2013 New Aeon of Consciousness

Cosmic Rainbow Pulse

Cosmic Rainbow Pulse

2013 – New Aeon of Consciousness

Source:  The Law of Time

We are the Elders of the Supreme Star Council of the Federation of Galactic Federations. We speak as a unified voice of matters that concern all of you. As a unified voice we can only be understood by a unified consciousness.

A unified consciousness is not just the consciousness of a single being unified in itself, but that of a brother/sisterhood of beings unified as a single organism.

Many of you are feeling the accelerated changes taking place within your organism and on your planet. These shifts are coming because your collective inner dream is beginning to assert itself in the third dimension.

Everything that is occurring in your world is a symptom of rapidly approaching the major event point of the changing aeon of consciousness. The earth is shifting frequency from 12:60 machine “time is money” domination to 13:20 spiritual/mental “time is art” evolution.

Many who are talking or writing about 2012 are passing their intuitive perceptions about the event through a 12:60 filter, and presume, through their work, to be the spokesperson for a particular point of view which they invariably think is the correct one. They are not to blame.

The mass mind has not yet fully realized their consciousness is still immersed in the aeon of consciousness that is soon to be terminated (12:60). They are not communicating yet from the perspective of the new aeon of consciousness (13:20).

The new aeon of consciousness is the aeon of universal unified consciousness. The old aeon is the aeon of the evolution of the egoic individualized consciousness.

During this cycle consciousness has emerged from a tribal unconscious of spiritual equality into a dialectical struggle between those who dominate through the reinvention of reality and those who uphold the sufficiency of spiritual Reality. The upholders of the reinvention of reality have incarnated to play roles such as politicians, bankers, CEOs of pharmaceutical companies, etc.

This dialectical struggle has created the tension in consciousness that has dominated your line of force for the last six thousand years. This is the climax of the struggle between spirit and matter. 

All the sacred books and teachers of holy truth have arisen solely for the purpose of upholding the remembrance of spiritual reality against the rising tide of materialism.

Even so, the followers of these sacred books and holy teachers themselves always end up reinventing reality and calling it by the name of yet another religion. In this way the progressive force of the upholders of the reinvention of reality have come to prevail. In this patriarchal script, the weight of matter always proves superior to the etheric mantle of spirit, which it easily tears to shreds. But this is soon to change.

The dialectic between spirit and matter is known as history, the progress of the reinventers of reality in time – the dominating patriarch – and their unceasing pursuit of power and total world conquest.

Finally, about 500 years ago, the objective of conquering the entire line of force for the benefit of those upholding the reinvention of reality as the principle purpose of human existence had been attained. The last remnants of tribal consciousness could then be squeezed into this artificial matrix fueled by greed where money reigns as the supreme arbiter.

Now also the final stage of the present aeon of consciousness was able to flower. This was the age of the flowering of ego, male dominance and the triumph of the individualization of consciousness. In the New Aeon comes the emergence and balance of the earth-centered feminine energy that does not fit into existing frameworks. 

In this final age all vestiges of the tribal unconscious and the older hierarchies of spiritual reality were pushed aside in favor of the complete reinvention of Reality, the new world order. Consciousness was now privatized through media of mass communication. Anyone could think and do what they wanted – within the limits set by the protectors of the social order. What you call nature was devalued to the condition of a raw commodity resource bank where Earth’s precious resources were unfeelingly stripped and sold to the highest bidder.

We are the Elders of the Supreme Star Council of the Federation of Galactic Federations. We have studied your line of force through different aeons of consciousness.

The aeon now ending is the Aeon of the Testing of Consciousness. It is the testing of the individual soul. Who you think you are and who you actually are, are two entirely different things.

You have theories about how you came to be which make no sense. You are closer to the truth when you place GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) in the position of having created you. 

As the emanation of the Higher Reality, the template of your being was “fashioned” by divinely directed “biological engineers” in another line of force of reality. Your galaxy was selected as a test zone. The test zone was designed by cosmic engineers to accommodate sequences of aeons of consciousness in which your species was the test case for the emergence of “spiritual consciousness.”

Following the final testing of the present aeon of consciousness, the new aeon will dawn, the aeon of the flowering of spiritual consciousness. For this we are being prepared as a new cosmic species.

