. I do hope some of these messages resonate with you also. However — I find that the process of channeling is not too well understood. I wish to present to you here my own perspective about what the material called ‘channeling’ is really all about.

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Message From Ashtar Through Kathryn May

Ashtar:  A Loving Update



We are looking forward with glee, on the ships and amongst you there on the ground when we come to walk among you, unseen to you, but enjoying the things that you enjoy, like the beautiful vistas, the lush green forests, and the laughter of children.  We come to be with our incarnations, our beloved friends, and our colleagues there on the surface of Planet Earth, and of course elsewhere when we wish to travel to distant planets.

It is one of the great advantages of being in higher dimensions that we have no need for the complicated arrangements, packing and schlepping, as you call it.  We can leave where we are, and materialize lightyears away in no time, although it does require a bit of advanced technology to accomplish it without effort.  Our thoughtwaves, of course, can travel infinite distances in a second.  This is why it is possible for our channelers to hear us over great distances, as when Prime Creator speaks from the Center of the Universe and is picked up just as clearly as when we are standing in the room beside you.

These are the things you have to look forward to, Dear Ones, and many more.  Those of you who are alive now and who have contracted to stay for the Shift will be the witnesses to a miraculous series of events.  The roll-out has been adjusted a bit because you have made wonderful progress in raising your vibrations.  There has been a huge leap on the part of those who were already awake, and the ones who are just beginning to respond to the great energies from the Central Sun have advanced beautifully.

You would not necessarily notice it on the ground if you were not aware of what to look for, because the greatest changes are occurring behind closed doors in homes around the world, and in office places, factories, on the streets and markets of the world.  A new  feeling of lively cooperation and easy-going fun is beginning to be felt in neighborhoods and towns. Where people were strangers, they are beginning to greet each other with a smile.  Taxi drivers and shop keepers are finding moments to be kind and generous with others.  Mothers and fathers who were too stressed to really pay attention to their children are noticing how beautiful and smart they seem to have become.

These small moments are not being announced on the news, and if you did not know what to look for you might miss the fact that the atmosphere is changing gradually.  Yes, there are still some conflicts around the world, but they are not now and they will not be the beginning of a worldwide conflagration.  As we have told you, nuclear weapons will not be permitted to be used under any circumstances.

We are at this moment holding back our direct interventions to allow the leaders on the ground to make their moves toward peaceful resolution of conflicts.  The two widely publicized conflicts, in the Ukraine and the Israel/Palestine hostility are being contained by sporadic cease-fires and intensive mediated negotiations.  World powers are taking an interest and are working behind the scenes in both cases.  What might appear as the old version of civil conflicts which could go on for generations are not going to be permitted to continue.  There is too much at stake now.

Some of the things you might not have put together are these:  There are many more leaders in the world at this moment who are not working for the cabal or the military-industrial complex, but are genuinely interested in the establishing peace.  This includes the U.S.  A far greater number of the negotiating team, although not all, are now in full agreement that military intervention should be the last resort, after all other options have been exhausted, not the first.

The negotiations of which I speak are being conducted entirely off the record, unpublicized and unreported.  Telephone calls between world leaders are now an everyday occurrence, and are bearing fruit.  Delicate issues are being discussed far more openly than ever before, and there is a new sense of wanting to help one another walk the fine line between appearing belligerent and seeming weak.  In a world of 3-dimensional thinking, this is a challenge for all.

Now, you will want to know about the Malaysian airliner which was shot down over the Ukraine.  It was not the same as the Flight 370 scenario, where we knew of the intrigue behind the scenes and could rescue the plane.  The passengers themselves were targeted over ownership of the weapons technology they had created.  This time, there was what you might call a mistake – a blunder which will make the activity of shooting down anything looking like a passenger plane as an act of war a stupid idea.

Several things came together to create this tragedy.  First, the airline’s policy of adhering to standard flight paths because it is the cheapest way to get from one destination to another.  The second is the over-zealous reaction of the rebel fighters, secretly supplied by a Russian group, although not officially through Putin’s government.  It was meant to be a show of power on the part of the insurgents, who are actually being used by those sponsoring this “rebellion” as part of an attempt to bring this part of the Ukraine under the control of the Russian cabal.