The BRICS Bank Signals the End of the American Financial Empire and U.S. Dollar Hegemony

Living Waters - Gods Economy

Living Waters – Gods Economy

July 23, 2014


Posted: 07/21/2014 10:40 am EDT

Establishing the BRICS Bank is a momentous event

The July 2014 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Summit was a momentous event, more important than the World Cup that also took place in Brazil. The BRICS sealed the deal towards the creation of the BRICS development bank and a US$ 100 billion reserve fund, labelled a “Contingency Reserve Arrangement” that promises to help developing nations avoid “short-term liquidity pressures, promote further BRICS cooperation, strengthen the global financial safety net and complement existing international arrangements.” The BRICS bank is expected to strengthen economic and financial relations and cooperation between the members of the BRICS group, promote mutual investments in addition to providing development funding in the BRICS group and in developing countries, with a likely focus on the African region. The BRICS bank will provide loans, guarantees, long-term credits and make equity investments. A major focus will be on infrastructure, aiming to address a yawning gap in infrastructure finance for the emerging economies. To illustrate, the ADB estimates that Asia will need some US$ 800bn a year of infrastructure investment between now and 2020 — but, it lends only US$ 10bn a year for infrastructure. The MENA region countries face a similar infrastructure financing gap of some US$ 60bn per year, not to mention over US$1 trillion for reconstruction following wars and violence. Ironically the BRICS bank mission is similar to the original mission of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development alias the World Bank, but which went awry. As founders, the BRICS agreed at the Summit that the capital for the bank would be split equally among the five nations, giving equal voting power. The bank will have its headquarters in Shanghai, and the first president for the bank will come from India, while the board will mainly come from Brazil.

Shifting ‘soft power’ to the BRICS and emerging economies

The establishment of the BRICS bank marks the delayed shift of ‘soft power’ from the ‘West’, from the US and Europe to Asia and to emerging economies, confirming the shift in economic and financial weight. The centre of global economic and financial geography has been progressively shifting “East” for the past three decades, with the epicentre now lying East of Mumbai. Measured at PPP rates, China will have surpassed the US by 2017 as the world’s largest economy, while India has already surpassed Japan to become the world’s third largest economy. This tectonic shift in economic fortunes and transformation of the global economy is already evident in changed patterns of production, trade, investment and capital markets: emerging markets already account for 48% of world trade, with Asia’s share alone at 31.5%. In line with positive growth prospects and higher returns to investment, some 52% of global FDI flows into emerging markets, with 30% into Asia. Non-OECD economies now account for 65% of energy markets, with demand from China dominant.

But global institutions have yet to reflect the economic and financial power of the BRICS. The shift in soft power will unfurl in three main developments over the coming decade: a change in the governance of the international monetary and financial architecture, the growth of ‘Renminbisation’ and the emergence of local currency markets in emerging economies.

Changing governance of international monetary and financial architecture

Today, the BRICS account for about 25% of global GDP, 35% of total international reserves (with China at over US$4 trillion), 25% of total land area and around 42% of the world’s population. However, despite their economic weight, the BRICS have a major power gap in global economic governance. Their representation, voting power, participation in management and staff in the Bretton Woods institutions (IMF, World Bank, WTO, and IFC) and others like the BIS, displays a major deficit of ‘voice’ and influence. The tectonic shift in world economic geography has not reflected itself in the governance and management, let alone the staff of IFIs. The BRICS and emerging countries do not set the agenda but they must bow to the diktats! Voting power at the IMF disproportionately favours the US 16.75%, Japan 6.23%, Germany, France and the UK votes add up to 14.39% compared to a total for the 11% for BRICS, of which China: 3.8%. Despite the BRICS endeavouring to increase their influence of global financial decision-making, the US and the Europeans have thwarted attempts at IFI reform. The IMF’s voting reforms approved in 2010, ratified by more than three-quarters of the Fund’s member governments are still missing ratification by the US. The new BRICS bank and international reserves facility are the first building block of a new international monetary and financial architecture with new institutions and greater ‘voice’ for the new economic and financial powers of the XXI century, with a focus on issues relevant to emerging economies. The next global agreement will be Shanghai I not Bretton Woods II.

Growing Renminbisation is the alternative to US$ hegemony

The second building block of the new international financial architecture is the creation of a ‘Yuan Zone’. Currently, global trade and investment flows and payments are mainly intermediated and settled through the use of the US$ and the Euro. GCC oil sold to China is priced and settled in US$ through US$ regulated clearing banks, which increases transactions costs and involves exchange rate and payment risk. In addition, participants in the US$-based payment system have also been subject to fines and penalties arising from politically motivated US sanctions. China is today the world’s biggest trading nation and its bilateral trade can be more efficiently conducted using Renminbi (RMB). China’s policy is to increase the internationalisation of the Renminbi: ‘Renminbisation’. To date, there have been three main channels of Renminbisation: the introduction of the RMB as the settlement currency for cross-border trade transactions, the provision of RMB swap lines between the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) and other central banks and the creation of an RMB offshore market. China now has 24 currency swap arrangements worth some US$ 430bn including a RMB 35bn currency swap agreement with the UAE central bank. These swap facilities can provide liquidity to finance bilateral trade and investment flows and can form the basis of a multilateral RMB clearing system.