You may be aware of the prize:  there have recently been discoveries of ancient pyramids in this part of the Ukraine, and it is expected that the rich treasure trove beneath the pyramids may contain “ancient” technological secrets.  Just as in the U.S., there has been a large “black ops” organization with private funding from the 13 families, who wish to take possession of these ancient sites for their own use.  They will not succeed.  Help will come from an unexpected quarter, and will be under the direction of Putin, who is awakened and understands the value of these discoveries.

There is a new, close cooperation between Obama and Putin, who are both now working for the Light in secret.  The appearances of continued strife are just that – appearances, designed to lull the cabal while plans for the Global Currency Reset and new governance – NESARA law – are brought into existence.  Both leaders will be putting themselves out of power with the initiation of the new legal systems, and are aligned behind the scenes to make this happen, hopefully before the next election in the U.S.

You may have also guessed that the “tunnels” which the Israelis are trying to wrest from the Palestinians are not newly constructed, but are part of the extensive system of tunnels which connect the ancient pyramids around the world, including the network which leads to the Romanian pyramid complex and the Library of Porthologos, which has been kept secret for more than 10 years.  It will be revealed as soon as it is assured that the precious contents will not fall into cabal hands.

These tunnels also hold carefully guarded entrances to Inner Earth.  The Agarthans who have lived in peace for thousands of years since the fall of Atlantis are awaiting the prophesied moment when they can at last embrace their brothers and sisters on the surface.  You can feel it coming closer, can you not?  It is planned for a time just shortly after you receive your blessings, for there are many now on Earth who wish to help fund and produce new technologies which will free everyone from the burdens and problems of fossil fuel energy.  Completely new energy, transportation and communication systems will be available soon which will make everything you have now obsolete.

Many have asked about which are the most efficient and promising technologies for you to help out with by investing in them when the time comes.  Never fear, dear brothers and sisters, we will get the information to you, through our channels who are trained to understand and channel scientific information, or through your own advanced scientists who are beginning to appreciate the value of intuitive proddings from their Higher Selves.

We wish to help you with these projects, to help you pursue the most effective and advanced systems possible, as long as we are all certain they will be used for peaceful purposes, and for the good of all.  You are now in the process of cleaning up and preparing for the coming changes.  We encourage you to continue with your meditations and exercises to help clear away all residue of fear, anxiety and depression.  Any remnant of these feelings is still feeding the darkness which slows your collective movement into higher dimensions.

Now, I have something serious to talk with you about- a way of thinking about your part in the whole project that will help you Ascend more quickly. Like the others who have spoken to you in this latest series of messages, I am going to give you a difficult challenge.  To understand more deeply what we are teaching, and what you are all up against, I also recommend an excellent overview given by the Arcturians to Marilyn Raffaele.  (The Arcturian Group Message. Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, August 31, 2013, at

You are not used to thinking of yourselves as an integral part of the Universal whole.  Your emphasis on individual issues, feelings and pursuits does not take into account the profound impact on the whole which one person can have.  Look to yourselves, Dear Ones, to take responsibility for your own level of energy/frequency.  Worry, doubt, self-loathing, resentment and all the shades of fear which you alone produce as a result of your paranoid and negative thinking plays a part in dragging down the whole Project.

This is what we mean by Oneness.  Each individual is an integral part of the fabric of the whole.  Your feelings affect me.  Your partner’s feelings affect you.  A family of darkness produces a vortex which pulls the energy field down in their vicinity (although it cannot pull you into it or lower your vibration if you refuse to be drawn in).  For Light beings, it would feel cold, uncomfortable and repugnant.  Your radar would be activated to protect you. You are familiar with this dynamic when you have the experience of someone who “gives you the willies” or makes you skin crawl, or “gives you the creeps.”

You see?  You are well protected.  Now it is time for you to use those skills and sensibilities to truly come into your own.  Put your foot down, between you and yourself, and promise yourself to NEVER AGAIN take part in a judgmental condemnation of another, no matter who they are.  Desist!  Do not allow any comment or thought to pass your lips or your computer channels which disparages, picks apart or demeans another.  This includes everything from comments about how some movie star looks in a bikini to sneering opinions about the failings of a political or social leader.  The era of attacking another from the safety of internet anonymity was always an illusion.

Just because it has been common behavior for people to behave in a hostile and hurtful way toward one another, even anonymously, does not mean it doesn’t matter. In fact it matters to the whole world!

Remove yourselves entirely from this form of discourse, Beloved Ones.  Speak only with the voice of God, which is your true essence.  If you must speak of another, use only your own feelings as your point of reference.  It is very different to say, “I feel a dark vibration in that person’s presence, do you?” than to say, “George is a villain (or a failure, or a pariah, etc.).”  Unless you have proof (not heresay, or evidence on the “news”) that this individual has a long track record of dangerous behavior, it is not appropriate to even mention it, and even then, encourage others to send love to help that individual turn toward the Light.

Have nothing to do with comments like, “The world is in a terrible state,” “Everyone is suffering,” or “Everyone is just out for themselves.  It’s human nature.”  You cannot see what we see, dear friends.  We see hope, rising vibrations and Love.  Are you out for only yourself?  You are taking that stance when you “talk trash” or even think “trash.”  Yes, I do like your slang – it’s so graphic :)

In other words, say only what you see with your own eyes and feel in your heart.  This will help you avoid the popular culture in which low-vibration critique and commentary is the most common form of communication.  Awaken, Dear Ones!  Listen to your own thoughts and feelings!  Monitor every word that passes through you to the world!  In this way you will clean up the airwaves, as we, your Galactic brothers and sisters are helping to clean up the nuclear pollution in your air, land and water.

Emotional pollution is the most toxic energy field still remaining in your environment.
So, Dearest Ones, clean up your act!  Do it with humor, with a sense of camaraderie and joy, and you will be making the finest contribution an individual can make to the New World we are creating together.

I do not say this to make you feel guilty.  Absolutely not!  That would be using my words to increase the darkness you already feel.  I only wish to illustrate for you in the most vivid way possible that We are One!  This is not just a happy, dreamy feeling.  It is our reality!  Embrace this Oneness.  Breathe the sustenance you can gain from absorbing the Great Love bubbling all around you.  When you do that, choosing Love instead of distraction, you lift yourself and others around you.  Join us in Love, Dearest Ones.  Revel in our connection!  Bathe in our Love!  Transcend all you have known, to make the transition to Light!  It is truly a New Day.

I am Ashtar, and I love each and every one of you endlessly, completely.  Namaste, dear brothers and sisters.  We applaud your awakening!  Namaste!

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 24, 2014, 12 PM, Quebec.

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

BRICS — Some Very Good News Indeed

The BRICS Bank Signals the End of the American Financial Empire and U.S. Dollar Hegemony

by Dr. Nasser H. Saidi


Posted: 07/21/2014 10:40 am EDT

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Establishing the BRICS Bank is a momentous event

The July 2014 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Summit was a momentous event, more important than the World Cup that also took place in Brazil. The BRICS sealed the deal towards the creation of the BRICS development bank and a US$ 100 billion reserve fund, labelled a “Contingency Reserve Arrangement” that promises to help developing nations avoid “short-term liquidity pressures, promote further BRICS cooperation, strengthen the global financial safety net and complement existing international arrangements.”

The BRICS bank is expected to strengthen economic and financial relations and cooperation between the members of the BRICS group, promote mutual investments in addition to providing development funding in the BRICS group and in developing countries, with a likely focus on the African region. The BRICS bank will provide loans, guarantees, long-term credits and make equity investments. A major focus will be on infrastructure, aiming to address a yawning gap in infrastructure finance for the emerging economies. To illustrate, the ADB estimates that Asia will need some US$ 800bn a year of infrastructure investment between now and 2020 — but, it lends only US$ 10bn a year for infrastructure.