By 2015, the RMB will emerge as a global currency alongside the US$ and the Euro. The growing international use of the RMB will progressively create a ‘Yuan Zone’ where multilateral trade can be financed and settled in RMB. Similarly, given China’s dominance of international trade, commodities, goods and services will be increasingly denominated in RMB. In particular, given China’s dominance of GCC energy export markets, it is advantageous for both parties to price oil and gas and settle in RMB. Indeed, the GCC countries should shift to a currency basket including the RMB and build up RMB holdings as part of their international reserves, rather than maintain a hard peg to the US$ which implies a loss of monetary independence.

The growing international role of the RMB will be confirmed in 2015 by its entry into the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket. But for the RMB to become a truly international means of payment and asset currency and alternative to the US$ and the Euro, China needs to gradually move to capital account convertibility and removal of internal distortions, notably interest rate liberalization, greater exchange rate flexibility and the development of RMB money market instruments and debt capital markets, the “Redback Market”.

Building Local Currency Debt Markets

The third building block then, is the development of local currency money and debt markets starting with China and India, given their potential size. Developing local currency debt and Sukuk markets brings multiple benefits: stable access to capital, diversification of monetary policy instruments, and the creation of a yield curve for pricing financial assets, while diminishing exchange rate and refinancing risk from financing through ‘hard currency’ debt. For China, Renminbisation necessitates the development of an onshore capital market complemented by domestic policy reforms leading to a changed financial structure, with lower dependence on bank financing. However, the speed of adjustment and the sequencing of financial sector reforms are also important. External account liberalisation should be preceded by domestic financial sector reforms and the removal of internal financial distortions. For the RMB to become part of international reserves requires broad, deep and liquid Redback financial markets. The unfolding of the Redback market will dominate international financial markets over the coming decade.

A New Multi-Polar Financial Architecture for a New World Order

A multi-polar world requires a new international monetary and financial architecture. The Great Financial Crisis and accompanying Great Recession are the final nails in the coffin of the post-WWII Bretton Woods world order, signaling the end of the American US Financial Empire. The BRICS development bank and contingency fund are the forerunners of a new multi-currency world that breaks US dollar hegemony and the domination of Fed monetary policy geared to the exigencies of US business cycles and economic crises. The US will lose its exorbitant privilege as the world’s reserve currency as the Yuan Zone expands. This will help resolve the US twin fiscal and current account deficits by imposing fiscal discipline on the US. A multi-polar financial world with new international financial centres emerging in Mumbai and Shanghai will be a more stable world, less prone to financial crises or hostage to mal-regulated too-big-to-fail banks and financial institutions in the too-big-to-fail hubs of New York and London. For the BRICS and emerging economies a new dawn can arise with better access to finance both within and across countries, and less prone to disruptive capital flows and irrational exuberance.

Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-nasser-h-saidi/the-brics-bank-signals-th_b_5604294.html

BRICS Stand In Opposition To Financial Tyranny

 This is by far the most significant recent development occurring in the world.  It heralds the total collapse of the present CRIMINAL LOOTING SYSTEM of the depraved City of London bankster mob who has systematically stolen trillions from peoples and nations everywhere over the entire time of their imperial existence.  They own the Fed, the IRS and all the Central banks of the West.  They have impoverished many countries to further their long-term goal of world hegemony for the sake of their totalitarian Fascist New World Order. 
But — a refreshingly different New World Economic Order has now arisen.  This factor will revive the poorer nations which have been purposefully suppressed and held back by their Oligarch controllers and kept in state of utter economic slavery by merciless criminal slave-masters whose goal has been to destroy the sovereignty of all nations and bring them under a world-wide Fascist dictatorship.  This criminal scheme has now completely failed and is in the rapid progress of completely disintegrating.  Nations such as Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, China, Idia, South Africa and now many many others have now banded together to put an end to this financial world despotism.

THE BRICS SUMMIT: Half of Humanity Launches a New World Economic Order

August 1, 2014 • 1:58PM

By Dennis Small

Updates to BRICS development can be found below.
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In mid-July, as the planet was being wracked by growing war horrors in eastern Ukraine, Iraq, and Gaza, and by economic depression caused by the death throes of the trans-Atlantic financial system, heads of state representing half of humanity gathered in Brazil and took the first steps toward creating a New World Economic Order.

The leaders of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), met on July 16 in Fortaleza for the VI BRICS Summit, and the next day they were joined by the heads of state of South America in the capital city Brasilia. The BRICS account for 43% of the world’s population and 27% of the planet’s land area; when Ibero-America is added in, they jointly represent 48% of the human race, and one third of the Earth’s land area.

The BRICS & economically allied nations.

At the summit and its numerous associated bilateral and multilateral meetings, that half of humanity adopted a project that is premised on rejecting the current casino financial system, and replacing it with one providing credit for high-technology development projects; on educating and training youth to meet the growth challenges of the future; on full respect for national sovereignty, banishing the imperial policy of regime change and wars; and on explicit promotion of the common good among nations—the Westphalian principle.

“History tells us the law of the jungle isn’t the way of human coexistence,” Chinese President Xi Jinping stated on July 16.

“Every nation should obey the principle of equality, mutual trust, learning from each other, cooperating and seeking joint benefits … for the construction of a harmonious world, sustained peace, and joint prosperity.”

The British Queen was not pleased by these developments, seeing in them an existential threat to the Empire. Lyndon LaRouche was pleased—for the same reason. For 40 years, the renowned American statesman has devised programs, and organized for them internationally, of global financial reform and great development projects—most recently his “Four New Laws To Save the U.S.A. Now!”—of precisely the sort that have now been placed on the agenda by the BRICS.

“The BRICS and allies are building a world system based on real value, not phony paper value,” LaRouche stated July 18.

They are deciding what real value is, and they are imposing it, which is the cost of the productive powers of labor in a changing situation.”

The underlying problem that we have to deal with today, LaRouche elaborated, is the “asymmetry of value in the world,” which is coming from two distinct systems that are operating with a different logic and different metrics: They are totally incompatible.

The first system is the trans-Atlantic system. “These bastards,” LaRouche stated, “who hold pieces of paper that they say are worth quadrillions, and they’re prepared to kill for that,” as the case of Argentina’s battle against the vulture funds shows, as does the pro-vulture ruling of the Aristotelian idiot otherwise known as Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court. What these people are holding, this paper, LaRouche added, is absolutely worthless. “It’s like taking rags out of a bucket and trying to sell them”; or even worse, it’s just the promise of future delivery of derivatives on those rags, that they’re saying actually has value.

This is the dead hand of the past, trying to stop humanity from creating any future for itself.

On the other side, we have an emerging system, incompatible with the first, which is building a market based on real value. And real value, LaRouche elaborated, comes from, and is measured by, the development of the productive powers of labor—that is, through the introduction of scientifically created new technologies, implementing productive processes which increase the energy-flux density through the physical economy in such fashion as to immensely increase the productive powers of labor. That new system will create a process whereby the increase in energy-flux density will itself increase at an accelerating rate.

This role of technological progress and scientific advance, LaRouche specified, is what the human species uniquely does. Such creativity is actually the source of value in an economy, and it is the way in which our action to create the future defines present value. It is the central concept of the American System of Political Economy, on which the United States was founded.

The decisive strategic question today, LaRouche concluded, is whether the United States will join that emerging New World Economic Order, or will remain joined at the hip to the British Empire—as it is under the impeachable President Barack Obama—and bring destruction down upon itself and the rest of the world. The same existential issue faces Europe.

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Message From Jesus by John Smallman

To better understand the following media — please read this first.


Message from Jesus

by John Smallman

goodlife40 bigstockFlightOfButterflyGirl53691073 1

We are surging forwards towards the moment of humanity’s awakening from the dream or nightmare in which it has seemingly been ensnared for eons. It is difficult for you to imagine how very close that wondrous moment is. You have had many disappointments and “false dawns” as you have waited longingly and hopefully for this promised event, and so you are wary of forecasts and prognostications such as this one.
Here in the spiritual realms part of our job is to encourage you to keep holding your divine Light on high because that is your task and it ensures that the awakening happens; and one way we do this is to offer you uplifting guidance about its proximity. And it truly is very near!

All that you have to do is to continue holding on high the Light of Love from which you were created and in which you have your eternal existence. Separation from It, from your divine Source, is not possible because to be separate you have to remove yourselves from the proximity of that from which you wish to be separated, and there is nowhere else, so your experiences of separation, aloneness, or abandonment are utterly illusory.

What is illusory is unreal, it is an hallucinatory state that you invented to pretend that separation was real, and you did your utmost to make it appear real by filling it with experiences that were totally alien to Reality – fear, pain, suffering, deceit, and betrayal – all surreal inventions that were in opposition to Love to which, as you well know, there is no possible opposite.

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And you have had enough of unreality. You, humanity, have collectively decided to release your hold on, your belief in this disquieting environment that has caused you so much fear, pain, and confusion, and return to your true and natural state at one with your ever loving Source. To awaken is to wake from this long endured dream of poverty, scarcity, danger, and solitariness into the ecstasy and joy of your eternal Home. The time for disturbing and painful games has passed, the last remnants of those “games”are occurring as I talk to you. Do not attempt to understand them, they are incomprehensible, just let them go, along with all the beliefs and attitudes that sustain them.

Your way Home is through your hearts, not through logic or reason which are important instruments for use only in the illusion where there is constant confusion and misunderstanding and an apparent urgent need to make clear. In Reality all is clear, utterly clear, all is known thus making reason and logic meaningless tools that have no purpose, as you will discover to your delight and amazement.

When your awakening occurs, as it will very shortly, a great clarity will fill your minds as a full understanding of your human life’s purpose is revealed to you, and a sense of unconditional acceptance and Love will embrace and delight you. Your long held hopes and dreams will be mightily and eternally delivered on a far grander scale than you can possibly imagine, as all your fears and anxieties dissolve into nothingness.