The MENA region countries face a similar infrastructure financing gap of some US$ 60bn per year, not to mention over US$1 trillion for reconstruction following wars and violence. Ironically the BRICS bank mission is similar to the original mission of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development alias the World Bank, but which went awry. As founders, the BRICS agreed at the Summit that the capital for the bank would be split equally among the five nations, giving equal voting power. The bank will have its headquarters in Shanghai, and the first president for the bank will come from India, while the board will mainly come from Brazil.

Shifting ‘soft power’ to the BRICS and emerging economies

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A Message From Jesus Through John Smallman


A Message from Jesus

by John Smallman

It is your nature to roam the divine cosmos freely.

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Within the illusion time expands and contracts, it is unreal and unreliable, and yet as you experience it it appears to move in a regular and linear fashion from the past, with all its memories, momentarily and continuously through the present, and into the uncertainty of a future that you try to forecast and pin down . . . and then something quite unexpected occurs! And that is one extremely good reason for living in the now! If you make a point of living in this now moment and dealing with events, situations, issues, and problems as they occur, relying on your intuition – the wisdom of your real Self – all will flow far more smoothly for you.

Trying to second guess what may happen tomorrow, next week, or next year intensifies the levels of stress that you experience through living in the darkness of the illusion – darkness because the Light of God’s Love is hidden from you by the cloak or fog of the illusion. To see clearly you have to leave the illusion and all its concepts and logic far behind you. All the inspiring insights that the great minds among you have discovered over the eons have been revealed to them when they were not anchored by the limits that the illusion imposes upon you, but when they were roaming free through the cosmos of their unlimited minds, ignoring all the preconceptions and cultural beliefs that may have suggested that what they were seeking was an impossible dream, unreal, a myth.

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It is your nature to roam the divine cosmos freely, unfettered by logical human thought that invents rules based on inadequate understanding which then severely limits your creative abilities. Rules restrain and limit you unnaturally. They are, however, very convenient aspects of the illusion where separation seems substantial, and tangible, and they provide a framework that ensures, for instance, that people driving motor vehicles do not, on the whole, collide with each other because they are all following the same rules in a rather crowded environment. That aspect of rules is very useful as you struggle with the stresses and anxieties of daily living because it provides guidelines that enable you to be reasonably certain that your personal safety is assured.

What has happened over the eons is that many of the rules and regulations have become an inflexible and unquestioned overlay to all that you do, rather like an open prison, severely restricting your creative abilities in the form of imaginary blockages to progress – it is a bit like being in a room with many doors or exits, all but one of which are wide open, and you can only see the one that is closed and think that you are therefore unable to leave. In the last few decades there has been enormous growth in the numbers questioning all the rules, and this is very healthy.

God created you FREE! You chose to restrict yourselves by building the illusion and enclosing yourselves within it, and finally you are questioning it on a massive scale and coming to a collective realization that it is an asylum for the insane!

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It was insane to build the illusion. It was a totally unrealistic and impossible attempt to separate yourselves from God because He is All that exists, and therefore separation from Him is impossible. He created you in Love and gave you everything that He had – infinite Love, infinite Wisdom, infinite Knowledge, infinite Power, and endless creative abilities and opportunities – and you chose to leave them all behind and enclose yourselves in a state of unreality where you eschewed those gifts to engage in the competitive destruction of one another, endlessly throughout the eons.

It matters not what you achieve through your constant and determined human efforts – wealth, position, recognition, power – because all of these are ephemeral, they do not and cannot last, and the very limited satisfaction that they provide fades rapidly. Your true Home is with God, you know that, and nothing else can ever satisfy your intense need to be One once more with God.

It has taken a long time for you to come to that realization and make the collective choice and decision to engage once again with Love so that the illusion can dissolve back into the nothingness from which you imagined it into existence. Every moment you spend within, in your quiet inner sanctuary, intending to be loving,compassionate, and accepting, accelerates the rate at which the illusion is crumbling.