You will be Home, and you will recognize and remember how you belong here as you are welcomed into the wonder of these heavenly realms. We, too, will be filled with joy and wonder as we observe you observing the marvels that surround you, and seeing your realization that it truly matters not how long you have spent in the illusion because you were at all times homewards bound, and because your return was inevitable. Your arrival will totally resolve and remove any remaining traces of the time you spent apparently lost, confused, and seemingly alone and so often suffering in that strange and often threatening environment.

Your arrival is excitedly anticipated here because we can see that it is indeed absolutely inevitable. To you, still seemingly endlessly anchored in the illusion, the prospect of awakening into Reality is something for which you yearn! And that intense desire is one of the thoughts, one of the powerful intentions that is impelling you forwards on your journey back to your Source. The, as you might describe it, intense magnetism of of God’s Love for you is irresistible, It is drawing you onwards resolutely, and with purposeful and unwavering determination.

The illusion is an egoic construct, and the ego’s intent is separation so that you are endlessly enslaved in its unreal world of fear, distrust, betrayal, and confusion where it rules supreme. But of course the ego is unreal! It is terrified that you will realize this and therefore also realize that it is an incredibly divisive aspect of yourselves that you can instantly discard and then lovingly reintegrate into your whole Selves where it truly belongs.


The ego is part of the illusion, but it is a part that you invented from within yourselves because you seemingly needed it to protect you from all the dangers and threats with which the illusory environment surrounded you. Indeed it has been useful to you as a helpmate in the physical tasks with which you needed to deal as a human. Unfortunately it has always assumed that you are under attack or about to be under attack, and so its motives have been defensive and mistrustful, of you, and of humanity at large.

Remember, the ego is a collective entity that expresses the general beliefs and concerns of humanity, while at the same time doing its best to convince each individual that this general perception is absolutely valid. It has succeeded, and as a result you have wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on drunk driving, wars on illiteracy, wars on crime, wars on terrorism . . . on and on, nothing but wars! And of course they all seem perfectly valid to the ego driven world of the illusion.

In the last twenty years or so, however, the applicability of the term “war on . . . ” has been increasingly questioned, and in many cases discarded as utterly inappropriate. That is a sign that the ego is losing its grip, that humanity is uncovering its true nature – Love – and is beginning to respond to the problems and issues that disturb you and alienate you one from another by listening to the differing perceptions that until very recently served only to drive you apart and into opposing warring factions. The insanity of that approach to problems is at last very clear as you observe the intense suffering that it has caused over the eons.


Humanity is growing up and letting go of its ego-driven behaviors and attitudes that may be appropriate in three year olds as they learn to cope with the insanity of the illusion in which they find themselves, and have to engage with others at the same level of intellectual development. But, after a few bruising encounters, anyone with any sense, any true awareness, realizes that war is most definitely not the answer to any disagreement whatsoever, whether as little children in pre-school relationships, or as fully grown adults in nation to nation relationships.

War does not work! It never has, and finally that is being accepted as a scientifically proven fact, even though the scientists in the arms industries and the politicians that support them might choose to disagree. However their influence is fading very rapidly. People are asking with grave concern why it is that in a world where unnecessary poverty is endemic nations are spending inordinate amounts of money on weapons. And of course the answer to that is “Because those who would engage in war and in the manufacture of armaments are attempting to place themselves above humanity, and protect their favored and elitist positions by the use of police and military forces that are answerable only to them.”

Well, the time for those kinds of shenanigans is over. Those who would control and suppress the mass of humanity have lost control! Humanity has turned to Love, is opening its collective heart to engage once more with its true nature, and so the moment for your inevitable awakening draws ever closer.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


The Mission


After all is said and done, we only perceive and interpret our personal version of reality from the standpoint of our very limited 3D human sense perceptions and consciousness.

Or . . . is there a much much larger Divine plan unfolding?

Are human beings on planet earth really the helpless mind-controlled victims of deceptive propaganda and manipulating disinformation being perpetrated by near-soulless inhuman predators who seem to be only out to torture, kill, and utterly destroy us with an eternal hopeless bondage?

I do not think so. My off-world mentors agree. Despite all outward appearances — there are no victims here. We are all volunteers.

Instead of a despairing negative interpretation of this challenging life experience on planet earth — which all of us are experiencing in one degree or another — we are actually being guided to learn for ourselves how to properly use our highly creative free-will to align ourselves with the Divine Intention on behalf of the highest and best good for all life. This only benefits ourselves and other life forms if we learn to behave in a new and more appropriate way willingly. This must be according to our own choosing, by our own free-will.

For this, we can be guided. We can be mentored by the wise. But we must never be forced nor compelled under any circumstances because that is completely contrary to how the Universe works in the unfolding of conscious awareness.

We are continually being drawn and beckoned and find ourselves under various amounts of pressure — according to our individual tolerances and capabilities. This is our individual energetic soul signature. All are at greatly or slightly different levels of unfoldment. Each individual is one unique piece of the puzzle — one indispensable aspect of the whole mosaic – one aspect of All-That-Is — being and becoming. It never ends.

This ever-unfolding manifestation and expression of the Universal infinite potential is being accomplished by an endemic all-encompassing cosmic imperative. It is an innermost fundamental Universal drive which has both intention and direction.

All this is especially designed to wake us up from our long sleep of amnesia.

We volunteered to leave our first estate and undertake this difficult mission in order to directly benefit all other beings throughout this entire Omniverse. Long ago, we took a plunge into the extreme density and heaviness of darkness, duality, dulled conscious awareness and the illusory imagination of separation brought on by almost total forgetfulness.

We spent many life-times over and over again on the wheel of 3D incarnation. And now, this hamster wheel is finished forever and rapidly winding down into a joyous and peaceful transformation.

And it has been tremendously successful beyond all expectations.

This long investigation had a goal in mind. It was undertaken in order that we and all other beings in the Universe experiencing various densities might have a clearer understanding about who and what we really are and why we are undergoing the challenges, rigors and confusion of this very thick and incredibly dark density.

It was to further clarify for all beings what is the Great Universal Purpose — and instill in them forever a stronger and clearer vision.

All the multifarious beings in the entire Omniverse always need more clarity as they move ever closer and closer to the Prime Source in their individual conscious understanding.

Perfection is not a noun — but a dynamic, active verb. The unfolding of consciousness never ceases. It is an eternal continuum.

So — all of us incarnated on planet earth are involved in a voluntary but very long inquiry and investigation. It has been a special experiment looking deeply into the very nature of the evolution of consciousness. From the very beginning there were totally unknown and mysterious factors which could not be predicted even by the wisest beings of time and space.

The details of this investigation extend much further than this planet and have been undertaken by us (you and me) on behalf of all evolving consciousness in the entire Omniverse. Perhaps you do not remember this fully yet. However — within you have a resonance — and this will unfold into full remembrance.

Our experiences here, of overcoming the limitations of this voluntary mission into the realms of extreme density and darkness, are permanently recorded in the Akasha and will always be freely available to any and all beings for their ongoing expansion.

The Universal Intention

8:8 Power

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

~~ “We alone determine the amount of time in which turmoil passes. It is time to stop poisoning our future with our doubt.” ~~

August 8, is a place where the polarities meet and heaven and earth sip from each other’s glass. It is a celebration beyond time that escorts you home through the Sphinx Lion’s Gate to the Stars you shine for while on earth. is composed of matter and antimatter. It is an unprecedented event that takes place every year as this sacred portal opens. The very ends of your DNA will open their little hearts as their filament endings are unwrapped to expose what has been hidden. What comes to be has not unwrapped its protective coverings as of yet, but be assured it is worth its wait in gold . . .

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Communicating Advanced Multidimensional Concepts

crocusI speak here of a very important all-inclusive art form that can uplift the spirit and expand the consciousness of a hearer who finds resonance with the message. Recently on this blog I have been including channeled material from different sources whenever I find particular individual resonance with what is shared. I do hope some of these messages resonate with you also. However — I find that the process of channeling is not too well understood. I wish to present to you here my own perspective about what the material called ‘channeling’ is really all about.

First of all — these kind of sharings are very much like jazz improvisation or poetry or zen painting or horse whispering or communicating with dolphins. They are a right brain (and enteric brain) activity — at both ends of the transmission. By that I mean the listener as well as the one who channels have a personal participation with the message. These messages involve interconnectivity and direct energetic interface.

The art of channeling has been practiced continually on our Mother Earth for thousands upon thousands of years — or more. It is not (as many people suppose) a new phenomena.

The Bible is a channeled work. So is the book of Mormon. Likewise — the Sumerian Tablets were channeled. So were the Buddhist Sutras — the Mayan and Hopi Prophesies as well as the Ancient Upanishads — the Bagavad Gita — and all the Vedas.

Every inspired spiritual work on planet earth (without exception) was originally a channeled work — before the editing and manipulation by Priestcraft that is.

These spiritual works are braided and intertwined with poetry — mythology — shamanic perceptions — paranormal phenomena — remote viewing — telepathy — ancient histories — remembrances — stories — testimonies — cosmic events — parables — allegories — analogies — metaphors — symbols — and many other factors which occur on spontaneous overlapping levels in creativity during their unfolding communication.

In their artistic expression — they touch upon a synthesis of many levels and express multiple layers. Some are obvious but others more subtle. They interact with our physical body — our etheric body — our emotional body — and our mental body.

A truly skillfully channeled work directly invokes and interfaces with the intuitional and spiritual realms (including the inhabitants thereof) existing on many frequencies of vibration.