All the spiritual channels, all those in the spiritual realms keep stressing the vital importance of attending to your personal spiritual practices daily because that is how you awaken. It expresses an overriding intent to awaken, to know and experience the Reality and the Oneness that is your real and eternal nature. It is what everyone who ever engaged with the illusion has sought and is seeking. Deep within every sentient being is the knowing that you are One with God, the Source from which all that exists flows in endless Love. By choosing to give credence to the illusion you have hidden that knowing from yourselves, and it is that apparent loss that is so painful for you. Nothing can be satisfactorily substituted for that all-encompassing sense of acceptance that Oneness and the Love that is Its nature provides… nothing!

And there is only Oneness, there is no beyond or outside, no past or future, there is just now at One with Source. When you awaken, as you will, the joy and wonder that replaces all your doubts, anxieties, and fears will enfold you in a state of unimaginable ecstatic bliss. Go within daily, hourly if you can, and bring it to fruition, because that is what you are here to do.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four




by John Smallman

Humanity’s return to its natural fully awakened and fully conscious state has never been in doubt.

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The fun has started! Your awakening is, for all of you, unbelievably imminent! Yes, you may well be thinking “Here we go again, setting ourselves up for another enormous disappointment!” However, this is most definitely not the case. Please prepare for the most amazing event ever to occur in humanity’s long and frequently most unhappy history. You are at the tipping point, your awakening is inescapable, divinely assured, and consequently there is absolutely no possibility of your slipping backwards into the mire that is the illusion.

I am sure that this statement is, at the least, rather unsettling for many of you because there have been so many apparent delays and disappointments over the years, as you have continued to determinedly and lovingly hold your Light on high as wayshowers intending to lead humanity forward to its spiritual destiny, to awaken into its natural and blissful state – Love, Oneness with one another and with your heavenly Father, your Source, God.

After so many “false starts” it would be amazing if enormous numbers of Red Flags did not arise in your minds as you read or listen to these words. Be ready to drop them because your awakening into eternal joy will erase all the fears that caused you to raise them. There is no need for them because you are coming Home to Reality – Oneness with God.

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Since the moment of your apparent, and I stress the word “apparent,” separation from God you have been on the path Home to Him – just like the prodigal son in Jesus’ story or parable in The New Testament. And, just like the prodigal son in that parable, you have all, from time to time and from human incarnation to human incarnation experienced the uplifting ups and the catastrophic downs of this illusory journey. But, as in that story, when you finally arrive Home, dishevelled, depressed, and fearful, your Father is already running to meet and greet you with His loving arms WIDE OPEN! He KNOWS that you are coming, and He calls immediately for a great celebration to welcome you Home.

He has missed you, and your imminent return brings Him immeasurable joy. And, of course, your joy on awakening will overwhelm you initially, until you remember where you are, and recognize that you have returned Home to where you belong, at One with Him, and realize that the ecstasy, the infinite joy, and the complete freedom from fear and anxiety that now enfold you are what you left behind when you engaged in the illusory experience of separation.

Until you experienced that illusory state you did not know, and could not possibly have imagined fear, suffering, and anxiety. And on your return Home – your awakening into your natural state as a divine and fully conscious child of God – all that has caused you pain and suffering will be gone as though it had never existed, and, as you will clearly understand when you awaken, it never did!

Humanity’s return to its natural fully awakened and fully conscious state has never been in doubt, except in your severely limited illusory minds where doubt and anxiety is endless. You are all divine beings created by God to enjoy eternal life. No deaths and rebirths as humans were planned for you, just an eternal life of ecstatic happiness eternally connected to your Father Who’s joy was increased by the joy that each of you experienced.