Channeled works fall into a heap of collapse when they are received only to glean linear ‘factual’ information — as if they were a New York Time or a National Enquirer. They are neither.

In order to truly understand these communications — in order to gain comprehension and wisdom from them — they must be groked.

This only means that they are intended — exactly as all great art is intended — to go well beyond the surface level of linear occurrences — which some mistake as the only genuine reality.

This opinion has metastasized with our cultural deification of materialism.

This is the reason why the word ‘myth’ and the word ‘lie’ are too often thought of as synonymous although they are not the same.

A myth is a systematic (and metaphorical) story which is purposefully told to facilitate the meaningful communication of a higher principle.

To misunderstand this fact and call a mythology a ‘lie’ indicates ignorance. This condition is brought on by lack of critical and creative thinking and a narrow survivalist belief system built upon an unbalanced focus upon fear — scarcity — and lack.

This is a belief system which fails to recognize the massive Universal Abundance all around us and the many dimensional aspects of what we refer to as ‘reality.’

All of the prophesies — hymns — predictions — and scriptures from every culture on earth were channeled works — without exception. How valuable they are depends upon two factors: 1) the hearers cultural mind-set and openness and 2) the channels personal intention along with his/her personal purity and alignment with the Universal Purpose.

In the ideal situation — an AHA occurs as heart resonance is activated. This occurs not because of the words spoken but because of the vibratory resonance due to the activated alignment with the Divine Universal Purpose.

The person who brings the information — whether it is spiritual or otherwise — is a ‘channeler.’

Sometimes they are called a ‘prophet’ — sometimes a ‘demon’ — sometimes a ‘healer’ — sometimes an ‘oracle’ — sometimes a ‘witch’ — sometimes a ‘visionary’ — and sometimes a complete charlatan thought to be perpetrating a fraudulent racket for filthy lucre. How they are labeled by the individual hearers depends upon how touched those listeners are — and to what extent their inner being is stirred up and activated by the communication. In general — all ‘channelers’ are controversial.

All these controversial labels (and many more) are descriptive of the various personalities considered to be telling a story which contains spiritual — scientific — or moral teaching which might (or might not) correspond to some aspect of Universal Truth. The discernment and understanding of this is always up to each individual hearer of the message. In this way — every hearer of a channeled message becomes a participant.

Channeling has formed all the belief systems of humankind — for better or for worse.

What (or who) is being channeled?

Ideally — the “entity” being channeled is information flowing out from ones higher self. It is received through a specific vectored intention which is in alignment with the innermost core — the I AM presence of every being.

It is that innermost aspect which is fully interconnected with the most primal dynamic and energetic truth being the fundamental Source Field out of which the entire Creation arises — continually transmutes — changes and transforms.

Briefly put — the ‘First Source’ is none other than the Divine Creator — eternally creating all aspects of itself — Creation

Is channeling logically and factually accurate?

Sometimes ‘yes’ and sometimes ‘no.’ But — it should be pointed out that linear ‘facts’ and mental ‘logic’ are no final authority. Think of the dynamics of poetry.

‘Accuracy’ depends upon what one’s search is focused upon. What does one wish to discover? This factor will determine ones individual concept of the veracity of the information.

For example — a parable may convey Universal Truth even though it is not — and was never intended to be — ‘historically’ accurate.

It is the dedication — wisdom — and the purity of intention belonging to the channeler which is the only real validation of a channeling — and this is something which no one can cognitively know for sure. So all those who hear and interpret the channeling must always use their own inner spiritual — emotional — and mental discernment.

One must use all of their facilities and resources in order to get the most out of any channeling. These include the cognitive knowledge of their left brain — but they must not ignore the deep intuition which resides at the core of their heart. This is called our ‘enteric’ system. The enteric system is empowered by a well honed emotional intention which eventually becomes laser-like.

The natural spontaneity which is inherent in the right brain must not be forgotten while deciphering and interpreting any channeled communication.

The extent that such skills are able to manifest in the channeler — who ideally is a long dedicated adept — is reflected in the scope and excellency of his artisanship.

Therefore — some channelers are highly skillful — but others have not yet fully learned how to completely free their minds in order to allow the unhindered flowing transmission of information by putting their ego (containing their many concepts and opinions) on hold long enough to not interfere with what they have interfaced.

This — after having attuned to a specific vibrational information cloud with the intention to download it as accurately as possible. But this process of personal downloading of information will always be according to the wisdom (and limitation) of their own personal understanding and their own interpretation from their individual perspective of their own understanding and awareness.

This simply means that how accurately and how skillfully one is able to lucidly communicate channeled ideas depends entirely upon how much self-control any individual has over their wild mind (to use a Buddhist term.)

Our present dysfunctional culture on planet earth is highly imbalanced in favor of the cognitive knowledge of the left brain. If intuition is clouded with egoism — it becomes the biased guesswork of individual opinion.

That is exactly why the purity of the channeler is of the utmost importance.