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But you developed the “teenage syndrome”, the intense desire to demonstrate to your heavenly Father your independence from Him and your ability to live happily and freely without his guidance, interference, or oversight, and so you chose to build and enter into the illusion. It was like drawing a very detailed picture that tells a story, and then imagining yourself within it, altering the plot as your interests and desires changed. Finally you became so absorbed in this unreal world that you could no longer see that it was unreal and illusory, and you forgot that you could adjust the story line. You forgot that the Reality in which you had been created as children of God, and in which you were sublimely happy, was your true and eternal Home and heritage. In fact to make the illusion seem even more real you erased all your memories of your heavenly Home.

You were lost! And so you began a spiritual quest to find the supreme intelligence whom you were convinced had created this world of pain and suffering in which you were trapped. It now seemed that you were helpless and weak beings whom the imaginary and vengeful god that you had invented could destroy at any moment. You believed that you were unwilling victims in an insane and frightening world in which this vindictive and powerful being had confined you in order to control you and have you pay him obeisance, and then take delight in watching you suffering the punishments that he imposed on you. Or, you believed that this physical world was all that existed, that god was an illusion, and that this life was your one and only chance to experience life.

Holding either of these beliefs left you with two choices:

1) Recognize that as a human of limited abilities and intelligence you needed to find God, a loving father, a superior and infinite intelligence who had obviously created the world, and beseech it to save you from the pain and suffering that you were undergoing – which is a result of your unwise choice to build and enter into the illusion and then forget that you had done so. But of course you were unaware that you were the cause of your pain and suffering because you believed that God had imposed them on you to punish you for your sins. You then spent your time beseeching this infinite intelligence to have mercy on you, to save you from the horrors that you believed He had created to punish you for your sins, sins that you had invented and judged as unacceptable to Him.

2) Enjoy the illusion and experience every possibility that it offered you to have fun, to develop your egos and your independence, irrespective of the results that that unthinking and self-centered behavior might have on others. Within the illusion, each individual found himself to be the absolute center of his own personal universe, able to claim that god, if he believed in a god, was on his side and that anyone else with whom he engaged was there purely to be used and abused as necessary to advance his personal ambitions and agendas, because this would place him in good standing with the god he had invented to support him. And any pain or suffering that you experienced was as a direct result of others, your enemies, whom your god wanted you to destroy!


Neither of these choices makes any sense at all because God is Love, unconditionally accepting of all of His children, and He is constantly calling to them to awaken into Reality where their eternal joy is assured and guaranteed.

God is Love. You were all created in Love, from Love, and by Him for eternal joy. Anything that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, non-existent, and all that you have to do, need to do, is to let go of and completely release any aspects of yourselves that are not in alignment with Love – judgment, conflict, non-acceptance, attack or defense, dismissal, disrespect, intolerance – and open yourselves to accept and receive the abundant flow of Love that surrounds you in every moment, allowing It to completely suffuse you. When you do that the Love that fills each one of you expands through you and embraces everyone else in the infinite field of Love where there is only the One.

Truly, you are blessed and honored, because here in the spiritual realms we see very clearly the trials you have very courageously chosen to undergo, and the difficult lessons that you have chosen to learn and which are absolutely essential steps on your path to awakening. And now the time for learning, for appreciating and dealing with the difficulties that your chosen paths have been constantly presenting you is drawing to a well-deserved moment of closure.

You, the Light bearers and wayshowers have completed all the lessons that humanity chose and needed to learn, and you have passed your “exams” with flying colors. Continue your daily meditation, prayer, and contemplation practices as, through your heartfelt and God driven intent, you bring humanity to the point of awakening. Your reward is your release from the limitations and suffering with which the illusion presents all who enter into it, and that release is close. As you spend time daily intending that humanity awaken, the power of that uncompromising intent ensures that it is achieved. Your demanding task is complete, so sit back, relax into your quiet inner sanctuaries, and enjoy the awakening as it happens, moment by moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

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John Smallman — A Message From Jesus


A Message from Jesus

from John Smallman ~ 7-12-14

You are about to blow your minds and find yourselves One with God.

Today I would like to address humanity’s fears and worries, as it appears that all over the world violence and conflict is escalating uncontrollably.


Humanity is awakening! The many conflicts erupting, between individuals in difficult relationships or within nations apparently preparing to or already tearing themselves apart at the seams, appears to indicate the reverse. This is not the case. For eons there has been forceful and psychological oppression, suppression, and denial in every race, culture, and religion on Earth, with each one claiming the right to enforce their views on those born into them.

However, these conflicts are but an enormous indication of the awakening of vast numbers of humans who are no longer willing to surrender their power to those who would usurp it and use it against them.

These conflicts are the last vestiges of the enforcers attempts to maintain control of humanity, but humanity has made the collective decision not to be controlled. Large numbers of you are realizing that you are all sovereign beings who have the absolute right to the freedom to live your lives in ways that suit each one of you personally, and in which interaction with one another is harmonious, cordial, peaceful, and compassionate.

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Those who have held the apparent reins of power and used them to reign over you are doing their utmost to maintain control by passing ever more laws to supposedly “protect you from the terrorists” who they claim constantly threaten your lives and security. The real terrorists, of course – although truly there are none, there is just a small minority of severely damaged individuals living in terror, and therefore constantly maintaining within themselves a state of readiness to take up arms – are those who would retain their positions of power and authority over you, and who are desperately trying to maintain that power and authority through the unconscionable use of the various legal jurisdictions, military, security, and intelligence arms of their governments.

The end of those times is fast approaching because humanity has decided no longer to be cowed, suppressed, or controlled. Major governmental changes are secretly underway all over the planet, changes that are essential for the harmonious living conditions that are soon to break out across the world. You have had enough conflict, you can see clearly that it only induces more conflict, you are ready to release yourselves from it, and because it is your collective will and the divine Will you will be utterly successful.

As you are always being reminded by those in the spiritual realms through numerous channels “Love is the only answer to any issue or problem with which you have to deal.” And deep within yourselves, each of you, every human being, knows this. The illusion was built as a means to experience separation from God and therefore from one another and it has been extremely successful in convincing you that you are each separate, tiny, and insignificant parts of an unimaginably vast and threatening whole.

However, as you have been told before, the illusion is like a dark cloak enveloping you all, and hiding from you the reality of God’s eternal and brilliant day in which all that He creates has its permanent and non ending existence. You all have within you the divine Spark of Love from which you were created that is inextinguishable, but which has been hidden from your sight by the cloak of darkness that contains and maintains the illusion.


The Tsunami of Love now embracing the illusion is intensifying because so many of you have made the choice to choose Love instead of fear. Fear has not yet totally dissolved, it takes hold of you in moments of doubt and anxiety, but your intent to be loving disarms it, and so it is dissolving, along with the whole illusory nightmare in which it seems you have been enfolded against your will for eons.

Your absolutely crucial daily period of prayer, relaxation, contemplation, or meditation – what you call it is immaterial – when you intend to be aware of God’s Love for you, and when you commune with your favorite angels, guides, or mentors in the spiritual realms provides you with the mightiness of intent to bring you to the moment of awakening.

The time for pain, suffering, betrayal, conflict, and war is coming to an end. There is no one on Earth who is unaware of the insanity of your modern technological methods of warfare, and the numbers of those who would engage in it are steadily dwindling.

Those who are still engaged with supporting and advancing the military/industrial labyrinth, or who are just earning their livings by working in it, are increasingly aware of what an ungainly and uncontrollable monster it has become. There are very few who are not questioning the way it has absorbed them into its dark and forbidding corridors as they look for ways to escape from it or disable it.


The Love that you embrace, share, and extend to all is sweeping away the last remnants of the foundations on which the illusion was built. An illusion dissolves when it is seen for what it is, and that is what is occurring now as the final wars and conflicts enter into a phase of self-destructive collapse or melt-down from which they will not recover.

Love embraces you, Love enfolds you, Love is your nature, and in Its Presence anything that is not aligned with it disintegrates because there is nothing apart from It. The Love within each one of you is determined to shine forth, and there is nothing that can prevent that from happening. You are about to blow your minds and find yourselves One with God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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