It is important that a messenger of information from the spiritual realms has purified their own emotions and thought forms which express only light — love — life — compassion — appreciation — forgiveness — understanding — humility — and valor.

Imagination Is More Important

Than Knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

I think it has a very important meaning.


Because ‘knowledge’ (gnosis) separated from imagination often expresses things in a static and therefore restrictive and unchanging formulation — an algorithm — a recipe — an equation.

‘Imagination’ — on the other hand — is always open ended and it can travel much further and wider than any formula or algorithm. It can travel within and amongst the overlapping and braided layers of many worlds. It is highly multi-dimensional.

Imagination can expand — change or ignore a recipe — or — it can place a new and energetic element into the context and environment of space-time continuums creating an entirely new dynamic.

‘Gnosis’ (or ‘knowledge’) as it is commonly used in our materialistic culture cannot accomplish that expansion because it demands continuous repeatability. It’s nature becomes static without a healthy infusion of imagination.

Imagination is fluid and creatively dynamic.

Those who choose to remain focused upon algorithms and formulas and systematic equations have self-restricted their creative potential. They often become stuck there.

Without imagination no creative invention would ever get off the ground. Imagination insures the expansion of fluid and transforming knowledge — for without it knowledge becomes petrified and dead.

Most people in our culture literally worship the linear cognitive knowledge of the left brain and have been carefully taught through many years of dumbed-down ‘education’ to disdain the holonomic and timeless intuition of the right brain along with the enteric system of the heart — having been told by their left-brain-only teachers that such intuition is nothing but ‘unscientific’ inaccurate ‘fantasy.’

This point of view misses the analogical depths of multi-dimensional reality and can easily become a huge lie — as it often does.

Those who choose to reside in this state of tunnel vision are highly disturbed by intuition and imagination.

Why is that?

It is because they cannot pin the accuracy of anything down to a 2 plus 2 equals 4 linear formula. It leaves the cage they have chosen to reside in and is therefore frightening for them to pursue.

That is the whole story of today’s materialist/realists/reductionist (falsely) so-called “science” which vainly attempts (and I should add recklessly attempts) to discover exactly how the Universe works by using violent force to smash parts of it into tiny pieces — and then — for the sake of continual grants and profits — draw impatient quick false conclusions about how all those dissociated smashed parts must (according to their very partial ‘educated’ opinions) fit together and interact.

It is really an absurd exercise in complete ignorance — to the tune of billions — with which nearly all of us were totally inundated and rigorously programmed into our societal meme ever since birth.

True — it is very difficult to overcome highly entrenched false concepts. Most people just blindly accept whatever they are told — especially if it is by a well tenured and socially vetted famous (or popular) authority figure — especially if they have a long list of impressive initials after their name.

However — a significant portion of the earth’s population all over the planet has now broken out of the social consensus cage having experienced direct contact — both physical and telepathic — with the ETI.

We are now being taught through meditation — downloading — contemplating — decoding — deciphering and interpreting a completely different science which is not only physical and material — but is also spiritual and energetic and acknowledges the power of mind and the multidimensional aspects of our I Am Presence.

Physics and Metaphysics now fully merge. This is now happening spontaneously.

You see — the ETIs view the physical realm and the spiritual realm as one and the same thing — both of those realms emerged out of the very same First Source and in reality are not two opposing things — but ONE.

That which is above — is like that which is below.

All is energy. Everything in Creation — including consciousness — is energy which is vibrating at its own unique frequency. And the number of those frequencies is infinite.

There is only One Mind in the Omniverse and out of it emerges all-that-is from the Ultimate Thought at the root of (and totally embodying) the entire Great Creation.

This primordial energy is not only spinning at infinitely different oscillations — but as the fine documentary Thrive points out — energy in our 3D world configures into countless energy fields taking the shape of a torus which enfolds by diving into its own center and then emerging out the other side into a return loop.

This is the beginning of all that has been called ‘sacred geometry’ for countless millenia. The phenomena of crop circles stimulates our understanding of energetic interconnectivity.

Science on planet earth has been imprisoned within the materialistic and reductionistic cage of the so-called ‘standard model’ of materialist/realist/reductionist ‘science’ which often tends to deny the reality of spirit and consciousness.

Historically — they labeled these very important aspects as a strange (unknown) ‘artifact’ of physical matter. But in recent times there has been the serious undertaking of a real effort to further understand human consciousness.

Mainstream ‘science’ seeks what they call the Higgs Boson or ‘God particle.’ They will soon find what our Galactic neighbors clearly understand — everything which exists in the entire Universe is a ‘God particle.’

Our space relatives who have selected and recruited a variety of earth humans to become information conduits — channel information through conduits which they themselves have selected and trained. These information clouds of beneficial information have been carefully designed by very advanced minds to activate and awaken humankind’s lost memories concerning who and what we are — where we come from — and why we have incarnated here at this time.




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